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12. January 2022
PassFab iPhone Unlocker

Forgot your Apple ID password? How to remove the Apple ID anyway (sponsor)

If you change your Apple ID password regularly, as is actually recommended, it sometimes happens that you mix up the new and old passwords and end up with a locked iPhone […]
12. January 2022
Reset M1 Mac

Reset and clear data for M1 Mac (Apple Silicon) for sale

If you own a current Apple Silicon Mac (M1, M1 Max, M1 Pro), it is relatively easy if you want to sell it or give it away. The process to factory reset these Macs [...]
11. January 2022
ILife Easine W100 cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

Easine W100 - cordless cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the test

The Easine W100 is in a device category that I didn't know before. It's basically a vacuum cleaner with the dust container and motor on the handle. However, he works perfectly […]
28 December 2021
Oculus Quest 2 battery life

Battery capacity, battery life and charging time of the Oculus Quest 2

Some articles in the blog are simply created because I was interested in certain things myself and I would like to summarize the information I found in one place. So also this article, which contains all information about the battery of the Oculus [...]
23 December 2021
AirPods Max Case from co2CREA

Apple AirPods Max Case - the best case for the premium over-ears

The AirPods Max are by far the best over-ear headphones I've had on my ears so far. Here you can find a detailed review of the AirPods Max that I wrote just a few days ago. [...]
23 December 2021
VPN protection for privacy

Do VPNs Really Protect Privacy?

Interest in VPN providers has risen sharply in recent years. I suspect the reasons are, on the one hand, the increase in people who work on the go and, on the other hand, the use of streaming services such as [...]
22 December 2021
Repair access rights on the Mac under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey

Mac: Repairing access rights under macOS Big Sur and Monterey The new operating systems from Apple and the new Apple Silicon Macs have a few special features in store. Among other things, the procedure for repairing [...]
22 December 2021
Mac in recovery mode

Recovery mode on Apple Silicon Macs (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max etc.)

Even as Sir Apfelot, I've been in despair lately. My new MacBook Pro M1 Max has had a few strange niggles, which I usually start off with by "overinstalling" the system [...]
22 December 2021
Surfshark Holiday Sale 2021

Surfshark VPN with Christmas discount for 1,96 euros per month (sponsor)

Surfshark has a vacation promotion for its 2-year subscription, which is currently available at an 83 percent discount. The VPN now costs just 1,96 euros (with VAT 2,33 euros) per month. Without discount and longer [...]
17 December 2021
Must-have iOS apps

The must-have apps for your iOS device (sponsor)

Many different apps are part of the standard repertoire on a smartphone with the iOS operating system. Despite the fact that many applications are already preinstalled on the mobile phone, tablet or laptop, the additional [...]