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24 August 2022

Smartmi P2 – air purifier with battery operation, HomeKit and more

The new Smartmi P2 air purifier is a mobile air filter system with a flow rate of up to 240 m3 per hour. With a ceiling height of 2,5 meters, the air in a […]
13 August 2022
Termination of Google Colab

Cancel Google Colab subscription - done in a few seconds

I've booked Google Colab for a few months because I've been experimenting a lot with Disco Diffusion AI, which can be used to produce AI art. Anyone interested in this type of artistic activity would […]
27 June 2022

FINN – Drive cars on a monthly subscription

If you want to buy and use a car, you are confronted with numerous costs: paying off the purchase price, insurance, taxes, depreciation and so on. If you add all that up, then a subscription model can be a very attractive alternative […]
3 June 2022

Until June 15th: NordVPN with 60% discount and free antivirus function (Sponsor)

Surely you already know NordVPN and some of the advantages of this VPN provider. For example the more than 5.500 servers worldwide, the various protocols for the Virtual Private Network, the use of a subscription on up to six devices […]
27 April 2022

Kontist – Current offers of the company account app in 2022

More than two years ago I introduced you to Kontist's banking offer: the business account with automatic tax reserve. Today we'll see what has happened in the meantime and whether the offers [...]
21 April 2022

Mobile-First Design – Why the smartphone is so important in web design (Sponsor)

Web design is not only about making a website look good, but above all about making it work. This includes the integration of text and images as well as the implementation of animations, videos, buttons, forms and the like […]
13 April 2022
Aufero Lasaer 2

Ortur Aufero Laser 2 on test – laser engraving machine with frame

After my first experiences with the Aufero Laser 1, a laser and engraving entry-level model from Ortur, the manufacturer approached me again. This time it was about the successor model, the Aufero Laser 2 laser multifunction device […]
5 March 2022
Video course transition to Mac

Video beginner's course "Switching to Mac" by Axel Mammitzsch

For people who own a MacBook or an iMac for the first time, the transition can be more complicated than you think. Key combinations do not work as usual, the "own files" are gone and otherwise [...]
27 September 2021

Where is the globe button? (iPad keyboard)

If you use a keyboard on the Apple iPad, then you may also be interested in key combinations for a quick workflow. Some of these keyboard shortcuts, especially those for multitasking functions, require the so-called globe key. But […]