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bbPress plugin

Anyone who has ever used open source software to set up a forum will certainly have gained experience like this:

  • the installation and configuration is complex
  • the forum will be captured by spam bots and completely spammed in a few days
  • the administration of the forum in the admin area is complicated and opaque
  • the entire website is hacked due to a security hole in the forum software
  • an update of the forum software is complicated and overwrites presets that you have made once

You want to get around all of these points by using the bbPress forum software used. The boys and girls who are working on it have made the following their motto:

bbPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards and speed.

Installation and setup

In practice, this means that you can install the forum on an existing WordPress site as easily as any other plugin: You load the data into the plugin folder under wp-content / plugins and activate the plugin.

bbPress plugin

The bbPress WordPress plugin makes it easy to integrate a forum into an existing blog.

Depending on the theme, you may have to make some adjustments to the style.css file so that the forum also fits well with the rest of the WordPress theme, but apart from a few settings in the admin area you are already done and can refer to the content Focus part.

bbPress with German language files

Oh, of course you can also switch the bbPress Wordpress forum to "German". There are German language files for this, for example right here can download. You can decide whether you want the version in "YOU" or "YOU". Depending on which clientele you want to address.

Extension possibilities like with WordPress with plugins

The similar approach to "pimp" the forum is certainly interesting for die-hard WordPress fans. There is also at bbPress Pluginsthat can be downloaded and easily installed and uninstalled. There are no special themes because bbPress is based on the WordPress theme. How to adapt it to your needs is right here explained.

What a forum with bbPress can look like can be seen on the basis of some examples that were implemented with WordPress and the bbPress plugin. Here there are a list of fancy bbPress forumsthat are also actively used.

Interesting for SEO: Permalinks are also supported

Another important factor for many blog operators is the search engine optimization support that bbPress offers. The good news is: bbPress also uses permalinks and is already very well prepared for onpage SEO thanks to the WordPress theme.


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  1. Cordula says:

    Hello together,
    I just installed bbpress and wanted to install the German translation as a plugin.
    bbpress is version 2.5.4.
    the german translation says it will go until 2.5.3.
    now comes the following error message:
    Unpack the package ...
    The plugin will be installed ...
    The package could not be installed. No working plugins were found.
    The plugin installation failed.

    may this be because 2.5.4. is too high?
    where can you get a version of 2.5.3. her ?????
    Or do you know another solution ????

    Thank you!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Cordula! It's always hard to tell when you can't look at the server. As a rule, it is mostly small things that mean that it does not work. But to find out a little more: you have WordPress installed and the bbpress as a plugin? Or do you use bbpress without WordPress - "standalone" so to speak? That would be interesting. Although I currently have no real idea where the dog is buried. If you need further help and would be willing to give me access to the installation, I would suggest that you write to me using the contact form.
      In any case, a happy holiday!

  2. Gerscher says:

    Today I installed the rss post importer. In the beginning it didn't work because I forgot to set the permissions of the wp-content to 777. Unfortunately, not all Fitures are free. I'll see if it works.
    Good luck for

  3. Frank Noack says:

    I use my own WP Security plugin. However, the entire safeguarding begins with the installation. (wp-config.php) A thorough encryption is necessary here. Incorrect login attempts should be limited urgently, because brute force try to edit the login mask until they are there. Since this has already happened to me 4 times, I pushed a capcha through my own plugin. Since then, I've been quiet and limit login attempts should also be used.

    • sir appleot says:

      I can do that Wordfence plugin recommend. Doesn't cost anything and does a lot more than just a captcha before logging in ... You can also simply install and activate it and the most important functions run. But if you want to adjust something, you are welcome to do so. There are numerous options for doing this. I have now installed it with every new WordPress installation. :-)

  4. Gerscher says:

    Does that mean that this fance can no longer be bypassed as easily as the superfluous captchas? That would of course be great.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Reinhard! Yes exactly. Wordfence works against brute force attacks, for example, by directly blocking login attempts if, for example, you tried 5 times. Or you can also set that IPs that attempt to log in with an unknown user name are blocked directly. You should rename your "admin" user if possible so that the login no longer exists. You can call it anything. Most of the time the bots try to get in with "admin". I highly recommend Wordfence. Also funny are the summaries that show you which logins the bots tried or which countries the hack attempts came from. :)

  5. Oliver says:

    Yes great ... great item exactly what I was looking for! Many Thanks!

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