Be careful when updating to Parallels Desktop 13 - problems with all printers under Windows 7

After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

Today I updated my Mac to Parallels Desktop 13, which was just that published a few days ago has been. Unfortunately, I was a bit hasty, because - as was the case with the update to version 12, by the way - after the update, my printer no longer works. The problem that arises is that the printer is no longer responding and is obviously no longer recognized by Windows. Instead, the "Use printer offline" function is activated, which unfortunately doesn't really help me. You can find an example of the error message in the following screenshot.

After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 can no longer find any printer and every print fails with an error message and the comment "No response".

The only solution is probably a bug fix from Parallels

I really tried a lot to get the printer working again:

Support Sir Apfelot on SteadyHQ
  • Brother driver reinstalled (then eventually hangs when it searches for the printer but cannot find one)
  • Windows Brother driver installed (worked, but the printer still does not print)
  • Printing via the PDF printer (Print to PDF (Mac Desktop)), because I thought I could at least print it out on the Mac, but it doesn't work either
  • various reboots of everything

Well, I already know the whole game because I went through it in the last major update. About a year ago I updated my parallel desktop to version 12 and at that time there were also problems with the printer that would not print. At that time I had various sessions with a program similar to TeamViewer, in which a Parallels support employee tried for over 2 hours (in total) to fix the problem. But unfortunately it was also unsuccessful.

In the end, it didn't work again until Parallels released the first bug fix after a week or two. But two weeks is a long time when you have all your accounting under Windows running on Parallels Desktop and you are not able to print a single invoice.

My solution: Get backups from Time Machine

I don't have the muse now to wait for the next update of Parallels and have tried my Time Machine backup. I'm getting the old "Parallels Desktop.Whatsapp" from "Programs" and the corresponding file, which virtually represents the Windows drive. This can usually be found in the "Documents" folder and there under "Parallels".

Restoring the backup via Time Machine takes a good 2 hours.

Restoring the backup via Time Machine takes a good 2 hours.

Unfortunately, restoring via Time Machine takes me a full 2 ​​hours because the file is almost 200 GB. I will take it as a lesson that the next time I update, I prefer to backup a copy of the files to an external hard drive before starting the update.

And I hope Parallels gets lots and lots of bug reports so that next time they might try it out better before they give it out to the users.

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  1. Jochen says:

    I installed the update to version 13 yesterday and now printed out an Excel table. Works flawlessly; no problem. My printer: HP Office Jet Pro 8710.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jochen! Lucky you. I worked for 4 hours yesterday until I got everything back to normal. I almost assume the problem is somehow related to the USB-C ports on my MacBook Pro 2017. But strangely enough, Parallels Desktop 12 still worked without any problems.

      Maybe I'll try the update again in the days when I have more time and more backups. Now I'm happy that I can use my accounting program and printer again! : D
      By the way, my printer is a Brother HL-L2300D. If other readers run into problems as well, I would be happy to receive a message as a comment. Right now I feel like I'm the only idiot who doesn't work. ;-)

  2. Jochen says:

    I have the same MacBook, but I have integrated the printer as a network printer in the WLAN.
    I cross my fingers for you.

    • sir appleot says:

      Maybe that would be an idea with the network printer. But I am surprised that even print to PDF is not possible. So it can't just be the printer.

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