AVCHD with Final Cut Pro X on MAC OS X

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Instructions AVCHD to MOV in ProRes for FCPXCurrent [HD camcorder-> hd camcorder] such as the [Sony CX 730 E-> Sony-cx-730-e] or the [Canon HF G25-> canon-legria-hf-g25] offer full HD recordings up to 50p (50 frames per second). This enables very smooth camera pans and the image appears very stable. The resulting files are .mts files that are in AVCHD format. Unfortunately, this format is not natively supported by Final Cut Pro X or iMovie. If you still want to edit [AVCHD data-> avchd] in Final Cut Pro X or iMovie, you have to convert them.

It is recommended to use the ProRes422 as the target format for this procedure, as this avoids the considerable loss of quality that otherwise occurs when, for example, these files are imported directly from the camera into iMovie. The frame rate alone is already set down to 25p, since iMovie currently only renders films with 25p or 30p. In addition, FCPX and [iMovie-> imovie] are optimized for processing ProRes files.

To convert before importing into [FCPX-> final-cut-pro-x], I was able to find some software solutions that convert AVCHD to .mov or another format (lossless) so that the films can still be edited with 50p. The export with rendering is then of course fraught with losses.

  • MPEG Streamclip for Mac: This program can be used to open a number of video formats (including MPEG). You can then edit and trim the films with cutting, copying and pasting. The export can be done in QuickTime, Avi, DV or Mpeg-4.
  • Roxio Toast Titanium: Not only can Roxio Toast burn CDs and DVDs, it is also good at converting movies. To do this, use the "Convert" tab at the top right in the menu bar.
  • ClipWrap: This is an extremely fast converter to convert AVCHD and HDV media into a .mov file. In short, a nice mts-to-mov converter. The advantage of this converter is that it does not "convert" the entire film material (from H264 to H264) but only changes the wrapper around the data and is therefore extremely fast on the one hand and generates the .mov file without losses. It is available for a fee and via the Mac Appstore or directly from the developers:
  • AVCCAM Restorer: This small software from Panasonic does not convert anything, but creates an AVCHD container for a stand-alone MTS file. It "repairs" the folder structure, so to speak, because this is important for some programs when they want to convert the MTS into a MOV.

If you want to avoid losses during the conversion in any case and often have to reforest MTS to MOV files, you are sure to join ClipWrap well served.


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  2. Scholli says:

    Hello, question to the author: I am using iMovie 9.0.8 a Canon G25 and an EOS D600. And I have no problems importing and cutting the AVCHD material. I can also combine it with the EOS .movs. I'm importing from the G25 straight into iMovie. The files are then .movs and for information I see Codec: AIC.
    So iM converts the AVCHD already usable ???

    (Even if the post is almost 2 years old, it is still relevant. I am happy about an Aw!)

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hi Scholli! I think the material will be converted when it is imported. By now, Final Cut should also have the problem under control. I don't know for sure. And I guess there is a difference between throwing the pure .avchd file into iMovie and importing it. As a rule, iM can't do anything with the pure file because it expects the folder structure of the SD card. But no matter how: The main thing is that it worked for you. :)

  3. jessendeen says:

    If you want to convert AVCHD to Final Cut Pro supported video format you need to get an VCHD to Final Cut Pro Converter, like Avdshare Video Converter, You can have a try.

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