The best cases for the iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c case from iProtect
iPhone 5c case from iProtect

This Gel protective cover from iProtect is perfectly adapted to the Apple iPhone 5c (Photo: Amazon).

The iPhone 5c has not been shipped long in Germany, but of course - as always when an iPhone with a new form factor comes onto the market - the first cases for the new model are available very quickly. In this case I started looking for the best cases and covers for the [iPhone 5c from Apple-> iphone-5c].

In practice, this search is of course divided into different requirements: Some like particularly thin cases, others are looking for outdoor cases that can survive a fall from the skyscraper or at least support the contents of the case in survival. For this reason, I am simply presenting a best-of of different cover types here and hope that I have found something for everyone with them.

The elegant thin gel cover

The iProtect cover is a good product for lovers of silicone or TPU gel covers. Personally, I have been using this type of protective cover for several iPhone models and can only say: good protection with few visual restrictions. My iPhone will probably fall out of my hand on tiles or on the street once a day, but so far the case has withstood everything very well.

iProtect soft TPU gel cover
The iProtect cover is available in different colors and of course also in a transparent version. Thanks to the gel-like material, the iPhone 5c is perfectly protected against falls on edges.

Colorful cases for colorful people

If you are more into eye-catching design, you will find your favorite in the following cases.

iProtect silicone protective cover circle hole
This cover design is also available in a wide variety of designs. The silicone also provides a good protection factor here.

The credit card case for people who like to have everything with them

I admit: I am also prone to this type of flip case. I just find it very practical if you can put your iPhone in a case that can hold a bit of paper money and credit cards.

SAVFY mobile phone pocket with stand function and credit card holder
This beautiful case in the organizer look is not only beautiful but also practical, because you can stow banknotes and a credit card in the inner compartment. You can quickly convert it to an iPhone stand and read more relaxed or watch a movie. The case is not only available in different colors, but also in a leopard design.

Horizontal folding case in leather look

For once I was able to find a good cover that is not from iProtect. This folding case is from EasyAcc and offers additional corner protection that is not available on many other models. The stand function is also integrated here. However, there is no credit card slot.

EasyAcc leather case
The leather case is made to fit the iPhone 5c. The lid can be folded back completely for a comfortable operation.

The vertical flip case: Discreet protection for the display

The flip cases are of course not only available in a horizontal folding version but also with a lid that is flipped vertically.

iProtect vertical flip case made of leather
This case is available in the colors purple, pink and black. I think you see this case most often with women and Star Trek fans - it can be opened as nicely as a make-up mirror or a communicator. ;-)

The Snugg case with pull loop and compartment for EC cards

This case is also somehow quite stylish and practical. You put the iPhone in from above and when you want it to come out, you simply pull on a tab. The Snugg case also offers a compartment for business cards or EC cards. And the case fits not only for the 5c but also for the iPhone 5 and 5s.

The obligatory bumper

Of course, the bumper still has fans. But even if Apple is now getting back into the bumper business itself, there are still stylish and functional models from third-party providers.

Saucool: The felt cover in alpine style

Somehow, felt covers inspire me again and again. The fabric is easy to touch and easy to care for on the touchscreen. The designs that Almwild creates in Alpstein do the rest:

iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s sleeve made of merino virgin wool felt
This great cover made of felt is only one model from Almwild. If you go to the detailed view here, you will find other chic designs and even protective covers made of real cowhide below.

For tough guys: The aluminum protective cover

I think it's a protective cover that is more in demand by real guys: the aluminum model. It certainly offers protection for the iPhone that should not be underestimated, but for me personally the material is simply too "cold". Nevertheless, I am going to list a good aluminum cover that is suitable for the 5c:

iAlpha Brushed Aluminum Protective Cover
This aluminum case offers protection against bumps and scratches and is perfectly designed for the iPhone 5c. All controls are of course still easily accessible.

For big and small girls: the Hello Kitty case

It doesn't get any cooler than this. I think my daughter would love me if I used this case - but the rest of the world would probably think I'm nuts.

This case is not bad either:

An outdoor case for the iPhone 5c

To be honest: I looked for an outdoor cover on Amazon that really deserves its name. Perhaps something has been added to the range in the meantime, but at the time I wrote the article, nothing in the shop that really looked like an outdoor case. But as I said: Use the search function and take a look an outdoor protective cover for the iPhone 5c.

Update: The Otterbox Defender is now available for the 5c:

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 5c
You certainly don't need to say much about the quality of the Otterbox Defender protective cover: all-round protection that is not waterproof, however.

Waterproof iPhone cases

I was actually hoping there would already be a Lifeproof Case for the iPhone 5c. Unfortunately, this has not yet been the case. The only thing that is currently suitable as a replacement for a Lifeproof cover is the waterproof protective cover from KooPower or Smartskin:




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  1. Hansi says:

    Thank you very much for researching and compiling this great list!

    • sir appleot says:

      Thank you, I'm glad if she helped you. However, there are already some new covers on the market that are not considered here. When I have the muse for it, I'll revise the list again. But right now I would prefer to write something about iPhone 6 cases - if only I had one. ;)

  2. Bine says:

    Since my sister stubbornly holds on to her iPhone 5s and would like to have an original new case for Christmas, I came across your article and think I found a good gift idea in the Almwild felt case. Thank you very much for the list!

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