Avira antivirus software for Apple devices (sponsor)

Not only Windows and Android, but also macOS and iOS are permanently threatened by a wide range of malware. A wide variety of malware can get onto Apple devices, from viruses to ransomware and espionage software. In addition, a large amount of data is tapped from third parties through the use of apps and the use of the Internet. Avira promises protection against all of this. Avira virus protection is available for all common operating systems, including and especially for those on Apple devices. Details on the range and information on the effectiveness of antivirus programs on Mac and iPhone can be found below.

Avira antivirus software is available for the Apple Mac, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. In addition to the virus scanner, additional functions are implemented: VPN, app uninstaller, cookie removal, password manager, caller blocking, device search and more.

Avira antivirus software is available for the Apple Mac, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. In addition to the virus scanner, additional functions are implemented: VPN, app uninstaller, cookie removal, password manager, caller blocking, device search and more.

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

The antivirus software, which you can download directly from the provider's website, is free in the basic version and offers a few other features in addition to the detection and removal of malware. There is also an Internet protection system that checks when surfing the net, when shopping online and during payment transactions, whether malicious scripts are being executed, malware downloads are being carried out or data theft is being attempted. For even more privacy, there is also a VPN, i.e. a virtual private network that encrypts data traffic with the Internet as well as your own IP. A password manager is also integrated for the secure storage of access data.

Further features and details, screenshots with an insight into all functions and the option to download the app can be found here: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac.

Avira Antivirus for iOS and iPadOS

In addition to the Mac with macOS, Avira also offers an antivirus app for the iPhone and iPad. In order to use the antivirus scan, web protection, privacy and VPN, however, the app must be downloaded from the app store. In addition, only the basic functions are free, a subscription is required for the Pro version. This offers a further feature, among other things, a leak check, thanks to which one is informed if the login data has been stolen. So you know when it's time to set up new passwords again. There is also a device search, caller blocking, a network scanner for WLANs and more.

A summary of the various functions and screenshots of the app on the iPhone can be found here, along with the link for download: Avira Antivirus for the iPhone.

Apps in the sandbox environment - how does Avira work despite the sandbox?

Avira for macOS on the Apple Mac can loaded directly from the developer page will. This has the advantage that you can easily give the app all the necessary permissions for system scan, cookie cleaning, VPN, uninstalling apps and other functions. It currently looks different on the iPhone, as Apple does not allow sideloading here. The Avira app must therefore be downloaded from the app store, which inevitably puts it in the iOS sandbox. Full system access is not possible from there. However, threats within this area can still be detected. As the? I explain that to you here:

Although every app from the App Store is "trapped" in a sandbox, it still has the option of viewing the running processes of iOS. Since every process or app has a unique identifier, known malware can be found by comparing the process list with a database of processes that are started by malware. In this way Avira identifies malicious apps and can inform the user about them. Only the deletion cannot be done by Avira, because the app has no access to the files and program codes of other apps.

In addition to this process scan function, VPN, backups, block lists, network scanners and everything else can also be used.

Conclusion on antivirus software for Apple devices

My conclusion to the Avira antivirus software for Apple devices is that it is quite useful due to its many additional functions. Even if you move around the web carefully, don't visit dodgy pages, every email for spam, weird attachments and Phishing checks and observes all other precautionary measures, Avira is useful. If you don't worry about viruses or other malware on the Apple Mac, you can at least benefit from the cookie cleaning, the VPN offer, the password manager, the deinstaller and other features. The same applies to the iOS and iPadOS version for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Note: This article was created in collaboration with Avira.

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  1. Heinz says:

    You really don't have to know everything, but if you think you have to blog about Apple products, and especially iOS, and then also want to earn money through a sponsor, then you should at least condescend to it and deal with the to deal with the most rudimentary terms and contexts!
    When I read:
    "The Avira app must therefore be downloaded from the App Store, which inevitably puts it in the iOS sandbox. From there, full system access is not possible. Threats within this area can, however, be detected."
    Then my hat string goes up!
    In other words it says:
    If Avira loads a virus onto my iOS system via its Avira app, my Avira app recognizes this!
    Do I have to expect Avira to send viruses to my smartphone, and then probably also to my Mac (?), So that the alleged virus scanner gets something to do !?
    The fact is that no virus scanner in the world can do anything on an iOS, iPadOS or sandboxed macOS system, except to find viruses in its own app, because the sandbox reliably prevents the virus scanner from accessing everything else!
    Anyone who tries to sell a virus scanner for iOS is taking advantage of the user's lack of specialist knowledge in order to take advantage of them financially!
    And that's what you present here, and get paid for it!
    Do you really need it that much?!?

    • Jens Kleinholz says:

      Hello Heinz! Sorry for the late reply. I had to read myself into the subject again. Yes, of course there is a sandbox under iOS that locks every app in. However, there is a possibility for the apps (as it was on the Avira website) to see the running processes of the iPhone (not to influence them!). Avira compares these processes with a database that contains processes from known malware apps and is maintained. In this way, Avira can then inform you about a malicious app - even if it ended up in the App Store through tricks. You will then have to delete them yourself, as Avira has no access to files from other apps. I hope that was explained in an understandable way and shows you that antivirus apps on the iPhone and iPad are not as useless as you think they are. I will correct that again in the post, because that is a bit unfortunate or inaccurately described. Thanks for your comment - even if the tone was a bit "unfriendly". ;-)

      • Heinz says:

        Hi Jens,
        To be honest, I don't know where you want this information from !?
        What you have linked above is not even an antivir app, but a mobile app.
        Avira itself doesn't say a word on the pages that they have a virus scanner or something even remotely similar.
        If what you claim here, that Avira could "see" other apps and draw conclusions from them for a warning, would actually be true, then I would have the greatest reservations about even getting near this app, as data would be spied on here, and be sent "home".
        Something like that has nothing to look for on an iPhone that you want to hold securely.
        But also the additional functions that are actually described are almost without exception already included in iOS itself, and can be used there comfortably, or at least completely freely available on the Internet (identity theft protection).
        So I don't have to feed an app with my confidential data, always in the necessary hope that it won't be monetized on the one hand and stolen from the company's servers on the other!
        If you really want to provide serious information here, and not just out for the quick money from blogging, then refrain from such recommendations and make yourself really smart about what you are writing here before publishing articles, and apply!

        • Jens Kleinholz says:

          Hello Heinz! Please read carefully what I'm writing ... I didn't even claim that the Avira app could "see" other apps. And don't worry, I didn't make up the information, because you can read it yourself on the Avira site, namely .. I am now disengaging from the discussion because I believe it will not lead to anything ...

  2. Heinz says:

    The page you link here is 7 years old !!
    And you wrote: "However, there is a possibility for the apps (as it was on the Avira site) to see (not to influence!) The running processes of the iPhone."
    If you are not even able to go back a post and perceive what you yourself wrote there, and at the same time provide the people here with ancient information that you present as up-to-date, then maybe you should be blogging entirely permit!
    I don't understand why a company like Avira pays you money for so much misinformation, after all, that sticks to them when the bloggers they pay for their advertising don't even begin to know what they're blogging about!

    • Jens Kleinholz says:

      I have now made contact with the Avira technicians (they must be more knowledgeable about the subject than you or me) and I have to disappoint you: On the one hand, the information on the "7 year old page" is still up-to-date and, on the other hand, it is my representation with the scanning of the process IDs is also correct. If you still want to complain that I write nonsense, then you are welcome to do so, but none of your comments will be activated on my blog. You are welcome to do the troll elsewhere ...

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