Cool thing: Batman stickers for the glowing MacBooks

Batman MacBook Decal

With the [new MacBook-> macbook-12-inch] Apple has apparently done away with the glowing Apple logo. It's a shame, because you could always play nice games with it. Among other things, such chic stickers in which parts are designed to be translucent. Of course, they only work well if there is an apple behind them that is also illuminated.

Batman MacBook Decal

A glowing Batman - a bit fiddly to apply because the film is very thin, but one of the cooler motifs among the MacBook stickers! Photo: Amazon.

The sticker is one of the MacBook stickerthat appear in the Apple promotional video. Here you can watch the video again:

The sticker itself can be found in various sizes:

  • 11 inch MacBook Air
  • 13 inch MacBook Air (new / old)
  • 13 inch MacBook Pro
  • 15 inch MacBook Pro (retina)
  • 17 inch MacBook Pro

I have linked a version for you here. You then have to select your size after clicking the link:

Batman sticker for Apple MacBook Air / MacBook Pro
The black Batman sticker is stuck directly over the glowing Apple logo so that it looks like the Batman symbol is glowing. The effect is very good!

Instructions: How to put the Batman sticker on the MacBook

And I even found an Italian video that shows you how to stick this Batman sticker on your MacBook. I don't understand what the ladies are saying in the video, but you can still see which steps you should take in preparation and how the actual attachment works. The Customer ratings on Amazon already show that it is a bit of fiddling to apply the sticker. Since it is only 0,1 mm thick, you have to be careful not to accidentally tear it.


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  1. Markus says:

    I am a total fan of Batman. I wanted to buy a MacBook soon and was already looking for a good sticker idea. This one will definitely be. What I think is a shame is that Apple is abolishing the shining apple. I think this was always the symbol of these laptops and just incredibly chic. Will get me an older model, also for cost reasons. Then I still have the glowing apple and the Batman sticker can come! LG

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