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Development of communication from Ay Yildiz

How did the people talk in front of ayyildiz.de? To in 1876 the telephone was inventedit was a long way. In the times before ayyildiz, people communicated with smoke signals and carrier pigeons until the legendary stagecoaches appeared. At the end of the 80s of the last century it finally became possible to make calls while on the move. Admittedly, the first cell phones did not deserve their name for a long time, as they were too heavy and bulky. But technology is constantly evolving, of which ayyildiz.de provides eloquent testimony.

Call cheap to Turkey with Ayy Yildiz

People with Turkish roots in Germany often found it difficult to keep in touch with their families at home. Because the financial burden was too big? especially if you were on the phone when you were out and about. That makes this dilemma www.ayyildiz.de an end since 2005. The experts at this provider are currently offering a prepaid tariff with a price per minute of 9 cents *. It applies to all networks in Turkey and of course also to participants who are customers of E Plus and ayyildiz.

If you want to surf the internet on your mobile phone at a very affordable price, you can use a term tariff of www.ayyildiz.de also well advised. In this area there are two different packages to choose from at ayyildiz. This includes a flat rate for landline and mobile telephony as well as an Internet flat rate with up to 1 GB * or 250 MB * per month.

No matter which tariff the customer chooses, he is always guaranteed a bonus of 25 euros * if he brings his previous phone number to Ay Yildiz. If you choose one of the two term tariffs, you can even enjoy a savings advantage of over 100 euros * at Ay Yildiz. The only requirement is that the contract is concluded online at ayyildiz.de. However, this interesting action is limited in time. Therefore, it is best to decide quickly and switch to Ay Yildiz.

Practical apps for smartphones from Ay Yildiz

Ayyildiz also offers cell phones and [Smartphones-> smartphone] at an unbeatable rental price. The range only includes devices from well-known manufacturers such as

In addition, detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on the provider's website to help customers set up their smartphones. After all, Ay Yildiz's device should be a reliable companion in all situations. In this regard, cost control is important, which is very easy with ayyildiz.
Ay Yildiz also offers an app that makes it easy to find new acquaintances and friends. The community already has over 20 million members. Another tool from ayyildiz helps to find trendy Turkish restaurants and also to evaluate and recommend them yourself. In this way, Ay Yildiz distinguishes itself as a provider whose range is comprehensively sorted. So it's no wonder that the customer base is growing all the time.

Note: Data and prices marked with * were researched on the provider's homepage at the time the article was created and may now differ from the data given here!

Development of communication from Ay Yildiz

A nice infographic that shows how the methods of communication have evolved from messengers to smartphones.



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