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2. November 2020

TubeBuddy - Easily manage and optimize YouTube channels

If you want to build a community on YouTube and have commercial success, you need a little help. Search engine optimization, thumbnails, and the right tags for the video are areas that such help is quite good for. [...]
27. October 2020

Mac start in Verbose Mode - if the Mac no longer boots properly ...

If you want to start the Apple Mac in Verbose Mode, you will find the appropriate instructions here. In this boot mode you can display the individual processes as command lines when starting the Apple computer. The […]
16. October 2020

Until tomorrow only: Buy UGREEN accessories for the iPhone 12 (Pro) cheaper

UGREEN sent me a few deals that I don't want to withhold from you. Among the cheaper products are accessories for the iPhone 12 as well as the iPhone 12 Pro. These have the same dimensions, [...]
15. October 2020

Reset AirPods Pro - how the reset works

The last time I had the problem that my AirPods Pro could be connected to the Mac, but then no audio played. The problem had already been announced over a few days, as the audio output was always [...]
11. October 2020
The cyber primer from the BSI

BSI and DsiN publish cyber primer for more competence on the Internet

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and Germany Safe in the Net (DsiN) have published a cyber primer with which they want to give consumers more knowledge about the digital world. The work is available as [...]
8. October 2020
osloon 2-in-1 charging cable for Apple Watch and iPhone being tested

Practical test: what good are cheap Apple Watch charging cables?

I usually charge my Apple Watch at night using the original Apple charging adapter or during the day with the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock from Satechi on my iPad Pro. I already have the Terratec Charge power bank [...]
7. October 2020

Remapping Caps Lock: Assign a new function to the Caps Lock key

Caps lock, caps lock or toggle lock - as they are also called, this key is superfluous for many Mac users. The seldom used key causes frustration when you want to write something quickly and you [...]
30. September 2020
Foxconn tightens working conditions for iPhone 12 production

Because of the production of the iPhone 12, Foxconn tightened the working conditions

The Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou (China) is responsible for the production of the iPhone 12 models, among other things. It has not only been known since [...] that the working conditions here are critical - even by Chinese standards.
21. September 2020

GoPro HERO9 Black - Specifications and Price

The GoPro HERO9 Black action cam has been on the market for a few days. With this model, the market leader promises "more of everything" for such cameras. What that means, I told you in this post [...]