Domestic appliances

If you look at the development that some household appliances have made, then you have to be very amazed. When I was a child, you used to walk around the house with the Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner attached to a cable. Today, in many households, a robotic vacuum cleaner does the job. There is also news for washing machines and dryers, because my dryer from LG, for example, works very efficiently with one Heat pump.

All in all, one focus of many electrical appliances is on improving energy consumption. Fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners and many other devices work much more efficiently today than in the past.

In the case of hobs, induction plates are increasingly found, which use magnetic fields to heat pots and pans without heating the plate itself. All these innovations are very welcome, as they usually not only save energy, but also make working around the house more convenient.

Household appliances include many exciting, technical innovations, such as heat pump dryers, vacuum robots or induction cookers (Photo: Pixabay).
Household appliances include many exciting, technical innovations, such as heat pump dryers, vacuum robots or induction cookers (Photo: Pixabay).

Overview of household and electrical appliances

In the individual device categories, I would like to go into the bestsellers in each category. For this reason you will first find a list of all devices that I would like to introduce here.

Washing Machines

  • Front loaders
  • toploader
  • washer dryer
  • Undercounter washing machines
  • Built-in washing machines


Laundry care

  • sewing machines
  • Iron
  • Ironing boards
  • ironing board covers
  • Clothes horse
  • Laundry collector
  • laundry net
  • clothes dryers


  • Fridge-freezers
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Built-in refrigerators
  • Upright refrigerators
  • Undercounter refrigerators
  • Retro fridges
  • Mini fridges
  • Beverage refrigerators
  • wine Coolers
  • coolers
  • Refrigerator with ice cube dispenser without permanent water connection

coffee makers

  • Coffee machines
  • capsule machines
  • Portafilter machines
  • Filter coffee makers
  • Coffee machines with grinder
  • Coffee pad machines
  • Installation Kaffeevollautomaten
  • espresso Maker
  • coffee Grinders

Vacuum cleaner

  • Cordless vacuum cleaners
  • ash vacuum cleaner
  • robotic vacuum
  • bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Canister
  • Handstaubsauger
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner
  • carpet cleaner
  • Waschsauger
  • window sucker
  • steam cleaners
  • wet vacuum cleaner
  • Car vacuum cleaner
  • USB vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum robot with wiping function
  • Vacuum cleaner with a water filter

Small kitchen appliances

The term “small kitchen appliances” includes everything that you can easily carry away. For example, you will also find LED kettles, table grills and the like in this section. Theoretically, I could have also included the vacuum cleaners and coffee machines here, but there are so many different types of vacuum cleaners and coffee machines that the division here provides a better overview.

Measuring devices

Of course, you also need a few devices in the household with which you can measure electricity, cables, tire pressure, weight or length. As a rule, accuracy is not required here as in the laboratory, but today's measuring instruments are still surprisingly accurate.


In summer it is almost unbearable without them: Fans ensure air movement in the room, can bring fresh air in from outside or even distribute air in the house. The following list shows which manufacturers and designs are available for fans.

  • Brandson fans
  • Dyson fans
    • Dyson fan AM07
    • Dyson fan air purifier
  • Rowenta fan
  • Xiaomi fan
  • Honeywell fan
  • Helios fan
  • Silvercrest fan
  • Klarstein fan
  • Koenic fan
  • Makita fan
  • Blauberg fan
  • Vornado fan
  • AEG fan
  • Fakir fan
  • Unold fan
  • Philips fan
  • Trotec fan
  • Quigg fan
  • Alaska fan
  • CasaFan fans

fan types

  • Standventilator
  • table fan
  • centrifugal fan
  • Axial fan
  • tower fan
  • ceiling fan
  • stationary fan
  • stand fan
  • Outdoor ceiling fan
  • centrifugal fan
  • Mini Vantial
  • fan silent
  • Ceiling light with fan
  • fan with water
  • Water-cooled fan
  • USB Fan
  • USB-C fan
  • fan lamp
  • solar fan
  • Battery fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Fan with cooling
  • Fan with cooling function
  • Fireplace fan
  • Fan with remote control
  • Amazon remote control
  • LED ceiling light with fan
  • 12V fan
  • car fan
  • small fan
  • fan with light
  • Wall mounted fan
  • tower fan
  • Mini fan USB
  • Barn Fan
  • Fan without rotor
  • rotorless fan
  • stovepipe fan
  • 12V fan camper silent
  • Bathroom fan
  • bathroom fan
  • window fan
  • oscillation fan
  • Retro fan
  • neck fan
  • Hanging fan
  • camping fan
  • Design fan
  • fan wood
  • fan big
  • fan floor
  • cell phone fan
  • Radiator Fan / Radiator Fan

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