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Which is the best laptop for bloggersWhat technical equipment does he have to bring with him for travelers and digital nomads? The answers to these questions consist on the one hand of objectively assessable data and on the other hand of the personal sensitivities of the user. That's why I can't see you here the one perfect laptop introduce for bloggers. What I can do, however, is the idea of ​​various criteria that you should pay attention to and that such a laptop, notebook or netbook should bring. And on Blogging with the iPad I would also like to enter into this.

best laptop for bloggers
Which is the best laptop for bloggers? Or does an iPad do it too? Here you get the relevant input. Image source: Amazon

The first step: define personal requirements

Before you even go to the product search, you should first determine what the laptop should and should be able to do. If, in addition to just writing, you want to edit pictures, for example - and not just with the standard programs - then the performance should also be appropriate. If you also make videos and want to cut them and add effects, then you have to pay attention to the performance. In addition, the screen should then not be too small. A long battery life in combination with a low weight also pays off.

Here is a list of the individual factors:

  • Good performance for the upcoming tasks (text creation, image and video editing, internet work, multitasking)
  • Good size of the display, especially for long working hours and using several windows at the same time
  • Economical pack size and weight of the laptop for easy transport
  • Long battery life for work on the go (train, bus, plane, car, beach, etc.)
  • Good connectivity (WLAN, cellular network?, USB and jack connections, card reader, etc.)

Some laptops for bloggers presented

In the following I would like to introduce some models for mobile working. Of course, every device has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should first create the list described above for yourself and then check which laptop is best for it. In addition, the following laptops are not intended to be considered the best laptops for bloggers per se.

Acer Chromebook R11: Not the best, but good for writing

The Acer Chromebook R11 comes with pretty good reviews on Amazon. However, some users seem to have problems with the built-in microphone. So if you make a lot of calls via Skype or otherwise want to bring audio into the device, you should take a closer look here. However, if you mainly want to blog, then the device seems quite good to me. Although the display only measures 11,6 inches, it is 2 GHz CPU and the 4 GB of RAM ensure that you can create texts quickly and put them online. Images can also be edited. By the way, a card reader is integrated, which should be interesting considering the small memory of only 32 GB.

acer chromebook r 11
Image source: Amazon

In short: here comes a handy one Notebook with up to 8 hours of battery life and good performance, but which could have a larger display and a larger memory. If you want to take a picture for yourself, then you can do this here.

Lenovo 100S - 11IBY: Inexpensive, light and with a long battery life

If you're a savings fox blogger, this laptop will interest you. It is again an 11,6 inch model; the weight is only 1 kg. In addition, the price has just reached a low 187,16 euros. There are 1,3 GHz (1,83 GHz with Turbo) and 2 GB of RAM. Admittedly, this is nothing for video editing or other complex things, but creating texts and putting them online should work. In addition, there is a battery life of up to 8 hours. The operating system here is not Chrome, but Windows 10.

lenovo 100s 11iby
Image source: Amazon

In short: if you want to dust off a small, handy device at a low price and carry it everywhere for blogging, you will get your money's worth here. Another plus point: the screen is matt! From my own experience, I can tell you that a reflective display is often very annoying on the go. The device from Lenovo can be found here, by the way.

Lenovo Miix 310: Even smaller, but a tablet on request

The screen diagonal of this laptop is only 10,1 inches. Therefore, you should rather look for an alternative if you do not use an external monitor or projector and still want to work several hours a day. However, the advantages of the device are undeniable: The display can be detached from the keyboard as a tablet; There is a cellular version with 4 GB of RAM - and the weight is just 580 grams. Without cellular connectivity (LTE), the device is almost half the price.

lenovo miix 310
Image source: Amazon

In short: if you want to briefly capture your adventures every day, contribute a few pictures and manage your passive sources of income, the device is not bad for you. Mobility is ideal for everyone who wants to discover and write about new realms every week. All the details can be found here.

Mobile blogging with Apple devices

If you are already an Apple fan, you certainly don't need any further explanations on the subject. The advantages of Apple products lie in their performance and reliability. The mobile helpers are also not very difficult. The disadvantage lies in the sometimes poor compatibility of the system with some programs and, above all, in the price. If the Apple quality is worth the price to you, then you can, for example, a Apple MacBook Air use. In addition, is a iPad Pro or iPad pro mini conceivable - for copywriters, of course, in connection with an appropriate keyboard.

Alexis, for example, can tell you how blogging works from the iPad:

Helpful for the connectivity of the iPad on the go this card reader or this one Multifunction device. It could also be very helpful for all mobile bloggers this overview of airports with WiFi .

(Not quite optimal) personal experience with mobile texting

This year I have already written from three countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal) and in several localities there. My equipment is far from optimal, but it worked. I use an old one Lenovo G550 Laptop (big and heavy), and in order to be able to put it a little higher or at least further away when writing, I also use one Cherry KC 1000 keyboard (so far very reliable). If I stay somewhere for a longer period (this year: Madrid and Germany), I also pay for the organization of several windows HP Pavilion 22cw monitor for use. Personally, I don't use small devices, but I would recommend them to anyone who only works with text on one side.

Do you have any questions or suggestions on the topic? Then leave a comment!

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