Battery values ​​of the MacBook Pro 2021: Wh, V and mAh

Apple mostly keeps a low profile with regard to the precise technical values ​​of components in its devices. If you look at the data sheets for the new laptops, you will find rounded figures in watt hours. But what if you want to know the exact value? And what if you want to find out the mAh value of the battery in the MacBook Pro 2021? No problem! Because here we have summarized the individual values ​​such as watt hours (Wh), voltage (V) and milliampere hours (mAh) of the MacBook Pro 2021 battery - of course for both models with 14-inch or 16-inch display. 

Here you can find the battery values ​​of the MacBook Pro 2021: Energy in watt hours (Wh), voltage in volts (V) and nominal capacity in milliampere hours (mAh) for the 16-inch and 14-inch models.

Here you can find the battery values ​​of the MacBook Pro 2021: Energy in watt hours (Wh), voltage in volts (V) and nominal capacity in milliampere hours (mAh) for the 16-inch and 14-inch models.

Nominal capacity: This is how much mAh the battery of the MacBook Pro 2021 has

Apple introduced two Pro laptops this year, one with a 14-inch and one with a 16-inch display. In addition to the housing, all other components have also been adapted, not least the battery. There are also two values ​​that you can use as a guide, depending on the display diagonal:

  • MacBook Pro 14 ″ battery: 6.068 mAh
  • MacBook Pro 16 ″ battery: 8.693 mAh

Energy: This is how much Wh will the MacBook Pro battery offer in 2021

This is the only value that Apple itself provides, albeit in a rounded form for the time being. For the larger 16-inch model, 100 watt hours are specified. With the smaller 14-inch model, you get a value of 70 watt hours. But already in the small print of the Specs page this information is given in more detail:

  • MacBook Pro 14 ″ battery: 69,6 Wh
  • MacBook Pro 16 ″ battery: 99,6 Wh

Voltage: This is how many volts there are on the batteries of the new MacBook Pros

Finally, let's come to electrical tension. As you as technically and physically gifted readers of this blog have already concluded, there are only minor differences here. The following values ​​can be read from the batteries of the new Apple MacBook Pro models:

  • MacBook Pro 14 ″ battery: 11,47 V.
  • MacBook Pro 16 ″ battery: 11,45 V.

Complete teardown of Apple's new laptops

I took the listed values ​​from the MacBook Pro Teardown published by iFixit. There, the individual information is not only listed, but also supported by photos of the battery packs from the two laptop sizes. They are also compared with the information on the previous models. And since it's not just about the battery, you also learn something about the other hardware and its structure in the housing of the mobile computer. You come to the complete teardown with this link. We have even more information about the battery for you here: MacBook Pro 2021 - Battery replacement made easier!

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  1. sam says:

    Where did you get the "MacBook Pro 16 ″ battery: 8.693 mAh" when apple states its battery capacity is 100Wh or 100,000mAh?

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your question. Apple states the power of the 16 inch MacBook Pro battery as 99.6 Wh. That's not the same as 100,000 mAh or 99,600 mAh. The power in Wh is calculated through multiplying Ah with V. With the numbers in the article you get this equation: 8.693 Ah x 11.45 V = 99.53485 Wh (or a rounded 99.6 Wh).

      To answer your question regarding my source: It's the iFixit teardown of the MacBook Pro which I linked in the article.

      Best Regards,

  2. Isa says:

    Hey dear John,

    thanks for your detailed numbers. Can you also tell me how many hours the battery lasts at 70 or 100 Wh, I can't find any information about that anywhere on the net, but for me that would be the really worth knowing.

    Thank you very much

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Isa,

      How long the battery lasts depends on various factors and cannot be determined in general terms. Purely offline work uses less battery than surfing the web and working on e-mails. And it uses less electricity than e.g. B. in image processing. If you cut videos, work with digital effects or render 3D models, then the battery will be empty even faster.

      You can find some timings that you might be able to use as a guide on Apple's product page/datasheets. There, the battery life of the devices is always given for something like wireless surfing (i.e. WLAN use), using the Apple TV app, etc. But these are only guidelines, because e.g. B. the brightness of the display, the lighting of the keyboard, etc. should be included. Here the link to the data sheets, where you will find the information under "Power supply and battery".

      Best regards

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