LED lantern stick for children - my recommendation

It is autumn - Martin's Day, autumn festivals, hikes in the twilight, Halloween and much more are coming up. What goes better with all of this than a lantern that you can walk with and that goes with you! If you are still looking for the right lantern stick with LED for children and their lantern, then I have a good recommendation for you: a set of 6that has 90% 5-star ratings on Amazon as well as those with it compatible batteries. Why is it worth buying for parents even with only one or two children, what advantages an LED lantern has when moving to St. Martin and what else you should know, I have summarized it for you here.

Are you looking for a lantern stick with LED for children, with which the lantern lights up for a long time on Martin's Day or Halloween? Then go with this lantern, and it goes with you;) Image: Keten / Amazon
Are you looking for a lantern stick with LED for children, with which the lantern lights up for a long time on Martin's Day or Halloween? Then go with this lantern, and it goes with you;) Image: Keten / Amazon

Lantern with LED including lantern stick

The LED lantern stick for children is safe and easy to use. Even if the light-emitting diode encased in synthetic resin lies directly on the paper of the lantern, nothing can happen. In addition, energy-saving LEDs light up much longer than conventional lantern lamps with tungsten filaments. For the complete children's lantern with LED light, of course, you also need the lantern or a lantern itself - i.e. the colored paper, with or without a motif. I have linked a couple of examples below. But first of all, here is my recommendation, if you are still looking and want to buy a lantern stick with LED in the near future:

Set of 6 lantern stick with LED light source
This set includes 6 lantern sticks with LED lighting. The light glows permanently in a warm white. On and off switch is placed on the handle. Attention: Delivery without AA batteries.
Set of 20 AA batteries for the light stick
You need 2x AA batteries per light stick. This set contains 20 batteries from GP Batteries (brand).

Advantages of the lantern stick with LED

Compared to conventional light sources in lanterns - such as small light bulbs with tungsten filaments - LEDs have numerous advantages. Here is an overview of the most important advantages of LED lanterns compared to "old" models:

  • LEDs are more energy efficient and therefore light up longer
  • Light-emitting diodes do not get darker so quickly and save batteries
  • An LED does not get hot, so the paper lantern is also safe if the lamp rests directly on the paper
  • The LEDs on the shown lantern stick with LED for children are encased in synthetic resin, which is more shatterproof than glass
  • With this safe product, you can let your children go out on their own on Martin's Day or Halloween, if necessary

Why a set of 6 is definitely worth it

I can reassure anyone who thinks that a set of 6 lantern sticks is too much. Because if you have one or two spare lanterns with you from the set, you can make yourself popular as parents not only with your own children. If, for example, other children's lanterns fail (or fall apart due to poor workmanship), you can save them and especially their parents a lot of stress and tears by giving them something from the set and the battery magazine;) 

In addition, you can also ask in the day care center, elementary school, club or community whether you simply want to buy a few sets as a bulk order. Especially if you have a Prime account, you can secure the lantern move in a timely manner. As a plus product, Amazon also offers matching lantern lanterns (see below);)

Customer ratings and reviews on Amazon

The lantern stick with LED for children, which I recommended to you above, currently has 10 customer reviews, nine of which have 5 stars (as of October 22, 2018). There is also a 1-star rating. But this is based on false expectations. Among other things, the light was judged to be brighter and the staff thought they were longer. The length is indicated on the product images on Amazon: the rod measures 16 inches (40,64 cm) and the cable with light source measures 3,5 inches (8,89 cm). The other reviews are positive. Here's an example:

I ordered these lantern sticks for the upcoming lantern parade in the daycare center. It was important to me that it was an LED and of course also suitable for (small) children. Hence my choice of this set. I am fully satisfied with it and will then be used in November. In the event that a stick breaks, there are several in the set. [...] But the fact that there is NO hook at the top of the rod but a ring is very well thought out! Because this way the lantern cannot fall off the rod while swinging, that was also the main reason why I chose this set here.

And here's a shorter example:

Fast delivery. Good, narrow packaging can be stowed away to save space. Looks optically as shown. I find the lantern stick to be very light in weight, therefore very suitable for small children. Works flawlessly, so I recommend it.

Chinese lanterns and lanterns for the move

For the lantern parade, the lantern parade or the light wandering, you of course also need the right lanterns in which you hang the light and which you attach to the rod. As already noted in the above customer review, hanging on the lantern sticks shown is particularly safe because they have no hook, but a ring from which the lantern cannot fall out.

Here are a few examples of inexpensive but beautiful lanterns and lanterns for children, which you can order directly with the lantern sticks and batteries in the package:

Conclusion on the lantern with LED light

It doesn't matter whether you say lantern, lampion or bag of lights - a lantern stick with LED for children not only lights up energy-savingly from Halloween to the Martin parade, but the whole affair is also safer. Have you had any experience with the products shown or can you report a test of an alternative? Then please send me a message about LED lanterns or LED lanterns. I wish you happy lights! And always remember: If the lantern is out, then it's time to go home!

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