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17 September 2021

GoPro HERO10 Black - technical data, price, comparison with predecessors

The GoPro HERO16 Black has been available as a new action camera with numerous useful functions since September 2021, 10. But in addition to HyperSmooth 4.0, slow motion, time lapse, smart recording start and the like, the resolution for photos and videos [...]
14 January 2021
Adjust the font size in the Photoshop font preview

Photoshop: Increase font size in font preview

Every now and then I have a handy tip for Photoshop that I would like to share with you. In this case it is something that I have to google again and again when I come across a [...]
13 January 2021

Instructions: Switch off Apple iPad, shut it down and restart

In some situations it is useful to be able to turn off the Apple iPad. For example, if you want to save the battery, ship the device, store it for a certain period of time or simply transport it without consuming a lot of batteries, you should [...]
4 January 2021

Mac image editing software Pixelmator Pro 2 optimized for M1 chip

The Mac app Pixelmator Pro for photo and image editing under macOS has been optimized for working with the M2020 chip since November 1. This comes in the current 13-inch models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as in the [...]
22 December 2020

Graphic design - books for introduction, understanding and practice

Graphic design not only means that an image, logo or website idea is beautifully implemented. There are many other considerations about imagery, shape, color, proportions and the like. If you are interested in graphic design, [...]
15 December 2020

Adobe Photoshop manual - standard work in the 2020 edition

If you are looking for a comprehensive manual for Adobe Photoshop, Sybille Mühlke should not go unmentioned. The standard work published by Rheinwerk-Verlag introduces not only beginners to the software for photo and graphic processing. It [...]
8 December 2020

Tip for better iPhone photos: Activate the camera grid

Beautiful photos are not only the result of the lighting and the viewing angle. The division of the rectangle into specific areas is also important. If you split your iPhone photos better in the future and maybe you can use the "golden [...]
6 December 2020
In the test: the Shifu Orboot

In the test: Shifu Orboot - children's globe with AR app for discovering and learning

A few weeks ago the manufacturer Shifu sent me the "Orboot" for a test. When I read the press release on this toy, the toy sounded so interesting that I immediately asked for a test device [...]
1 December 2020

GIF from presentation or video: Instructions for Apple Keynote

In the iWork app “Keynote”, which you can download free of charge from the App Store on the Apple Mac, you can export inserted content and slides of a presentation as GIF. Even videos that you add on a slide [...]
4 November 2020

Install macOS Big Sur? Bombich Software advises against for the time being!

With Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) you can easily create backups of your Mac hard drive. The developers behind the tool have now advised against an early macOS Big Sur installation. In this post I go on [...]