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8. September 2021
Buy Oculus Quest 2 on

Buy Oculus Quest 2 from Amazon France

The topic of VR has been on my mind for a good year and I was about to get the PS4 VR, but then left it because the tinkering with the PlayStation camera, which [...]
30. August 2021
Chessplode - chess, puzzles and explosions

Chessplode for iPad and iPhone - my pick of the week in CW35

Chess is a great game. I'm not very good at it, but every few years I feel a bit of ambition and watch a few YouTube videos in the hope that I will [...]
28. August 2021
Bellz! Skill game

Bellz! - the analog game of skill is my pick of the KW33

Yes, I know I'm too late and Johannes has already presented the pick for KW34 with the Setapp Stories newsletter. The summer vacation, children and a few jobs somehow got me out of step [...]
23. August 2021
Activate Dark Mode on Kindle

Activate Dark Mode in Kindle Paperwhite - Pick of KW31

I can just see that I let the pick of the week slide massively and actually even forgot week 31. Shame on my head. In order to deliver something quickly, today I am picking a practical [...]
11. August 2021
MagDrop and MagSafe from bluelounge

MagWrap cable ties and MagDrop cable holders in the test

I received two sets of cable holders from bluelounge, which magnetically hold the cables in place or tie the cables together. The sets were made available to me free of charge, but this had no [...]
6. August 2021
Velcro cable ties with eyelets

Velcro cable ties with eyelets in a set with different lengths - my pick (KW32)

This week I have a very practical tip for you. In principle, I wanted to introduce Velcro cable ties in general as a recommendation, but a few days ago I had to reorder some and there [...]
4. August 2021
The best bluetooth speakers in 2021

The best cordless portable bluetooth speakers for 2021

In the following post I would like to introduce you to the - from my point of view - best portable speakers that you can currently buy in 2021. With great sound and longer battery life, they are perfect for every music lover, [...]
2. August 2021
What is the MAC address?

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is the unique identification number that every device on a network has. It consists of 48 bits and can be used to differentiate between devices on different networks, such as Bluetooth or WiFi. The […]
2. August 2021
The right drivers for cyberJack, timeCard, tanJack and cyberJack POS can be found on the website.

Pure SCT driver - for Mac, Windows and Linux

Reiner SCT offers products such as chip card readers, time recording systems, TAN generators, hardware for two-factor authentication, payment terminals and systems for access control. Some of the following products should be known: cyberJack timeCard tanJack cyberJack POS driver for Reiner SCT […]
1. August 2021 login logo login

Millions of people have trusted the login for over 20 years, which offers a reliable e-mail service that can be reached from any device and is protected against viruses. The diverse functions, such as an integrated [...]