Charge the battery through movement - new technology is just around the corner

M2E Power USB charger

“Never again an empty battery!”, That is certainly the wish of many smartphone users. Nowadays there is hardly anyone who is not equipped with a cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or navigation device. Often you hear about the problem that the device always has an empty battery when you want to use it again. Surely most of the iPhone users here are also familiar with this. For this reason, I did some research and came across interesting solutions that could possibly fix this problem in the future:

A battery that charges through movement

You probably remember this from your parents 'or grandparents' watches. A wristwatch that recharged itself when the wearer moved was all the rage, because you never had to wind such a watch again or change the batteries.

M2E Power USB charger

The M2E Power USB charger converts human kinetic energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery and can be used for everything that can be fed with a USB connection (Photo:

M2E Power - prototype for a motion charger

Reported this a few years ago PC world magazine from a battery that can be recharged by movement. The report says that the company M2E Power has introduced an additional battery for mobile devices - here one more Interview with the company boss on This technique was developed at the University of Boise in Idaho. The use of this special battery is optimized for cell phones and GPS devices. In order for this additional battery to be charged, you only have to pack a box with the battery in your pocket or backpack. After about 6 hours of exercise, enough energy should be available to make a cell phone operational again for 30 - 60 minutes.

The function is explained as follows. Inside the box there are coils and magnets that generate electricity through movement. This electricity is stored in a lithium-ion battery. You don't have to be a high-performance athlete to charge the battery; simple and slow everyday movements are enough. Unfortunately you have to say that you have to be active for 30 minutes of electricity for quite a long time. And the biggest problem is: after the prototype was presented, the product was never found in stores.

Battery charging while jogging

Students at the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University have addressed the issue of efficiency. They developed a small device called the Name myPower wearing. You can attach this device to your waistband before jogging, for example, and while you are doing something for your health, you can also charge a battery. The movement causes a magnet to rotate with a metal coil, generating electricity that is then stored. The efficiency of this device seems to be significantly better. According to the developers, you only have to run for 45 minutes and walk 10.000 steps to have electricity for 6 hours of smartphone use - the only question is: electricity for WHAT? Standby, surfing, watching video or playing 3D games? Often such statements simply lack well-founded values ​​with which one could do something, because all these different applications consume different amounts of energy. A statement like "10.000 steps and 45 minutes of jogging brings about 1.500 mAh" would be much more helpful ...

MyPower work list

The MyPower work list: This is what you have to do to get power for your iPhone (source:

The myPower device is then connected to the smartphone or other electronic device using a USB cable. So if you jog for around an hour every day and use myPower, you can offset the entire CO2 balance of your mobile phone within a year. After all, we are talking about five million tons of carbon dioxide - according to the Business Week. With myPower you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your own health. There are certainly various ideas on how to charge your cell phone without electricity, but myPower was specially developed for the runners' market. The concept is still in the development phase, but has already convinced the Challenge Cup jury. When myPower goes into production one day, you can probably buy it for around 45 euros.

Pilo - A shaking battery the size of an AA battery

Pilo AA battery

The Pilo AA battery is charged by shaking it briefly.

One project that is currently in the final phase before the sale is the Pilo battery, which is to be used where commercially available AA batteries are used. The Pilo team speaks of a price of around 10 USD and promises that the Pilo battery can be recharged with a maximum of 3 seconds of shaking. It offers an output voltage of 1,5 volts, but only a low current, which unfortunately is not explained in more detail on the Pilo website. There you will find a note that the Pilo battery is more likely to be used in devices that only need power every now and then and then do not require high currents. Remote controls, wireless mice and keyboards as well as gamepads, for example, would be ideal for the Pilo battery. You can find more information on this at There you can also subscribe to the newsletter if you want to buy the small battery at some point - because like all the other gadgets mentioned, this small device is not yet on the market.

Pilo battery versus AA battery

The Pilo battery offers these advantages over an AA battery (source:

More innovative ideas - charging through body heat

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas for charging your cell phone without electricity. So the British telephone company Vodafone has one System developed, with which it is possible to charge the cell phone battery using body heat. A night in bed or sleeping bag should be sufficient for this.

A 15 year old Canadian had the idea for one Flashlight made only by body heat is operated. Here is a video of her introducing her flashlight:

All in all interesting innovations for the battery market, but unfortunately none of them can be purchased in stores at the moment and will continue to have to make do with [Powerbanks-> powerbank] and [Battery backshells-> battery backshells]. Perhaps a company will soon make the big hit and introduce a [fuel cell for the smartphone-> fuel cell-for-smartphones] - surely something that would find huge sales with the current power requirements of XXL smartphones.


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  1. Ben says:

    It's a nice idea reminiscent of how, as a little boy, you hold a battery in your hand, go for a run with the Walkman and then watch iron filings in the workshop fly through a magnet? When the chips are transformed into a crescent moon and a simple movable rectangular or (circular-round-elliptical) magnet construction that can move around the cell structure of the energy storage (e.g. carbon and iron and zinc). Provides enough energy to listen to music. But they haven't been so beautiful for decades continually emerging patent and manufacturing guidelines. That surely makes every boy / girl just remember that war will probably never end. But I hope this venture will not be a single product or a $ 30 billion problem. As a thought approach, it was so easy that XNUMX% of all students found it out independently in the simplest school forms. But no matter a regeneration (regenerative break) in the area of ​​the movement of automobiles and aircraft is also very promising. Especially in the case of larger ship propellers built in an elliptical shape, the transformation of existing energy to use the ocean currents is a nice stimulus for thought. Don't see rotting trees, after all, green apples taste good and exercise is a gift of time.
    Let's not take the air we breathe, but rather create a future for ourselves? PPs. We remember the dead

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