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29 September 2022
Dreame W10 Pro review

In the test: Dreame W10 Pro - wiping and vacuum cleaning robot with dock

Lately I've been very busy with vacuum cleaning robot tests. Apparently some manufacturers now have me as a serious tester on their screens, which means that my blog currently has a small focus on this product category. […]
26 September 2022
Measure blood pressure with the Apple Watch

Can you measure blood pressure with the Apple Watch?

We all know that the Apple Watch is a pretty snazzy gadget. It can do everything from monitoring our fitness to reminding us to get up and move. But one […]
23 September 2022
Blue border on Apple Watch

How do I get rid of the blue border around the Apple Watch?

I'm playing around a lot with my new Apple Watch 8 and testing various functions. Suddenly, however, I saw a display that I hadn’t seen before: a blue border lit up on the very outside of the display, […]
22 September 2022
Crop photos with iOS 16 on iPhone

Automatically crop photos with iPhone (iOS 16)

When I talked my daughter into the new version of iOS 16, she asked me what was new inside. So we looked through all the features and came up with a […]
21 September 2022
Apple Watch Series 8 in the test

Apple Watch Series 8 in the test - my personal experience

In the past I was unfortunately very lazy with reports on my Apple devices. I would like to change that in the future, because after all my blog is all about Apple and the devices […]
20 September 2022
This is how you can solve the ImageCaptureCore error

Mac: ImageCaptureCore Error 9956 and Others - How to Fix Them

I received a message from a reader that after the update to iOS 16, when reading his photos from the iPhone to the Mac, he keeps getting an error message and the transfer process aborts. The message […]
19 September 2022
YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium: Prices, benefits, termination - all in this post

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the internet. Many people use YouTube to watch and share videos. YouTube also offers a paid membership called YouTube Premium. This is a monthly […]
19 September 2022
Smart home photo

Control the smart home with your smartphone

You're out and suddenly it occurs to you that you haven't switched off the light, the television is still on and you no longer know whether you locked your door sufficiently. Follow these thoughts […]
15 September 2022
DALL-E 2 used without an invitation

Art AI DALL-E 2 use without invitation

The AI ​​system DALL-E - currently in version 2 - can currently only be tested with an invitation. Public use is not yet possible and therefore I have not been able to […]
14 September 2022
Review: Atomtack A10 Pro

In the test: Atomstack A10 Pro - strong, safe and high quality

Lately I've had a test report on one or the other laser cutter or laser engraver in the blog from time to time. Today, however, there is a report on a special device: the Atomstack A10 […]