Order the best iPhone 6 cases under 10 EUR directly from Amazon

iPhone 6 case from JETech
iPhone 6 case from JETech

This iPhone 6 case from JETech offers not only the visible bumper but also protection of the front and back (Photo: Amazon).

The iPhone 6 has not been announced for long, several millions of Apple smartphones have been pre-ordered and the trade in iPhone cases is already in full swing. For this reason, I would like to briefly introduce the first offer here and limit myself to cases under 10 EUR, because most of them will first order a case quickly until the major case manufacturers upgrade their premium cases to the current iPhone 6 Adjusted the model or iPhone 6 plus model. A Twelve South Surfacepad, an Otterbox or a LifeProof case will probably not be found in stores until the end of October 2014, and so many users temporarily fall back on inexpensive cases until their "favorite case" is available.

A little confusing - reviews for other iPhone models

If you read the Amazon reviews of the iPhone 6 protective cases, you will come across reviews that write in the text about an iPhone case of older models. This is confusing at first glance, but it is understandable, since the cases are available in different versions on Amazon and you have to select the iPhone model for which the case is to be used before buying. The ratings have been submitted by users of earlier versions and are all summarized under this one product. It will probably take a few days before there are also reviews from iPhone 6 users, but usually changing the size of a case will certainly not cause any major quality problems, so you can also follow the old reviews.

I am presenting the cases here separately for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus models, as there are some cases for both models and others only for one model. So that you end up in the right department right away, click here whether you have an iPhone 6 (4,7 inches) or an iPhone 6 plus (5,5 inches).

Especially with the start of sales of new iPhone models: Beware of rip-offs in the case trade

Some caution is advised before buying, because the case dealers tend to sell their cases cheaply, especially at the beginning, until they have a few 5-star ratings and then they raise the prices. Of course, I can only introduce the cases that are currently under 10 euros. If the price increases in the next few days, the list will not automatically adjust here. So please check the price before you click buy.

Protective cases for the iPhone 6 - 4,7 inches

ArktisPro Invisible Air Case
The current bestseller among the iPhone cases is this 0,3 mm thick protective case that wraps around the iPhone like a second skin. The product description says: Probably the thinnest iPhone 6 case in the world - I can't say whether that's true ...
Spigen Case protective cover
The Spigen Case back shell offers protection for the edges and the back. The front display remains free. The Spigen cases have already been praised with numerous very good reviews in previous models and I think you certainly don't go wrong here. The mention of 5-inches in the headline is a bit confusing, but the product text states that the case is for the 4,7-inch iPhone model.
1,00 EUR
JETech cover with all-round protection
At first glance, the 4,7-inch case looks like a bumper, but it consists of two shells that you put over the iPhone from the front and back. The front and back are also protected.
Transparent crystal case from Rydges
The Crystal Case from Rydges leaves the windshield exposed, but offers good edge protection and has several top ratings. The transparent material also makes it a cover that can be recommended to purists.
Liamoo case made of TPU
For less than 5 euros there is a transparent case that is also available in translucent blue, gray and pink. According to the customer rating, the cover is exceptionally thin and therefore not too heavy.
tinxi silicone protective cover
This tinxi back shell is made of silicone and is available in many colors and with various motifs. Including butterflies, owls, the USA flag or a flower power motif. Somewhat criticized is that the on / off switch on older iPhone models no longer worked well because the case is quite thick. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case in connection with the iPhone 6. Most of the reviews are quite enthusiastic about the case.
tinxi silicone protective case with back shell and cover / owl motif
This tinxi case also consists of two parts that are put around the iPhone like two shells. It is a silicone case with a nice owl motif.

Protective cases for the iPhone 6 plus - 5,5 inches

JETech cover with all-round protection
At first glance, the 5,5-inch case looks like a bumper, but it consists of two shells that you put over the iPhone from the front and back. The front and back are also protected.
Spigen Case Ultra Hybrid - Metal Slate
There is also a Spigen case for the large iPhone 6 for less than 10 EUR. This also offers all-round protection and only leaves the windscreen, controls, camera and flash free.

A welcome option: screen protector

Many also want a screen protector as an additional accessory for the new Apple smartphone. The tried-and-tested display film from mumbi, which has already served well for the old iPhone models, is actually ideal. You can also find these for little money on Amazon:


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