Arc lighter: USB lighter from Tesla Lighter and more

Have you ever used a so-called arc lighter from the brand Tesla Lighter or VVAY or so? There are a myriad of these lighters that can be charged via USB, in a very elegant design, as a stick lighter, with effect paint, cuboid, cylindrical and so on. For me (and for this blog here) the coolest thing is the fact that the arc lighters can be charged via USB, on the Mac, on the power bank or even on the solar panel. They generate an electric arc, which is why they are also called plasma lighter (and also Electric lighter or electric lighter) hold. So you don't need petrol, gas or the like.

Arc lighter
Arc lighter, USB lighter, electric lighter or something completely different: many names describe the new fire makers.

Arc lighter: USB lighter of the future

For this article, I consider it a blessing and a curse that I don't smoke. Because those who smoke often need a lighter - and are happy about one with a beautiful design. There are really great models, especially when it comes to arc lighters. The electric USB lighters are also ideally designed for cigarettes. However, there remains a consolation for us non-smokers: with an arc lighter (or plasma lighter or electric stick lighter or other search term) you can also light candles. But only as long as the wick fits between the contacts that create the arc.

Whether on Amazon or on the manufacturer's website - I somehow like the plasma lighters. I think that they will also prevail over conventional lighters in the future. Then we could finally see that lighters are being used a little more carefully. Those with gas / petrol are thrown afterwards - an electric arc lighter with a rechargeable battery and other technology in it is sure not to be left lying around, so that you need a new one quickly. The battery, which can also be replaced in an emergency, also creates less waste. The more expensive models in particular are durable (I think I read the reviews on Amazon). A step towards sustainability - also for smokers;)

Never again without a fire: Combines the electronic lighter with this power bank ;)

Electric lighters: Nice models with Double Arc on Amazon

In addition to the Tesla Lighter models, Amazon also offers a few other brands. The construction is often the same, but the more expensive models are supposed to last longer. There are also some very nice specimens. So if you are looking for a noble electric lighter, then I have a small selection here:

Often more practical: an electric arc stick lighter

For pipe smokers or people who like to use candles, a stick lighter is definitely a better "shape" than a normal plasma lighter, as the stick lighter is much easier to get into tight spaces (pipe, burnt candle or tea light, etc.).

Tesla Lighter stick lighter in black and more
Another model from Tesla Lighter in plain black. This stick lighter is one of the main forms among the rechargeable fire makers. It offers a simple arc, i.e. not a so-called double arc. The stick shape is ideal for candles and the like!

How does an arc lighter work without gas and petrol?

If you want to buy an electric arc lighter, you may come across reviews (on the cheap models) that describe a buzz or a low beep during operation. Therefore, and because you should know your devices, here is a little insight into the functionality of such a lighter. This is how an arc lighter works:

The USB lighter is rechargeable because it has a battery inside. This in turn “fires” a transformer, which consists of copper coils. Depending on the number of arcs, called arc, there is the number of transformers in the arc lighter. From the coils, the transformed current flows through the contacts (four for two arcs) and is so strong that it ignites flammable materials. So that the lighter cannot go off in the pocket, an arc lighter has fuses (coupled with the flap hinge, among other things). All of this is connected via a small circuit board that contains the corresponding electronics and links all of the components.

If you want to get more information, I can also give you the website recommend, on which I put together all possible information about these USB lighters.

So why does an arc lighter buzz or beep sometimes?

This is probably due to the fact that the current is constantly switched on and off for a "stable" arc. Each time it is switched on, there is only a flash of light. In order to have a permanent arc, the current is switched on by the electronics many thousands of times per second. The "crack" that an arc makes when it is switched on, which is repeated very often per second, causes the lighter to beep or buzz. In some cases, this is so high frequency that it can hardly be heard, but it is there. Since this only happens during operation, it shouldn't be that annoying.

VVAY Double Arc Lighter
This arc lighter from VVAW is very noble and currently (May 2017) greatly reduced on Amazon. The original price speaks for the quality of the product. In simple black with gray or gold in combination, this electric lighter is very attractive.

Frequently asked questions about the arc or plasma lighter answered in brief

  • Can you light candles, cigarettes or the fireplace with an arc lighter?

    yes you can The arc is over 1000 degrees hot, while a normal lighter "only" manages 800 degrees Celsius in the burned flame area. In the blue flame area, however, up to 1300 degrees. So the temperatures here are similar. Accordingly, the arc also burns wood and other materials, just like a normal lighter does. Only the arc is much smaller than a flame and is "trapped" between the two metal ends between which it is created. If you get the arc to the appropriate places such as the candle wick, the cigarette holder or the chimney lighter, then it will come on.

  • Is an arc lighter also suitable for pipe smokers to light the pipe?

    The problem here is that you have to get the tobacco close to the arc for it to burn. Unfortunately, it cannot be "sucked in" like a lighter flame. But when you plug it in for the first time, it's certainly no problem with any arc lighter. If the whistle has burned down a bit and you want to light it again, then you can be sure Electric arc lighter a good choice as it is more likely to get into the pipe.

  • Can you use an arc lighter on New Year's Eve to light firecrackers and rockets?

    Yes, especially for New Year's Eve, these lighters are perfect, as you can infect something very specifically. The arc is only 5-6 millimeters long and that's where the heat is. So you can hardly burn your fingers. And the arc remains stable even in storms and strong winds.

  • Is a plasma lighter suitable for children on New Year's Eve, for example?

    Basically, with every lighter you have to consider whether you trust your child to be able to use it safely. Personally, I would find an arc lighter to be safer for children ages 8 and up than other open flame lighters. And by turning on the USB lighters with the push of a button, they are very easy for children to use. From my point of view, a thumbs up for New Year's Eve or other occasions when you want to give children a lighter.

  • What happens when you reach into the arc?

    As already described, the arc is a good 1100 degrees Celsius. If you come near the arc with your finger, you will burn your finger first. If you touch the two contacts with your finger, the current flows through the finger, which leads to a painful electric shock. You may know this from the lighters with piezo igniters. However, these only emit a short current pulse, while the plasma lighters emit current as long as you keep the button pressed.

Your opinion on the subject of USB arc lighter

Do you have such an electronic lighter? Do you think that the electric lighter that can be charged via USB (also mobile on a laptop, power bank, etc.) will replace the established lighters? Would you rather buy an expensive and therefore high-quality arc lighter or a cheap one that might not last that long? Feel free to leave your opinion on the new trend in lighters and USB - I'm curious!

Here I also have a quick compilation of my first arc lighter: an eFuego. You can already see in the video that you can burn wood and paper with the lighter. And of course you can also light up candles if you get to the wick with the arc.

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2 comments on “Arc lighter: USB lighter from Tesla Lighter and more”

  1. Hi John,

    very interesting post. I myself already have an electric arc lighter at home and am absolutely thrilled with it. I ordered it before New Year's Eve and hoped that it would make lighting firecrackers easier.

    Result: complete success.

    These things are really recommended - in my case - especially recommended for New Year's Eve. In the future I will certainly use it for other things as well.

    Best Regards

  2. I am totally excited about the things !!
    I have already bought some models .. I like your site very much, I am enthusiastic and I was able to gain some information about it :-) I always tend to buy a slightly more expensive device! I already have some and could pretend to be a hunter and collector in the field of arc lighter ^^
    Thanks for the information

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