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18. September 2020

Available from today: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

You can secure the first three 3D titles from Nintendo's “Super Mario” series as a set for the Switch from today. In "Super Mario 3D All-Stars" are Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy [...]
17. September 2020

Apple Fitness + - Workout offer with Apple Watch and Co.

With “Apple Fitness +”, Apple presented a new service model at this year's September keynote. It brings workout units led by professional trainers to the screen and combines them with the readings from the Apple Watch. From the end of 2020 [...]
15. September 2020

Apple Special Event: Here you can follow the live stream

Apple's annual September keynote will take place today at 19:00 p.m. If you want to follow the Apple Special Event via stream, you can do so using a wide variety of devices and sources. In […]
14. September 2020

Anker daily and weekly offers: loudspeakers, headphones, projectors and more

At the beginning of calendar week 38 there are again a few interesting deals from the technology manufacturer Anker and its brands. From today, and sometimes until Sunday, you get up to 48% discount on speakers and [...]
10. September 2020

40% discount at Blinkist - book summaries cheaper until the end of September

At Blinkist you not only get thousands of book summaries, but also a 40% discount. Take advantage of the great savings offer until the end of the month and pay only 6,67 euros instead of 3,99 euros with the annual subscription of the premium level [...]
9. September 2020

Apple Event on September 15.09.2020, XNUMX: No iPhone at the September keynote?

It was puzzled for a long time, now it's official: Apple is holding a special event on September 15, 2020. The live stream will again be broadcast from Apple Park in Cupertino and will start at 10:00 a.m. local time. [...]
8. September 2020
Remove non-Latin fonts from Mac

Mac: Removing non-Latin fonts by script or by hand

My problem today: A friend has the usual macOS fonts installed on his MacBook Pro. Including, of course, many Asian, Cyrillic and other fonts that are usually hardly needed. With me […]
7. September 2020
Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Mac error: System Preferences are busy ...

Today I received an email from my reader Heinz, in which he sent me a screenshot of an error message that I have never seen before. He tried to delete an admin user on his Mac and [...]
4. September 2020

Luminar AI - photo editing with intelligent filters and effects

At Skylum you can immediately pre-order Luminar AI (LuminarAI in its own spelling). The new editor for photographs offers photo editing based entirely on artificial intelligence (AI). This makes it possible to take impressive photos without lengthy [...]
1. September 2020

What is Caps Lock?

The caps lock key on a keyboard has a special position. This is because it is seldom used for keyboard shortcuts; rather, its use changes the input permanently. Therefore keyboards for Mac or PC as well as on notebooks like the [...]