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It sounds good: a power bank with solar panels that keeps charging itself. And yes, there are such devices. Amazingly, some also have good reviews, but when you read through them, you quickly realize that the reviews have been traded for a free product. And in some cases, users are honest enough to write that the solar cells on the power bank are more decorative than actually charging the power bank's battery.

With some solar battery storage systems, there is a distribution of ratings that makes one suspect immediately: Lots of 5-star ratings and some 1-star ratings are not a "normal" distribution. And accordingly I also found what I was looking for, including fake reviews.
With some solar battery storage systems you will find a distribution of the ratings that makes you suspect: A lot of 5-star ratings and a few 1-star ratings are not a “normal” distribution. And accordingly I also found that there are probably fake reviews among them.

Why normal solar power banks are not for “powerless areas”.

I think, due to the capacity of the power bank, which is usually between 10.000 and 20.000 mAh, and the size of the solar cells, you can calculate that charging should take a very, very long time.

For this reason, my recommendation is to only buy such a solar power bank if you can access a power supply from time to time in order to “properly” charge it. From my point of view, the solar charging function can only be used on the side, in order to "refill" it over many hours or a few days after use.

The alternative: large USB solar panel and additional power bank

Someone who seriously wants to charge their cell phone or tablet with solar cells and a power bank and who has no power grid within reach for several days should choose the following - significantly more powerful alternative: a larger, foldable solar cell that has several USB outputs and that an independent power bank that can be charged with the solar panel.

Much more effective than normal solar power banks: the Big Blue solar charger in conjunction with your own power bank (source: Amazon).
Much more effective than normal solar power banks: the Big Blue solar charger in conjunction with your own power bank (source: Amazon).

The company Big Blue offers a very interesting product here: A 28 watt solar charger that can be opened and attached to a backpack or similar with eyelets. Due to the much larger area and the efficient solar cells, you even have charging currents between 2 and 4,8 when the sun is shining brightly Ampere. None of the small solar power banks can do that.

It is also helpful that you have three USB outputs on the solar panel, which distribute the electricity evenly through an electronic control. So you can charge your power bank as well as a smartphone or tablet at the same time.

So my personal recommendation would be a combination of these two products: That Big Blue Solar Charger and the 26800 mAH strong RAVPower power bank. Both extremely well-rated products that can only be recommended.

10,01 EUR
BigBlue 28W Portable Solar Charger 2-Port USB (5V/4A total), IPX4, Solar Panel with Digital...
  • Built-in ammeter and chip: The product has a digital ammeter that shows the amount of amps and a ...
  • Wide Compatibility: A dedicated TYPE-C cable for almost all Android devices and some of the DSLRs. You need...
  • Safe Charge: Put your cellphone in the zippered pocket, keep it safe and clean. Ideal for...

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Bestseller of the power banks with integrated solar charging function

If you also want to do without the "professional version" with the foldable solar panels and prefer something small and compact, you can take a look at the current bestsellers of the corresponding power banks with solar function here. The list is compiled fresh every day and shows you the most frequently sold products from Amazon.

12,00 EURBestseller no. 10

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