ASMR microphone - which one is suitable for beginners?

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Have you decided to produce ASMR audio or corresponding video content? Then the microphone is of course the most important part of your equipment. But which is the best ASMR microphone? And what do beginners have to consider who want to produce recordings for the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for the first time? Here you get valuable tips and tricks as well as a selection of suitable microphones for your project!

These ASMR microphones offer very good quality and different recording characteristics. The manufacturers Blue, Rode and ZOOM offer omni, cardioid, figure eight, stereo and more;)

These ASMR microphones offer very good quality and different recording characteristics. The manufacturers Blue, Rode and ZOOM offer omni, cardioid, figure eight, stereo and more;)

A bit of microphone theory for your ASMR

Before I recommend this or that microphone to you, I would like to give you a few terms, definitions and technical tips. Because if you want to record good audio, you should also know why the recording is so good. This is not due to the brand name or the price of the microphone, but to its alignment, inherent noise (background noise) and other characteristics. The following is an overview of the most important criteria.

Condenser or dynamic microphone?

Finding the right ASMR microphone is not that easy. First and foremost is the choice between capacitor models and dynamic devices. Condenser microphones (electroacoustic transducers) record more naturally and clearly reproduce speech - which should be conveyed particularly naturally for the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The disadvantage: P and other pop sounds as well as sharp S sounds are strongly picked up and thus played back. 

A dynamic microphone (electromagnetic microphone) works more passively and via induction. An external power source is only required to transport the signal voltage, which is produced by the device itself. However, the simpler and more robust construction stands in the way of the sometimes lower quality of the recording. So if you choose a dynamic microphone, choose one with low noise levels and a high frequency range; so not the cheapest.

Self-noise: these values ​​must be observed!

I don't want to say so many words about my own noise. It can be caused by electrical voltage, electromagnetic interference or insufficiently shielded receptacles. Before buying the ASMR microphone, it is important to look at the values ​​given by the manufacturer, if available, which are given in decibels for the weighted sound pressure level (dB-A). Here is a list for orientation:

  • ≤ 10 dB-A - very low noise; very good for ASMR
  • 11 to 15 dB-A - low noise; still well suited
  • 16 to 19 dB-A - medium noise; good mic but maybe not for ASMR
  • 20 to 23 dB-A - higher self-noise; not a good ASMR microphone
  • ≥ 24 dB-A - strong intrinsic noise; not suitable for your project

Microphone recording direction - omni, cardioid, figure eight, binaural, etc.

Here, too, one could write long paragraphs for each recording characteristic. But I prefer to summarize the most important points in the following table. So you can see at a glance which type of construction or recording is suitable for your project and which ASMR microphone to buy is the right choice.

Shooting direction Advantages Suitable for…
Omnidirectional microphone Equally strong in all directions Multiple microphones do not have to be used for all-round recording Environment recordings, atmosphere ASMR, e.g. B. in the park, in the café, in the restaurant, etc.
Cardioid microphone / cardioid  Strongly forward, less to the sides, very little to the rear Good for one-way voice recordings Voice and Noise ASMR without direction (left and right ear)
Supercardioid / hypercardioid Strongly forward, little to the sides, not backwards Even better for one-sided audio recordings see kidney as well as podcast, let's play, etc.
Eight  Forwards and backwards equally Recording of two directions on one channel (also interesting for interviews) Close ASMR recordings of speech (one side) and sound (other side) at the same time
Binaural / stereo microphones Output of a left and a right channel for highly directional recordings Two channels for left and right can be controlled and edited / corrected individually in post-production ASMR audio to be listened to through headphones, e.g. B. things circling around the head or two-part scenarios

Buy an ASMR microphone: what do you want?

At Amazon you shouldn't search for microphones without the above prior knowledge and then buy the first microphone that is displayed to you. Regardless of whether it is a YouTube video, Twitch stream, Soundcloud audio track or other ASMR production: I have selected suitable representatives for each micro type below, who not only meet the above-mentioned requirements, but also many very good and Have good customer reviews with 5-star and 4-star ratings.

The all-rounder: Blue Yeti ASMR microphone

Blue Microphones "Yeti", offers three condenser capsules, switching between omnidirectional, cardioid, figure eight and stereo (binaural) possible, gain control and mute button, available in a bundle with video games and equipment (offers see product page), plug & play via USB on Apple Mac and Windows PC

24,69 EUR
Blue Microphones Yeti Professional USB microphone for recording, streaming, podcasting, ...
  • The professional Yeti USB microphone impresses with the custom recording software PreSonus and iZotope ...
  • With automatic setup and sound processing for rich voices as well as music, custom Yeti ...
  • The PreSonus Studio One Artist Blue Microphone Edition recording software offers professional tools and intuitive ...

ASMR omnidirectional microphone for omnidirectional sounds

Blue Microphones "Snowball", Switching between omnidirectional and cardioid characteristics, incl. Table stand and USB cable, suitable for Apple Mac and Windows PC

18,99 EUR
Blue Microphones Snowball USB microphone in studio quality for recordings, podcasting, broadcasting, ...
  • Blue Snowball is an intuitive condenser capsule USB microphone that delivers studio-quality audio for podcasts, ...
  • Two directional characteristics ensure flexibility and versatility: cardioid for optimal recordings directly in front of the ...
  • The -10dB cardioid pad setting reduces the sensitivity of the microphone so that even the loudest instruments or ...

ASMR cardioid microphone from Rode

Rode NT-1A large diaphragm condenser microphone, also suitable for voice recording for podcasts or Let's Play, incl. pop screen, cable and transport bag, the Set with microphone stand is currently not available, HERE you can buy one individually, suitable for mixer, Mac and PC

Rode NT-1A large diaphragm condenser microphone with gold-coated and elastically mounted 2,5 cm (1 ...
  • Product Description: Rode NT1-A
  • Type: instrument / live performance
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz

ASMR stereo microphone from ZOOM

ZOOM "H4nPro" Handy Recorder, Stereo microphone with its own recorder from the quality manufacturer ZOOM, recording without a computer possible, WAV and MP3 selection, navigation and signal display on its own display

ZOOM H4nPro cell phone recorder
  • Non-slip, rubberized coating and anti-vibration
  • Speaker interior
  • Power supply: 2 x AA batteries (not included) or power supply

ASMR ear microphone (binaural) from 3Dio?

The 3Dio Free Space Pro II and / or the 3Dio Free Space Pro III can also be found in almost all guides and sales advisors on the topic. The ASMR microphone with ears (Real Ear Sound) actually belongs in professional audio production. However, since the audio track for a YouTube video and many other platforms is compressed by codecs, the acquisition of the real-ear sound models is not suitable for beginners. 

The product range is also not available from retailers such as Amazon. You should therefore stick to the microphones shown above. Especially for those with multiple functions, in case you want to change the genre and prefer to implement a podcast, Let's Play or interview project instead of ASMR. It also makes it easier to sell the used device.

Conclusion: Buy the ASMR microphone on Amazon

I hope I was able to provide you with sufficient information and tips with this guide. The secret behind the right or best ASMR microphone does not lie in the fact that it is touted as such. But in the good technical properties and, above all, in the alignment of the receiving body. You can find more interesting information, details and technical views in the Wikipedia articles on micros from the areas Capacitor and Dynamic as well as in their sources. Do you have another tip or a product reference? Then please leave a comment;


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