Until June 15th: NordVPN with 60% discount and free antivirus function (Sponsor)

Surely you already know NordVPN and some of the advantages of this VPN provider. For example the more than 5.500 servers worldwide, the various protocols for the Virtual Private Network, the use of a subscription on up to six devices and so on. Now there is a new offer that runs until June 15, 2022: NordVPN for two years with a 60% discount and free antivirus protection. In addition to malware, the use of the new threat protection function also stops trackers and advertising. The monthly price for the campaign period of two years is just 2,89 euros.

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With the promotional link from this post, you can get NordVPN with a 15% discount and free antivirus software until June 2022, 60. So you only pay 2,89 euros for two years for more data security and anonymity on the Internet.
With the action link from this post you can get NordVPN with a 15% discount and free antivirus function until June 2022, 60. So you only pay 2,89 euros for two years for more data security and anonymity on the Internet.

NordVPN - Redirect web requests in 60+ countries

If you are looking for a fast VPN for streaming, downloading, and other high-bandwidth online activities, check out NordVPN. Not only because of the currently low price of only 2,89 euros per month. But also because of the more than 5.500 servers in over 60 countries worldwide. You can use this to redirect your own data traffic with different VPN protocols and thus hide your own IP, web history and other information from data octopuses. Up to six devices can be equipped with one license - whether macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, iPadOS or Android on smartphones, tablets and TV. There are also extensions for Browser like Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Data security and safe web surfing thanks to NordVPN

Your own data security is protected with either the OpenVPN, IKEv2 or WireGuard protocols as well as with 256-bit AES encryption. NordVPN also highlights its no-log policy. This means that the VPN provider does not keep any records of the use of its service. These many mechanisms and functions for data security on the Internet are supplemented with further features - in the current offer, for example, with an antivirus function. In addition to viruses (which hardly pose a threat nowadays) also modern malware, for example on websites, in e-mail attachments and in downloads. It also stops trackers and blocks ads, making the web experience even better.

Streaming with NordVPN: Geo-restricted services and more

In addition to anonymous and fast web surfing, NordVPN can also be used to stream media. During vacation or business trip abroad, you can redirect your data traffic via German servers to simulate a stay in Germany and continue to use the local subscriptions. Conversely, you can also simulate a location in another country by hiding the IP address in order to take advantage of the streaming offers there or better prices for streaming services. Hotel bookings, flights, rental cars and products in online shops are sometimes cheaper elsewhere.

NordVPN for two years with 60% discount + antivirus feature

The current deal, thanks to which you can get NordVPN for two years for just €2,89 a month, only lasts until June 15, 2022. To the campaign page with the booking options as well as further data and product details you come via this link. For the VPN with the new anti-malware feature, you pay less than 70 euros during the two-year campaign. This is very cheap considering the benefits to data protection and online privacy. In addition, the price can be recovered if you z. B. exchange the German streaming subscription for one in India. There the costs for the 4K subscription are still below the local SD offer.

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