Banking software for the Mac - almost a complete list

Outbank online banking
Outbank online banking

A good online banking program with a Mac look and feel is Outbank, for example.

Of course, you should never give yourself the illusion that you could call a list complete and permanent, but at least I'll try all the software candidates that could be used in the area of ​​[home banking on Mac-> home banking] under OS X. Since I am more of the online banking type myself and use the website of my Sparkasse, I can only bundle information from the net here, but I hope it is still a helpful compilation for those who are currently looking for good software for home banking on the Mac.

The list is sorted alphabetically and the order does not tell you whether a software is good or bad - I cannot judge that.

From my point of view, this includes all online banking programs that run under Mac OS X and that are of interest to Germany.

There are of course other names in the banking software sector, but they can only run on Windows or iOS devices. This also includes this candidate, for example:

If you would like to contribute a Mac app that is not yet mentioned in this list, please send me an email or leave a comment.

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  1. Rainer says:

    Haven’t never heard of Moneyplex?

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