AutoSleep sleep tracker app: data on sleep phases and quality

AutoSleep sleep tracker is an iOS and watchOS app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that can help you improve your sleeping habits. The app from developer Tantsissa was updated to version 5.0 in mid-December and now has a number of updated functions for recording and analyzing sleep. Basically, all you need to do is install the AutoSleep sleep tracker app on the iPhone; it is used largely with the sensors of the Apple Watch - watchOS 3 or higher is required.

The AutoSleep 5 sleep tracker

App for iPhone and Apple Watch registers and analyzes your sleep, sleep phases and sleep quality. Download from the App Store." width="620″ height="300″ /> The AutoSleep 5 sleep tracker app for iPhone and Apple Watch registers and analyzes your sleep, sleep stages and sleep quality. Download from the App Store.

Automatically record sleep with Apple Watch

With the update to version 5.0, the AutoSleep app is now, according to the developers, "easier, faster, more informative and much nicer". In addition, it is now also compatible with the iPhone X. If you have an Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or a more recent operating system in addition to the iPhone, then the application brings you an extensive analysis of your sleep, your sleep phases and yours for EUR 3,49 Sleep quality. These are the individual features summarized:

  • Automatic recording of sleep and sleep phases
  • Automatic calculation of sleep time / sleep length
  • Display of the last night and the last week
  • Individual settings for sleep behavior and notifications
  • AutoSleep uses HeartWatch (by the same developer) as an interface to Apple Health

AutoSleep uses extensive heuristic procedures to calculate how long you have slept without any additional effort. When you wear your watch in bed, your sleep is automatically recorded without any intervention. You will receive a notification about your sleep and the quality of sleep the morning after you unlock your iPhone.

AutoSleep 5: How long does it take to fall asleep?

This question can also be answered with AutoSleep 5, as the Tantsissa app is called in the new version. AutoSleep 5 has a "light off" button. If you touch this, you are telling the program that you are going to go to sleep. It then measures the time that elapses until you are in the first phase of sleep. So you don't always have to look at the clock to know approximately when you fell asleep.

Extend iPhone X battery life: that's how it's done

Wear an Apple Watch while sleeping?

For all functions of the app, the Apple Watch must be worn while sleeping at night. This is the only way to measure heart rate and record activity. Both are not only indicators of sleep and wakefulness, but above all also for the individual sleep phases from light sleep to REM sleep to deep sleep. If you don't want to wear the Apple Watch while sleeping, you can still use the AutoSleep app. It registers the removal and connection to the charger and interprets this as going to bed. If the iPhone is then unlocked, the user is interpreted as awake. Whether you need an app for 3,49 euros is arguable.

When should you then charge the battery?

So if you have to wear the Apple Watch for all functions of the AutoSleep Sleeptracker app for the iPhone, when should you then? their battery charge? Quite simply: during the day or when you are not sleeping. The battery will not necessarily go empty at night, especially not with normal use of the Apple Watch in everyday life. Here is a model calculation to make this clear:

  • In normal mode, my Apple Watch LTE consumes approx. 25% battery during the day
  • During the night it uses up maybe 10% of the battery capacity in "theater mode"
  • During the day, the watch only needs to be connected to the charger for half an hour to three quarters of an hour to compensate for this
  • Given: the charger manages 1% battery charge per minute
  • With an hour on the charger, you won't miss a thing and you are ready for anything

Tip: I use an Oittm power bank at the breakfast table and on other occasions where I sit for a while, which offers an integrated charging option for the watch. Unfortunately, the product is no longer on Amazon, but this one MiPow power bank is the technical equivalent of it. So you can easily get the hour of charge together.

With the power bank you can also charge the watch and use Autosleep's sleep tracking at night.

With the power bank you can also charge the watch and use Autosleep's sleep tracking at night.

Sleeptracker: Yes. Sleep phase alarm clock: No.

The AutoSleep app for iPhone and Apple Watch is very interesting as a sleep tracker and can also be used with regular use of the watch. If you want to see whether you sleep well or badly, how much time you spend in deep sleep, how your pulse goes during sleep and how your sleep quality is assessed, then you should spend the few euros. But I am missing an important feature: a sleep phase alarm clock that ensures that you are woken up in a light sleep phase at the wake-up time or shortly before it. Whether by vibrating the clock (gentle variant) or by ringing the iPhone (more aggressive variant) - if the app already knows that you are sleeping easily, you could be woken up immediately. So would additional devices like the AXbo sleep cycle alarm clock obsolete.

AutoSleep sleep tracker download

If you want to download the app for your mobile Apple equipment, you can use the official Apple App Store. In addition to the AutoSleep download, you will also find further information on functions and use there:

[appbox app store id1164801111]


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