In the test: digital air pressure gauges for bicycles

I was looking for an air pressure meter for my electric unicycle, with which I can briefly check the current tire pressure. In principle, I can do that too my electric battery air pump (highly recommended!), but a dedicated and more precise device should be of particular interest to the cyclists among us. For this reason I took a look around what the market was offering here.

Test of tire pressure gauges in the bike magazine

A few years ago, the bike magazine took a close look at four tire pressure gauges and, in principle, determined two test winners:

  1. Schwalbe Airmax Pro
  2. SKS Airchecker

In the test, the Schwalbe air pressure tester was still ahead of the curve, but in the meantime SKS has launched a second generation of the Airchecker on the market, which has resolved all the criticisms of the predecessor.

My personal favorite is the SKS Airchecker - a tire pressure tester with an illuminated digital display and solid construction (Photo: Amazon).
My personal favorite is the SKS Airchecker - a tire pressure tester with an illuminated digital display and solid construction (Photo: Amazon).

There are of course a number of other devices, but some of them are quite clunky, have greatly deviating and changeable measurement results according to customer reviews on Amazon or fall through my grid for other reasons. I would therefore like to focus on the two digital tire pressure testers from Schwalbe and SKS, both of which are for bicycles and of course also for mine electric unicycles function.

Schwalbe Airmax Pro - rickety processed

The processing of the Schwalbe Airmax Pro was already described as slightly rickety and cheap in the test and I think you can see that in the product photos. From my point of view, it doesn't help that it is the best-selling air pressure tester on the German market.

However, everything seems to be ok with regard to the measurement accuracy and the loss of air caused by attaching the air pressure gauge. So if you are looking for a tire pressure tester for little money and with practical functions, you should be happy with the device from Schwalbe.

Schwalbe CVM173 Airmax Pro air pressure gauge, blue, one size,
  • Measures pressure up to a maximum of 11 bar and is suitable for Schrader and Sclaverand valves.
  • The air pressure measurement also works with the classic bicycle valve, but only in connection with the Schwalbe ...

SKS Airchecker - great 2nd generation

If you read the reviews on Amazon SKS Airchecker, you should be aware that they very often rate the 1st generation of the device. There was indeed still room for improvement here. In the test of the bicycle magazine, the testers also took a close look at the first version of the SKS Airchecker. The main point of criticism with this model was that you lose some air when you plug the device into the valve and then loosen it again.

With the second generation of the SKS Airchecker, this problem and other points of criticism seem to have been successfully resolved, because it now earns many 5-star ratings. In my opinion, this is the best device in the review. At just under 30 euros, it is noticeably higher than the Schwalbe model, but the good workmanship and practical operation would be worth the money to me.

SKS GERMANY AIRCHECKER ( AV / SV ) 2nd generation compressed air tester for bicycles (high...
  • Product 1: The values ​​of the air pressure meter can be read due to the illuminated, large display and the ...
  • Product 1: In addition to the soft plastic components on the sides, which ensure a pleasant, non-slip feel, ...
  • Product 1: The pressure release function of the air pressure gauge enables permanent real-time measurement, which means that the SKS ...

My conclusion

In summary, I would say that you can't go wrong with either device. The fact that they were in the test field of a bicycle magazine already shows that both tire pressure testers do their job in practice. They are both battery operated and have a digital display. The SKS Airchecker has a display with a backlight for this, which may be a decisive criterion for some people.

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