Casio A158WEA-1EF - the 80s retro men's wristwatch

The Casio A158WEA-1EF is a model of the Casio Vintage series, in which wristwatches from the 80s were reissued. And what can you say: The series is extremely successful, because the old Casio watches were reliable companions for women and men even back then and were able to convince with a number of features:

  • stainless steel bracelet
  • alarm function
  • stopwatch
  • Date and day of the week display
  • Lighting
  • waterproof up to 3 bar
  • practical folding clasp

With its classic and elegant design, the Casio A158WEA-1EF retro digital watch is timeless and actually suitable for both men's and women's wrists. If you want to buy it, you will find the Casio men's wristwatch here on amazon.

4,69 EUR
Casio Men's Wristwatch Collection A158WEA-1EF
  • Display type: digital
  • Case: 33 x 37 mm, height: 8,2 mm
  • Functions: date, day of the week, stop function

Find the Casio A158WEA-1EF on Amazon

Almost 4000 top reviews on Amazon

The Casio A158WEA-1EF has on Amazon lots of good reviews received and is showered with hymns of praise. Of course, there are also a few bad reviews that criticize the quality, but with a purchase price of almost 30 euros, you shouldn't expect the processing quality of a 150-euro watch.

The Casio A158WEA-1EF impresses with its simple design and its incomparable 80s retro look (Photo: Amazon).

The Casio A158WEA-1EF impresses with its simple design and its incomparable 80s retro look (Photo: Amazon).

So that you know that you are not buying scrap, I would like to introduce some particularly nice reviews:

The watch is incredibly beautiful, especially for people who are into retro / vintage products. The brown accents on the display in particular give this watch its unmistakable retro style.

Or this one:

I wanted a watch for vacation that was relatively robust and would not weigh too much, even if it was lost during exercise or theft. I now wear the watch very often in everyday life. It's light and has a retro charm.

Or this:

I really like the retro feeling with this watch, it is very easy to use and the stopwatch function is very helpful every now and then. The bracelet can be opened, closed and changed in length with ease.

You can see: who has the charm of 80s digital watches loves, he will surely be happy with the Casio A158WEA-1EF.

FAQs for the Casio A158WEA-1EF

Is the watch waterproof?

Yes, up to a pressure of 3 bar. This is usually enough for showering, but if you want to swap more deeply in the swimming pool, you should take off your watch beforehand.

What color does the watch light up?

The display is illuminated by a green LED. However, it is not illuminated from the entire background.

Can the beeping of the stopwatch be stopped?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Is the display covered with glass?

No, the display is covered with an acrylic sheet. However, this is not as prone to scratches as you might think.

Are the specifications stuck on the display?

No, the white lettering is permanently printed and cannot be removed.

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