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The winter of 2016/2017 is still going on a bit, which is why you can and should look around for the best daylight lamp - manufacturers of daylight lamps such as Philips, Beurer, Klarstein and Co are way ahead with offers on Amazon. But how do you find the best daylight lamps? The test carried out by Stiftung Warentest on light therapy devices in 2003 is out of date; There are no new tests for 2017. Chip.de headlined in 2015 for the last time "Daylight lamps in the test“- in the article you can find the corresponding Amazon bestsellers. For this article, I turned to the bestseller department on the shipping side and to the customer reviews.

Daylight lamps from Beurer, Philips and Klarstein are among the best sellers on Amazon. Here you can find your new daylight lamp. The users carried out the test ...
Daylight lamps from Beurer, Philips and Klarstein are among the best sellers on Amazon. Here you can find your new daylight lamp. The test was carried out by the users ...

Daylight lamps bestseller: Philips HF3419 / 01 Energy Up White

Currently with a 20% discount (February 1, 2017), this daylight lamp comes with 10.000 lux and dimmable light. Even applications from 20 to 30 minutes a day should help to boost mood and motivation. The daylight lamp Philips HF3419/01 Energy Up White also comes with a App therefore, which includes tips for proper use.

Philips HF3419 / 01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, daylight, up to 10.000 Lux, dimmer)
  • Up to 10.000 lux light intensity for more energy, increased attention and a better mood
  • Just 20 to 30 minutes a day is enough to feel full of energy, more active and awake.
  • Daylight lamp with 5 light intensity settings, LEDs, even light distribution and easy operation ...

Beurer TL daylight lamps in various designs

Not only does the “light shower” from Philips do very well with customers on Amazon, the TL models from Beurer are also very popular. In addition, the daylight lamps from Beurer come in different sizes and price ranges. Another advantage: all five models linked below bring a discount of up to 58%. Ideal if you are currently looking for a new Beurer daylight lamp:

  • Beurer TL 30 daylight lamp, inexpensive, compact and flexible to use, buy here
  • Beurer TL 40 daylight lamp, UV-free and with 10.000 lux, view here
  • Beurer TL 60 daylight lamp, 10.000 lux and easy operation, buy here
  • Beurer TL 80 lamp as a daylight substitute, 10.000 lux and compact dimensions, Order here
  • Beurer TL 90 light shower, 10.000 lux and display of the usage time, Details here

Klarstein Summershine Slim light shower: compact for on the go

This small product from Klarstein is ideal for on the go, so if you belong to the traveling business people. The daylight lamp for the table measures only 20 x 13 cm, but also has 10.000 lux. At least that's what the manufacturer says. In addition to the tablet-like device, you will also find two other daylight lamps from Klarstein on the product page:

Klarstein Summershine Slim - light shower, daylight lamp, wellness lamp, 10.000 lux, ...
  • NEW ENERGY: No more winter depression and springtime tiredness, because the Summershine daylight lamp donates new ...
  • 10.000 LUX: With the wellness light from Klarstein you can ...
  • DAYLIGHT AROUND THE CLOCK: Thanks to the use of bright LEDs under the 21x13 cm, milk-colored shade ...

Blue light for more energy from Philips

Briefly back to the daylight lamps from Philips. This company also has a small, compact device with blue light. The light color corresponds roughly to the cloud-free sky and thus subconsciously stands for clarity, sun and summer. This daylight lamp is also currently offered on Amazon with a 20% discount:

Philips HF3430 / 01 Energy Up ntensive blue light, UV-free, dimmer, white
  • Compact, blue light that donates energy like bright daylight, improves energy balance, alertness and ...
  • Just 20 to 30 minutes a day is enough to feel full of energy, more active and awake.
  • 5 settings for different light intensities with memory function

Conclusion and your experiences

Unfortunately, I cannot present a current test, nor can I quote it. However, the bestseller option on the large shipping site already provides information about common models. The individual reviews then give a detailed insight. I hope I was able to help you with the search or with finding your new daylight lamp. What are your experiences with these devices, can you recommend a specific model? Feel free to leave a comment;)

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