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Bits and so is a podcast that is recorded weekly by Timo Hetzel and his crew. The individual episodes deal with Apple topics, the Mac, various applications and suitable peripherals as well as other nerd topics. The most varied of gadgets and solutions for all kinds of problems have already been shown in the already over 530 episodes. I can only recommend the Bits and such podcast to you - even if it tends to drag on. This is at least ideal for longer car, bus or train journeys. In any case, I always hear it when I'm out in the car and so, despite the many short journeys, I gradually listen to each episode. ;)

The Bits und so podcast keeps me up to date on all things Apple, Mac, gadgets and technology solutions every week.

The Bits und so podcast keeps me up to date on all things Apple, Mac, gadgets and technology solutions every week.

Bits and so: podcast presentation at Sir Apfelot

The basic offer of the podcast around its mastermind Timo Hetzel consists of a weekly update on Apple and Mac topics, which meanwhile also extend to mobile topics such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. In addition, there are individual gadgets or gimmicks in each episode that can be used either alone or in conjunction with macOS, iOS, watchOS or tvOS. In addition, developments and future developments are considered, and solutions and tips for technical problems are presented.

A personal highlight for me is always the headphone pick, which is reliably presented by Basti in almost every episode. I don't know exactly what he does for a living, but I think a certain "addictive potential" for headphones already seems to exist here, because otherwise I can't explain to myself how you can use so many headphones. : D Thanks to Basti: Nice advice - I finally got the Bose QC35! ;)

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Bits and such plus: even more content

Under the name of Bits and so plus a paid subscription to the podcast is offered. In addition to the pure audio stream of the main show, plus users also have the video podcast with preshow and aftershow, which are recorded with each episode. The magazine is also financed through merchandise and sponsoring. The individual sponsors receive a banner on the podcast website, and individual offers are listed in the information for each episode. In addition, the episode info contains all the individual topics, the speakers and their topics, as well as the content of the pre- and after-show.

I haven't clicked "Bits and So Plus" myself, because I'm more into audio podcasts and already have enough to listen to. But maybe I'll get in touch as a sponsor, because I've been entertained with the podcast for many hours in the car. I feel the need to give something back ...

The app

In addition to everything already mentioned, there is also a Bits and so app, on iTunes of course for iOS available for download on iPhone. With the app you can listen to the audio podcasts and access the plus content. A good addition to the podcast offer in iTunes, the updates via RSS feed and the Videos on YouTube. Speaking of YouTube; here is an example of a clip of bits and so:

Why you should listen

If you are interested in Apple topics and news from the world of technology, then the Bits und so podcast is just right for you. When you listen to it for the first time, you will surely notice that Timo Hetzel and his team have not only been producing audio recordings since yesterday, but have managed to do it quite well. So you stay up to date with the latest Mac, iPhone, gadgets and tech news in the best audio quality every week. And gradually you get to know the individual "participants", which increases the entertainment potential even more.

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