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Ceiling fans - the bestsellers at a glance

When buying a ceiling fan, many think of hot summer days and a cheap alternative to air conditioning. Who knows how, the ceiling fan can be used sensibly all year round, because the proper operation in winter heating costs can also be saved. This information and other tips for purchasing and operating ceiling fans can be found in this article.

If you want to find a good fan quickly, then the following list of the top 10 bestsellers on Amazon will certainly be of interest to you:

The Amazon bestsellers

58,53 EURBestseller no. 1
132 cm ceiling fan Bendan 72557 with single light and five blades, version in...
  • Contemporary 132 cm interior ceiling fan in satin chrome for rooms over 25 square meters
  • Five Wengue-colored wings, light with opaline milk glass incl. 80 Watt light bulb with R7 socket, suitable for LED
  • Remote control with three speed levels, on/off switch for the fan and on/off switch for the...
3,00 EURBestseller no. 2
Mobile ceiling fan with plug and switch, 220V-240V / 5 Watt, Ø40 cm Portable ceiling -...
  • The Bestlivings ceiling fan has a total diameter of 40 cm and a quiet, energy-saving 5 watt motor. Through...
  • Perfect for at home, in the garden, in the pavilion or even when camping, for example. in a caravan or mobile home. Through the...
  • The mobile hanging fan is ideal for holidays because it is easy to store, the blades can be opened in just a few...
14,00 EURBestseller no. 3
Quiet ceiling fan with lighting, modern LED dimmable ceiling lighting with fan, ...
  • Ceiling fan with lighting: fan lights made of metal, acrylic and transparent ABS, 5 models are available...
  • Dimmable ceiling light/fan: light color and brightness, remote control, continuous color adjustment from 2800K to 7000K,...
  • Fan light with adjustable speed: With 6 gears of the cooling speed control function, you can ...
50,60 EURBestseller no. 4
Bestron DT48C quiet ceiling fan with large blade span of Ø120cm, with 3...
  • Quiet (max. 46,90 dB(A)) ceiling fan with a large blade span for a pleasant and quiet...
  • Choice of 3 speeds on the pull chain switch, indirect/direct air flow adjustable on the device - ideal for ...
  • Timeless design and high-quality workmanship - suitable for every furnishing style
10,00 EURBestseller no. 5
CREATE / WINDCALM DC / ceiling fan lighting and remote control / black base with dark...
  • ❄️ | 6 SPEEDS | 153*15mm copper DC motor, even more efficient in...
  • 🔇 | SILENCE | Lightweight, with an aluminum body and ultra-light wooden blades that ensure silent operation...
  • ⏲️ | PROGRAMMABLE FROM 1 TO 8 hrs | It has a remote control and a programmable timer from 1 to 8...
Bestseller no. 6
Ceiling light with fan, quiet, white, ceiling fan with lighting, app and remote control;...
  • Function: ceiling fan with lighting, with remote control, APP, dimmable (adjustable light colour/brightness),...
  • Dimmable: Intelligent LED technology, you can freely set the light color via the remote control or APP, 3 ...
  • Quiet ceiling fan: frequency conversion motor, low noise when working, including 6 gears that work in the ...
Bestseller no. 7
Ceiling fan with lighting and remote control, modern LED dimmable ceiling light with ...
43 Reviews
Ceiling fan with lighting and remote control, modern LED dimmable ceiling light with ...
  • Multifunctional ceiling fan with lighting: The ceiling light with fan is the perfect combination of...
  • Ceiling lamp with fan: highly transparent acrylic lampshade and the fan blades are made of durable ...
  • Intelligent LED light source: ceiling fans with lighting uses new LED lens light source, ...
Bestseller no. 8
Bestron ceiling fan with remote control, summer & winter mode, 4 fan blades, Ø 101 cm,...
  • Ceiling fan with an optimal blade span for a pleasant and quiet air circulation in living and...
  • Handy remote control: choice of 3 speeds, switching the ventilation on and off, indirect/direct air flow...
  • Timeless design and high-quality workmanship - suitable for every furnishing style, 4 reversible...
14,51 EURBestseller no. 9
Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan, 7826440, Gloss Iron
  • The traditional 105 cm ceiling fan in iron design is ideal for large rooms up to 20 square meters
  • Five reversible sashes optionally in a walnut or cherry look
  • Can be used with remote control
36,25 EURBestseller no. 10
Wooden 132cm ceiling fan with LED lighting and remote control, Ovlaim IP44 Outdoor...
58 Reviews
Wooden 132cm ceiling fan with LED lighting and remote control, Ovlaim IP44 Outdoor...
  • 【Stylish design】 The ceiling fan blades are made of natural wood and their design can be a ...
  • 【Ultra Quiet DC Motor】 The energy-saving DC motor offers powerful air movement and quiet performance at ...
  • 【Reverse function】 The ceiling fan cools in summer and ensures a comfortable indoor climate in winter. It ensures...


Use the ceiling fan on hot days

An air conditioner can cool a room in a very short time, but it has some disadvantages. The change from the air-conditioned room to the heat triggers circulatory problems in many people. Coming sweaty into an air-conditioned room can trigger severe colds. A ceiling fan has fewer follow-up costs and fewer risks and still cools the room. It distributes the air evenly without creating a strong air flow. In winter, the ceiling fan ensures that the heated air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

Use the ceiling fan on cold days

In the cold season, the ceiling fan simply runs backwards, preventing warm air from collecting under the ceiling. Due to the air circulation, the heat is distributed in the room, which can save a good part of the heating costs. Reverse is for winter and draws air from below towards the fan. Not all fan models offer the possibility to change the running direction. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to this feature when purchasing.


Special types?

  • Ceiling fan with light
  • Ceiling fan without lighting but with remote control
  • Ceiling fan with light and remote control, silent (for bedrooms)
  • Ceiling fan with remote control
  • Westinghouse ceiling fan
  • Ceiling fan silent
  • Ceiling fan test
  • ceiling fan lamp
  • Ceiling fan without blades
  • Outdoor ceiling fan
  • Ceiling fan wood
  • LED ceiling fan
  • Ceiling fan with no light
  • Ceiling fan modern
  • Ceiling fan flat
  • White ceiling fan

The ceiling fan should match the room size

The fan can only work optimally if it fits the room size. It is important to know how many cubic meters the room has. Many manufacturers only work with the specification of the square meters of a room. The cubic meters are calculated using the formula: length x height x width. With this result, the air exchange rate can be determined.

What is the air exchange rate?

The air exchange rate in air purifiers or Fans indicates how often the air in the room is changed per hour. In the case of a fan, one actually speaks of air circulation rather than air exchange. For a living space, the recommendation is 1 to 1,5 times per hour.

Where is a ceiling fan best installed on the ceiling?

As a rule, the ceiling fan is placed in the middle of the room. Depending on the shape and size of the room, it may be better to use two fans and distribute them in a very large room. You should avoid placing the fan close to a wall, otherwise a strong air flow will form at this point, but other areas of the room will hardly be affected by the air circulation.

A ceiling fan with LEDs provides the right lighting and can provide a fresh breeze in summer thanks to the large rotor blades, even with just a few revolutions (Photo: Unsplash).
A ceiling fan with LED provides the right lighting and can provide a fresh breeze in summer thanks to the large rotor blades, even with just a few revolutions (Photo: Unsplash).

What size should the fan be?

Of course, the size depends on the size and height of the room. A room of up to 20 square meters - which, for example, has the dimensions 4 × 5 m - can be a small kitchen, a children's room or a bedroom. With such a footprint, the diameter of the ceiling fan should be between 76 and 122 inches.

A room of 20 to 30 square meters should have a ceiling fan with a diameter of 122 to 132 cm.

An even larger room of 30 to 40 square meters should be equipped with a ceiling fan with a diameter of 132 cm.

In old buildings or other rooms with high ceilings, it is better to use a larger diameter, as the height of the room reduces the noticeable draft.

How loud is a ceiling fan?

The volume or the resonance noises depend on how well the assembly was carried out. When screws loosen, rattling noises can quickly occur. Even if the rotor blades of the fan are not balanced, there will be vibrations from the rotation.

As a rule of thumb, larger rotors can run at lower RPM to move the same amount of air. A slower speed usually also affects the noise level, so buying larger fans is often not a mistake. If you can control the speed, these devices can also be used sensibly in smaller rooms and generate less noise than smaller devices.

How many blades should the ceiling fan have?

There are models with 3, 4 or 5 blades. The 5-wing aircraft are the most popular models. Their advantage is that they can circulate more air with each rotation than devices with fewer blades. Their disadvantage is that they often generate more noise. However, wind noise can be reduced by reducing the angle of attack of the rotor blades.

Benefits of a ceiling fan

  • lower heating costs in winter
  • low operating costs
  • affects the whole room
  • long-term guarantees on the engine
  • usually easy to assemble
  • hardly any maintenance required
  • visual enhancement of the room
  • some models can be combined with lighting
  • cheaper than air conditioning
  • environmentally friendly method of room air conditioning

The cons of a ceiling fan

  • constant presence in the room
  • cannot be mounted on all ceilings
  • Minimum room height required
  • more expensive than a pedestal fan

What equipment should you pay attention to?

  • Forward and reverse adjustable
  • Angle of attack of the rotor blades adjustable
  • an air exchange rate of 1 to 1,5 times per hour
  • choose the right diameter for the room
  • multiple speed levels


If the conditions are right, such as sufficient room height and a suitable ceiling, a ceiling fan is a great way to positively influence the room temperature both in summer and in winter. Once you've had a ceiling fan, you won't want to be without it again. Also perfect for pet owners, as the animals get used to it quickly and are not afraid, but also cannot lie down in the air flow.

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