The best Mac, iPhone and iPad apps for travel planning (including websites)

Planning the trip and / or vacation completely offline? Hardly anyone does that anymore; and if so, it costs an unnecessarily long time and probably more money. There is even a trend away from classic internet sites for booking, comparison and weather - towards specialized apps. In this guide I have listed which website or app for Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad is worthwhile for your travel planning. If you still know tips and programs that make planning and vacation easier, please leave a comment;)

Internet sites, web apps and mobile applications for travel planning and vacation. Plan your trip with iPhone, iPad and Mac - you will find the right providers here.
Internet sites, web apps and mobile applications for travel planning and vacation. Plan your trip with iPhone, iPad and Mac - you will find the right providers here.

Mac web apps and websites for travel

Let's start with useful websites and web apps for travel planning with the Apple Mac or on the go with the MacBook. With the various services you can use macOS to search for and book flights, check bus connections, buy train tickets and rent accommodation. There is something for every travel style - from hotel friends and jet setters to backpackers who prefer to surf on the couch.

Find flights, trains, buses and more

  • Skyscanner: Search, find and book cheap flights
  • Opodo: Book flights, hotels, package tours, rental cars and more
  • Idealo flight: Good prices for long-distance flights, open jaw flights and group travel
  • Long-distance buses: Comparison of long-distance buses and train lines in Germany / Europe
  • Flixbus: Long-distance bus travel from the most famous provider in Germany
  • The train: Search for train connections and information about individual lines
  • Marco Polo: Travel guide, train, bus, plane, taxi and other services

Book accommodation, rooms and couches

  • Trivago: Compare and book hotels
  • AirBnB: Apartments, private accommodation and rooms
  • Couchsurfing: Platform for travelers with free private rooms / beds
  • Check24 hotel: Hotel search
  • Booking : Hotels, but also flights, rental cars, etc.
  • Agoda: Hotels, resorts, hostels and other accommodations

Weather, beach, sea and waves

  • Weather: One of the many German weather sites for worldwide real-time data and forecasts
  • ventusky: Weather, wind, rain, waves and more worldwide with interactive maps (Ventusky contribution)
  • MagicSeaWeed: Forecasts, webcams and live data for surfers and swimmers
  • Surf forecast: Predictions, recommendations, maps, alarms and more for surfers
  • Wisuki: Wind and wave reports on certain spots - worldwide / li>

Navigation, sights and insider tips

  • TripAdvisor: Sights, activities, events and tips for the trip
  • Atlas Obscura (English): Insider tips, background information on extraordinary sights and obscure POIs
  • Couchsurfing: on the page linked above there are also tours, hikes and guided tours (free and from private)
  • Meetup: Meet with locals in groups and experience local life first hand
  • Lonely Planet: First class travel guides with very good tips
  • Travel know-how: Also very good travel guides with insider tips
  • National Geographic: In addition to documentation and reports, also interesting information for travelers

Mobile travel planning: iOS apps for iPhone and iPad

As you can see, the best thing to do with the Mac is to choose websites and their services. Because mostly there are no corresponding macOS apps that can be downloaded from the service provider, developer or from the Mac App Store. On the other hand, there are numerous iOS apps from the App Store for iPhone and iPad that are definitely beneficial for travel planning. Many of the programs listed below are from the services already mentioned above - but optimized for Apple mobile devices.

Find flights, trains, buses and more

  • Skyscanner apps: Applications for iPhone and iPad
  • Opodo: for iPhone and Apple Watch
  • FlixBus: Book buses using the app and display e-tickets
  • DB Navigator: The mobile platform of Deutsche Bahn
  • Who knows more / better apps for booking travel via app?

Book accommodation, rooms and couches

Weather, beach, sea and waves

  • ventusky: Weather, wind, rain and waves for iPhone and iPad
  • MSW Surf Forecast (MagicSeaWeed): Maps, forecasts and other data for surfers
  • Sherpa Surf Guide: Surf app specially designed for New Zealand
  • Canary Islands: Offline maps, GPS navigation, weather, beaches, hotels and more for the Canary Islands
  • Beach Explorer: Identify 1.500 species and finds on the beach - animals, plants, flotsam

Navigation, sights and insider tips

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Conclusion and your recommendations

If you look, you will find - this applies not only to travel apps and websites for booking and information services, but also to the right travel destination. If you still have thematically appropriate recommendations for websites, web apps and programs (for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.), please let us know! I look forward to your comments and wish you a lot of fun on your trip and vacation! ????

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