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8. September 2021

Sport with the Switch: Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure?

With the Nintendo Switch you can simulate different sports on TV or in handheld mode. In addition to game collections and sports titles from the Super Mario series, two offerings stand out: the new "Family Trainer" and which has been for a long time [...]
8. September 2021

Almighty App - Customize your Mac with this Setapp offer

The Almighty Mac App allows you to make various adjustments in macOS. Although some of these can also be implemented via the system settings or by means of terminal inputs, the Mac can be optimized much more conveniently with Almighty. Adjustments [...]
7. September 2021

Date confirmed: Apple September keynote on September 14, 2021

The date for the Apple September keynote has been set. Today, the iPhone manufacturer confirmed September 14, 2021 as the date. As always, the transmission will start at 10:00 a.m. local time, which means 19:00 p.m. in this country. Expected […]
7. September 2021

yeedi Deals: Buy vacuum robots k650 and k700 at a discount

In addition to the 90 euro discount for the yeedi 2 vacuum robot, the manufacturer also offers discounts for two other models. You can use it to buy the yeedi k650 and yeedi k700 cheaper. Both are [...]
7. September 2021

yeedi 2 vacuum robots with wiping function and a 90 euro discount

The yeedi 2 is a hybrid vacuum robot that not only has a vacuum cleaner but also a wiping function. The robot that cleans with up to 2.500 Pa suction power actually costs 299,99 euros, but can be purchased until September 14, 2021 for [...]
6. September 2021

elementary OS - Nice alternative to Windows and macOS

If you want to equip your (old) Windows PC or an Apple Mac with a Linux distribution designed for users, you should take a look at elementary OS. Like the handsome Linux Mint, this operating system is based on Ubuntu. Optical [...]
6. September 2021

Big Mac 2 - install macOS Monterey on an old Apple Mac Pro

With almost every new macOS operating system for the Apple Mac, older computers from the manufacturer are gradually falling out of the compatibility list. If you still dare to take the step and have the latest system on a [...]
3. September 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 35, 2021

It's September and Apple will soon be presenting its new products. Then we'll see which rumors come true and which were just rumors and wishful thinking. But before that there is the popular Sir [...]
3. September 2021

Apple iPhone 13: Rumors that will probably not come true

The Apple September keynote is getting closer and in addition to the previous, rather moderate rumors, a few rather improbable rumors are bubbling up again in the cauldrons of the rumor mill. A few of them can probably be invalidated directly. That's why […]
2. September 2021

Amazon Fire TV products reduced again (up to 50% discount)

Do you want to turn your TV into a Smart TV via its HDMI connection? Are you looking for a solution to use Netflix, Disney +, Apple tv +, Prime Video, YouTube, Twitch, public broadcasts, games and more on one platform? Then [...]