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Bike Citizens app

The Bike Citizens app has been a favorite bike navigation software for many cyclists around the world for several years. It doesn't matter whether you're traveling in Europe or elsewhere and whether you're on a racing bike or a trekking bike: the many functions of the Bike Citizens app help with every bike tour - or simply on the way to the next bakery.

According to Bike Citizens, their app has managed to be the best app for the cycling experience. With every update - and there are quite a few of them every year - the app is fine-tuned. It is now very quick to use and runs very reliably on the iPhone.

Of course, the app is also available for Android smartphones, which is why I am listing the links to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store here:

The Bike Citizens app offers these functions

  • Recording function: With the recording, driven routes and data such as speed and driving time can be saved.
  • Heatmap: Driven routes can be displayed as a heatmap.
  • Exploration tours: If you wish, the Bike Citizens app will suggest ready-made bike tours on which you can explore a city and its sights. The creation of these tours is supported by the tourism departments of the cities - perfect for city breaks.
  • Offline operation: Once you have installed the maps in the app, you can plan routes and navigate without an internet connection.
  • POIs along the route: Information about sights and other cultural points is given during the journey. Of course, one can also find ATMs, cafes and other important addresses.
  • Navigation for events: The app also shows you supported events and leads you to the various locations at festivals or other events - even if these are only available temporarily.
  • Available worldwide: The Bike Citizens app is now available for over 450 cities in Europe, Australia and the USA.
  • Relaxed paths: The app is optimized in such a way that it takes you to your destination via bike paths, through the countryside or on side roads. Main roads with heavy traffic are avoided.
The screenshots of the Bike Citizens app show how nice the user interface is. By the way, the maps are based on OpenStreetmap.
The screenshots of the Bike Citizens app show how nice the user interface is. The maps are based on OpenStreetMap.

Why is Bike Citizens a special app for cyclists

Your profile in the Bike Citizens app is an important tool for every user of the app. Here you can see your profile, your detailed journeys, the overview of your activities and the heatmap in detail. Your unlocked achievements and badges are also displayed here.

In the Plaza of the Bike Citizens app you will find information on cycling issues and events in your region, such as bike-to-work campaigns, petitions, magazine articles and social media feeds. You can individually define your area from ten kilometers to the whole world.

Heatmaps are a premium feature only paid users get (Photo: Bike Citizens).
Heatmaps are a premium feature only paid users get (Photo: Bike Citizens).

Bike Citizens is free - with additional premium functions

The app is free and that gets loud Bike Citizens stay that way. To ensure that money is still available for employees and app development, there are some premium functions that users can book.

  • Multi stop routing
  • Tagging
  • audio navigation
  • custom high-resolution heatmap
  • Map download for offline use
  • more will come

However, there is an area of ​​seven kilometers around the user's location, in which one can use all premium functions for free.

No account requirement

Anyone who downloads the Bike Citizens app can start planning and navigating right away. No registration, no in-app ads, or even a subscription is required.

How much does Premium in the Bike Citizens app cost?

Premium membership costs EUR 3,50 per month or EUR 28 for an annual subscription. There are no geographic restrictions: Those who have booked Premium can use it worldwide.

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