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Backblaze online backup OS X

I've been using the Apple Time Capsule as my backup solution for a Mac for a number of years and have thankfully never needed it. Nevertheless, I was always afraid that in the worst case the house could burn down and the backup would be destroyed as well. A solution to this is actually only possible if you keep an additional backup outside the house. My first idea was to just make a regular backup to DropBox. But because of the large amount of data and the associated high costs with the Dropbox service, this option falls flat.

Additional backup with an online backup service

At some point I read something about online backup services on a website and then I came across the automatic backup service from Backblaze encountered This advertises unlimited storage space and cheap 5 USD per month if you want monthly billing. Annual or biennial billing is also possible, which then offers corresponding discounts. Backblaze also offers a backup solution for Windows users, but they've had a Mac version since 2. The software that backs up the data from the Mac in the background is correspondingly sophisticated.

Backblaze online backup OS X
Backblaze offers a very simple and cheap online backup service for Mac users (screenshot from

How does Backblaze work on Mac?

The online backup service is very easy to use. Basically, you just install the Backblaze software for macOS and enter some settings. For example, you can exclude certain hard drives or folders from the backup or specify times when a backup should not be made in order to protect the Internet connection while you work. Once that's done, the rest happens in the background: Backblaze, for example, uses the time when the computer is not used to gradually back up data to the cloud.

Backblaze's service also uses versioning, so you can also restore an older version of a file from an article or similar. The versions are kept for up to 4 weeks. After that they will be deleted.

How long does my initial Backblaze backup on Mac take?

On the Backblaze side, it says on this subject that the usual DSL house connection saves around 2-4 GB of data per day in the cloud. Backblaze automatically ensures that the Internet connection is only used to the extent that the rest of the work on the computer is not noticeably slowed down. The actual time depends of course on many factors. My initial backup with a VDSL 50.000 and an almost full 1 TB disk took a few days. But once you have “made it”, only the data that changes will be uploaded.

What about data protection? Is the transmission encrypted?

You can trust Backblaze's service with peace of mind. The data is encrypted before being transferred to the Mac and only then sent on its journey. As a result, someone hacking Backblaze's servers would only see a bunch of "junk" data, because even the filenames are unreadable.

How does recovery work in an emergency?

This is of course an important topic, which I have also pursued. Because what use is the best backup if I can't get to it quickly. Backblaze offers different ways to restore:

  1. Man uses Backblaze software to restore files from backup.
  2. If the computer on which you had the files is defective, you can also access the Backblaze page from any Internet-enabled computer - whether PC or Mac - and select files there that you can then load onto the computer.
  3. If you need a complete backup and don't want to load several hundred gigabytes over the Internet, you can also request a backup by post. Then a flash drive or a USB hard drive is sent by post and you already have all the data from the cloud on your home computer. However, this version costs extra as it also comes with an additional cost for Backblaze.

Conclusion: Is Backblaze recommended as a backup solution for macOS?

In my opinion, an online backup is a very good addition to a local backup. I wouldn’t just trust an online backup if you really need the data, because it basically affects your daily work. In any case, a local backup is important - either manually via CarbonCopyCloner or via Apple's TimeMachine. This is mainly because for most people the initial backup of Backblaze will certainly take several days (unless you have a fiber optic connection in the basement).

I have already successfully used the recovery of individual files because I accidentally deleted something. This ran smoothly and encouraged me to continue using an online backup. Especially considering the low price per month.

If you also want to "hit" you will find the link to the service here:


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