Aufero Laser 2 and Lightburn: disconnected and error:9 solved

Lightburn and Aufero Laser 2 errors

I've been using the Aufero Laser 2 for a while, but today it annoyed me a little as I had two problems that I hadn't encountered before. The solution for both things took me one to two hours of research until I was finally able to engrave or cut again. So that there is finally a page that offers the right solution and not 1000 discussions about the topic that lead to nothing, I have created one here without further ado.

Lightburn on Mac keeps showing disconnected

This is the first thing that gave me a headache. I connected the Aufero Laser 2 to my Mac and manually saved it as "GRBL" in Lightburn. So far so good. So far, Lightburn has always displayed "ready" when I used the laser engraver. Only today the message "disconnected" came up in Lightburn. The proposed solutions in various forums are very extensive and sometimes very cumbersome.

In the end, this tip helped me: If the laser cutter is connected to the Mac via cable, but it is not recognized, then simply close Lightburn again and restart. That helped me immediately and it said "ready" in the ad.

Lightburn repeatedly aborted the start of laser cutting with the Aufero Laser 2 and reported "Error 9".

Lightburn repeatedly aborted the start of laser cutting with the Aufero Laser 2 and reported "Error 9".

Error 9 and flashing red LED on the Aufero Laser

The next hurdle for me was that the laser cutter was recognized, but every command was acknowledged with an error and stoic doing nothing. The error for me was:

The G-code was locked during the alarm or jog state.

This is probably triggered by activation of one of the safety precautions in the laser cutter, which are intended to protect against accidents caused by the laser. You have to delete the errors and this works on the PC in the GRBL software using a button with a lock symbol. I couldn't find a button for it in Lightburn, but luckily I was able to a youtube video (Thanks, Roger!) learned that to unlock the device, simply type "$x" in Lightburn's console. Once you have entered this command (followed by Return!), the red LED lights up continuously and stops flashing and the Aufero laser works as usual.

If there is an error in the Aufero Laser 2, the red LED will flash. If you clear the error in the console, the LED will be solid red.

If there is an error in the Aufero Laser 2, the red LED will flash. If you clear the error in the console, the LED will be solid red.

If I notice any more problems with the Aufero laser that I can solve, then I will add them to this post. And if you still have anomalies with Lightburn and the Aufero laser engraver, please write them in the comments. I'll see where it could be stuck.


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  1. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Hello Jens... I've been looking for yours. Post bought the Aufero 2.
    Plugged into the Mac after setup, then the flashing red LED issue.. I was able to fix that with a reboot or something.
    I think after I went to stop the laser started buzzing violently.
    I drew the Stfomzufur in fright. Then I tried again, same thing...
    But now it is the case that when I plug in the mains cable, no lamp lights up at all...
    What can I do?
    Is there a blown fuse?
    am pretty At a loss now.
    I hope I haven't lost 400 euros now...
    Maybe you can help me.

    Greetings Hubert

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hubert! I think both are solvable. The squeaking is because Lightburn (or whatever program you're working with) has a check mark next to "Position laser in auto-home on startup". However, since the laser does not have auto-home recognition, it continues to move down to the left and does not notice when it has already arrived. The rattling comes from the rattling of the drive belts. The laser has no stop switches that can detect when the laser head has reached the bottom, so you have to disable this option.
      So for Lightburn: Devices, then select your laser and work your way through the settings until you find this option:
      Position laser in "Auto-Home" at startup
      Deactivate the switch here (set it to red).

      The other thing you might have to do is reset it. So plug in the cable and then press the reset button on the reader for 5 seconds. Then press and hold the power button again. I can't imagine anything broken. If that doesn't work, you should ask support. I would be happy to help you too... they answered me quite quickly at the time.
      VG, Jens

  2. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Thanks for your tips Jens.
    I used Light Burn.
    If I understand correctly, in the line I have to start point
    when starting from: Must set absolute coordinates.
    I will send the laser back to A. is that rel. Well.
    I hope it works next time.
    The new 10 watt diode lasers are also very interesting...
    VG Hubert

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Yes, exactly. In principle, you don't use anything that has anything to do with auto-home or home. I also always set the job to start at the point where the laser head is currently located. Then you can use the "Frame" button to go over the rough edge of the motif again and see whether you stay on the work surface. However, if I were to get a laser, I would make sure that it had an auto-home or home detection. It still happens to me that sometimes I do something with Home and then he always rattles to himself, which always frightens and annoys me. But the Aufero Laser 2 is already good in terms of cutting performance. And the huge work surface is nice too.

  3. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Have in LightBurn under Settings / Basic Settings
    Auto home set to red on boot up.
    I'm curious when the new laser comes, whether it works then.

    Thank you

  4. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Hi Jens, I've got that now Laser Kentok Tool LE 400 Bought.
    Has And switch and works great.
    Look at the data.
    Find the class and he was to have for under 400.
    Now I just have to deal with LightBurn...

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hubert! Thanks for the information. The laser looks very interesting. If you like, you can send me a bit more information if you could try it. Then I can write an article about it with your information and the data from Amazon. Seems to be a good device judging by the reviews!

  5. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Hi Jens,
    so far I am very satisfied with the Kentok Tool LE 400 pro. Good instructions are included, assembly is easy, the limit switches work great, the laser can be adjusted in height very comfortably, very stable and valuable.
    Works perfectly with LightBurn. So far I've only engraved and cut out on plywood.
    The laser point is extra fine with 0,8×0.8 mm. Others are probably twice as big.
    Cut 4mm plywood at 80 percent power and 1600mm/min (10 passes), at 2mm 5D.
    I can only recommend him to you...

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hubert! Thanks for your info, that sounds really like a reasonable device. I'm glad it works so well.

  6. Hubert Schmidt says:

    I just read in a forum that 4 mm plywood
    Speed ​​300 mm/min at 90 percent is optimal. Then 4 passes are sufficient.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      I would try to stay at 80%. Heard that using a higher intensity will affect the life of the LED. But that's certainly all thumbs up and 90% isn't tragic either. Then have fun laser cutting. Do you have any other tips on where to get good templates for craft projects?

  7. Hubert Schmidt says:

    I'm still looking... let's see if it's free or cheap.
    Go to Comgrow….
    I bought a protective tent for lasers there... not even 50 euros, with a connection option for exhaust air...
    Quickly put together, done.

  8. Hubert Schmidt says:

    Hello Jens, on Pinterest you can find many svg files, also for free on all kinds of topics.

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