iPhone app for the blind and visually impaired: Be My Eyes brings help for sighted people

iPhone App Be My Eyes Registration

Anyone who has not yet done any voluntary work can now comfortably do so from the sofa and log in to the app "Be My Eyes"Register. The free universal app, the name of which could be translated as" Be my eyes ", basically provides connections between the visually impaired and sighted people. You register as a user and classify yourself as a helper (" I am sighted ") or blind ("I am blind") a.

iPhone App Be My Eyes Registration

The registration process for the "Be My Eyes" app is short and free.

As a blind person, for example, you can ask for help and set up a video connection (with audio) or use a photo with chat to ask what you would like to know. The example photos show you what problems visually impaired people can run into and where help from a sighted person is important: Has the milk run out? In which tin can is what? Or what photo is that with my parents on it?

Be My Eyes examples

The sample photos from Be My Eyes show what the everyday life of the blind could be about.

There are certainly hundreds of such applications that "sighted" people simply cannot think of because one cannot put oneself in the position of a blind person in everyday life. I have always asked myself how blind people can cope with the day shopping, train stations, streets, construction sites and many other things and I am going to download the app onto my iPhone right away.

Intelligent system prevents disturbances at night

The app is awesome at first glance, but at second glance you naturally wonder whether you will be ringing the doorbell as a helper at 3 a.m. because of an expired milk carton. In practice, this will not happen because the app is programmed to only contact users between 8 a.m. and 22 p.m. And it only connects users who have the same system language. This also prevents a Spanish blind person from asking a German sighted person how long his milk carton will last. Though I guess I could manage it. :)

I just see that you can also add languages ​​in the app's settings. So if you speak Spanish or English, you can simply add it and receive inquiries in these languages. I'll leave it to German for now before it gets embarrassing. ;)

What happens if you can't help?

If you receive a "cry for help" and for whatever reason you are not able to help, you can refuse help as a sighted person and the next sighted person will be contacted.

Registration with email necessary? Why?

There are always a few people who complain because an app requires registration. I can only say: If the guys who programmed this app were out to abuse your email addresses, then they would have programmed a beauty fashion or whatever app. There would certainly be more addresses in there than with this app. According to the makers, they currently have 10.000 sighted helpers and approx. 990 blind users. Current figures can be found in the app and on the programmer's website: www.bemyeyes.org.

In addition, registration has the advantage that you receive a profile and can therefore also receive positive and negative reviews. Jokers who think they have to help blind people with false information can be filtered out so quickly. A good idea, because idiots are everywhere ...

Be My Eyes - helping blind see from Be My Eyes on Vimeo.

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