Bear App: The affordable alternative to Evernote

When looking for a note taking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, you will find many different offers; especially Evernote. But if you, like me, don't want to use all the functions or the provider's own cloud, you certainly don't want to pay the expensive subscription price associated with them. While looking for a cheap Evernote alternative, I came across the Bear app, which costs significantly less and also supports notes with pictures and all sorts of other extras. What about me, besides the iCloud usage and the low price Bear convinced, I have summarized that for you in the following.

The Bear app is a cheap Evernote alternative for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Notes in various forms are possible and are synchronized via iCloud.

The Bear app is a cheap Evernote alternative for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Notes in various forms are possible and are synchronized via iCloud.

Bear - Inexpensive note-taking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Bear can be used across devices on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. There is also the option of integrating the Apple Watch with watchOS, for example to save voice memos as notes. The synchronization of the data works via iCloud and there are no weird upload restrictions like with Evernote. Evernote seems to use its own servers, which is an additional horror to me. I store some sensitive data in my notes and trust iCloud's encryption a lot more than Evernote. That’s why I’m very much in favor of the Bear app.

Good features in the notes app

Last but not least, Bear also supports the Markdown formatting, which I like to use when typing in order to be able to enter headings, bold face, italics or the like directly while writing. Evernote also supports this - but why expensive when it can be cheaper? I think Evernote sure has some features that Bear doesn't, but those are all things I don't need. I prefer to use an app that is limited to the essentials, but still supports everything that I use in everyday life. In addition, there are the points mentioned above such as iCloud usage and price.

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Pricing - Comparing Evernote and Bear

The elephant and the bear in comparison - here you can see very clearly that you can save quite a bit if the demands are not too high. Because as a private individual user one Evernote Premium Subscriptions pay 6,99 euros per month. Evernote Business with at least two users costs 13,99 euros per user and month. Basic Evernote There is also a free offer, but with a reduced scope of services. You can find details here: Provider website.

Bear also has extensive functions. Links to websites as well as e-mail and postal addresses are recognized, there are different themes, documents can be exported in HTML, PDF, DOCX, JPG and more, there is a focus mode, and, and, and. Features of the Pro version can be combined with the Bear Pro Activate subscription. This costs $ 1,49 a month (with a free week) or $ 14,99 a year (with a free month). You can find all details on the Provider website.

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Bear Download for iOS, watchOS and macOS

You can download the Bear app as a cheap Evernote alternative in iOS App Store as well as in the Mac App Store from Apple. The offer is free of charge; However, the Pro functions can be activated via in-app purchase (the above prices are taken from the provider website - as of September 2, 2019).

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