[Update] Black Friday & Cyber ​​Week Deals 2021 - my (almost) complete list

Black Friday deals 2020

Like last year, I am making a list again this year with a collection of all Black Friday deals that are trickling into me. Since many retailers are now rushing to Cyber ​​Monday and also invoke Cyber ​​Week or Black Friday Week 2021 to bring offers to the people, I am simply summarizing everything here that somehow fits into this framework. However, I would like to concentrate on the offers that are actually exciting. Just because there is some non-name charging cable one euro cheaper again, I won't waste your time updating the list. If there is actually something good and cheap, I will enter it here.

Don't read for a long time? Here directly to the current updates of the list!

Black Friday is November 2021th, 26.11, but retailers are still putting out offers long before the shopping event (graphic: Sir Apfelot).

Black Friday is November 2021th, 26.11, but retailers are still putting out offers long before the shopping event (graphic: Sir Apfelot).

The new offers are always added to the top of the list so that you can check in more often and see directly whether something has happened. If available, I also write the time in which the corresponding Black Friday deal is valid. If nothing is mentioned, you can assume that the deal is effective immediately and will be available through Black Friday inclusive.

When is Black Friday 2021?

The actual Black Friday is this year - on a Friday! No, joking aside ... the big shopping event is on November 26.11.2021th, XNUMX. The date is based on Thanksgiving, because Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. And when is Thanksgiving Day?

In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. (Source: Legal Information Institute)

With that it is now finally clarified: Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November every year. Of course, there are more dates around Black Friday that you should remember:

  • Black Week 2021: November 22-29
  • Black Friday 2021: November 26th
  • Black Weekend 2021: November 27-29
  • Cyber ​​Monday 2021: November 29th
  • Cyber ​​Week 2021: November 29th to December 5th

Do you want to complete the collection?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event that there is worldwide. I realize I can't list everything here, but I think there are some really interesting offers out there. If you've heard of a good Black Friday deal that might be of interest to other readers, let me know via my email address: info@sir-apfelot.de Thank you! Note: Some of the links in the list are affiliate links.

The Black Friday offers in detail

Thanks to my readers Thomas and Volker for sending me some deals.

Updates from 26.11.2021


There is a whole 150 EUR discount with the code "KLEINHOLZ" in the Walkolution shop. There are standing desks with a treadmill - but the treadmills work without a motor. These treadmill desks are also a dream in terms of design.
» here to the shop


At MacTrade there is currently the iMac 2021 with almost 20% discount. In addition, some MacBook models are also significantly reduced in price.
» go to MacTrade


This extremely helpful browser extension, which helps me to write texts in reasonably acceptable German, is available for about 2 days with a 20% discount on the premium model. If you don't know it yet, read it more about LanguageTool here in a post of mine.
» on to the deal


This provider currently has an iPhone Xr with 64 GB for an additional payment of 49 EUR with a monthly O2 tariff, which is reduced from 29,99 to 23,99 EUR.
» view details here

WP Rocket

The (rightly!) Popular and very well maintained WordPress caching plugin "WPRocket" is currently available with a 30% discount.
» here to the deal


At Handyvertrag.de there is currently a 65% discount on an Allnet Flat rate with 10 GB of LTE data. This results in a monthly price of only 7,99 EUR.
» here to the deal

Updates from 25.11.2021


If you are not already married to the Photos app on your Mac, Excire is an image management system that has an impressively good search function through machine learning, which also allows granular searches such as "Woman in a pink dress on the beach". With the code "CYBER-21" there is a 29.11.2021% discount until November 30th, XNUMX.
» continue to Excire


Definitely a must-have for Mac users: The online backup tool Backblaze, which has been running in the background for years and encrypts the data on my Mac and the connected hard drives in the cloud. With the code "blazeon21" you currently get a 50% discount on the purchase.
» on to Backblaze


The software company RogueAmoeba has a number of really good Mac apps that are available until December 5.12.2021th, 21 with a XNUMX% discount if you use the code "DONTCALLITBFCM". If you don't know the apps: Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Farrago, Fission, Loopback, Piezo and SoundSource are the well-known apps of the developer studios.
» continue to the provider


Teorex is currently offering a whopping 50% discount on its Inpaint, Photoscissors, Photostitcher and Intelligent Resizer tools. The tools help with image processing, cropping and merging of photos.
» here to the deal

JixiPix software

If you like to play with digital image processing, you should take a look at the JixiPix page. There are numerous tools, brushes and programs with which you can alienate and beautify photos - currently with the code HOL45 with a 45% discount.
» to JixiPix

MacPlus software

ActiveDock 2, DockView, Command-Tab, WindowsSwitcher, MaxSnap and MultiDock are the well-known Mac tools from MacPlus Software. Everything from the developer is currently available at a 50% discount.
» here to the deals


At Xwavesoft there are numerous iPhone and Mac apps with 60% discount. Be Focused, Focus Matrix and Cloud Outliner are just a few of them.
» continue to the deal page


Hindenburg should be a household name for podcasters and interviewers. For the first year, the tool will be available from November 26.11.2021th, XNUMX with a substantial discount.
» here to the deal


With the tool from iMazing you can read out and set up a lot of things on the iPhone that you can't with the on-board tools of the Mac. For example, if you want to take over your WhatsApp chats from one iPhone to another, you can do this with iMazing. This shows there is a 50% discount on the tool.
» to the iMazing Deal


For everyone who works with the WordPress Divi theme, Divi Pixel is a great extension with a lot of practical functions. The team is currently offering a 30% discount.
» continue to Divi Pixel


Otelo currently has a deal for the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13, in which the value of the iPhone more or less offsets the running costs for the 24-month contract.
» here for the details of the two deals


Pitaka also has some offers that can be found on Amazon. Here is a selection for you:


The Mac optimization tool Sensei is now also available with a 50% discount. Don't forget the code BL4CKFR1DAY at checkout.
» on to Sensei


The entrepreneur Ugreen has some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. I've selected the best for you from the list.

Updates from 24.11.2021


With the code APFELOTBF21 there is a discount of 30.11.2021% on Link Chest and SEO Checklist until November 40th, XNUMX.
" For this Link Chest and here too SEO Checklist

Objective developments

Little Snitch, Micro Snitch and Launchbar are available on Black Friday with (previously unknown) discounts. The tools are well-known and great when it comes to preventing surveillance on the Mac.
» here to the shop


The highly recommended WordPress accelerator, with which I usually achieve over 95 points in the Google Pagespeed test, is currently available with a 35% discount.
» more about the deal


The Tech Smith development studio invites you to the big shopping event from Monday, November 29th to Wednesday, December 1st, 2021. During this time you can buy Snagit, Camtasia, Video Review and Screencast - great tools for screen recording, screenshots and video editing - for less.
» on to Tech Smith

Devon Technologies

If you want to shop DevonThink at a discount, you can start November 25.11th. Use the DevonThink shop at 18 p.m., because from then on the Black Friday discounts are online.
» go to DevonTechnologies

Ergonis software

Who does not know Ergonis software: Practical tools like Typinator, PopChar and KeyCue have fallen out of this software forge. And all of these programs are currently available at a 30% discount. If you use the link below, the coupon code BlackFriday21M is booked directly.
» continue to the Ergonis Shop

Updates from 23.11.2021


Regardless of whether it is a blood pressure monitor, body fat scale or temple thermometer - there are currently many interesting discounts on the Withings subpage of Amazon.
» continue to the Withings page on Amazon

Siri Remote

The Apple Siri Remote is currently available from Gravis with a 23% discount. Anyone who has always wanted to get the remote control can strike now.
» continue to Gravis

Gravis Black Friday Deals

Gravis also has a complete subpage with deals that are valid for the entire Black Friday week. As an Apple user, you can certainly catch a few snaps here.
» continue to Gravis Black Friday Deals

Beats Studio3 over-ear headphones with ANC

Are the AirPods Max too expensive for you, but you still want to have the advantages of fast switching between Apple devices? Then the current deal for Beats Studio3 is for you. With a 54% discount, the over-ear headphones with the Apple W1 chip only cost EUR 159,99 instead of EUR 349,95 - actually a classy one. I just ordered them too, because I my borrowed AirPods Max must return soon.
» continue to Beats Studio3

You can find even more Beats bargains on the special Amazon subpage for the Beats Black Friday deals.

Adobe Black Friday deals

Adobe has various Black Friday Deals on Amazon, which you can reach via the following link. It's worth taking a look there if you have to buy Adobe licenses on a regular basis.
» continue to the Adobe Deals

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB memory card

The Extreme Pro SD card with 128 GB is currently available at Amazon with a discount of over 50%. Personally, I only use SanDisk SD cards as I haven't had a single failure of one of these memory cards in over 15 years of use.
» continue to the SanDisk Deal on Amazon

Pixelmator Pro

The highly recommended image editing software Pixelmator Pro for the Mac comes with the new version 2.3 and a 50% discount. I once had the very good magnification AI function here presented.
» continue to Pixelmator Pro in the App Store

Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 15 (model from 6) is currently being sold with a good 2020% discount. There is 15% on the model with GPS. If you want GPS + Cellular, you have to be satisfied with a 6% discount.
» continue to the deal on Amazon

Adobe Photo Subscription (1 year)

For photographers, the Lightroom and Photoshop bundle is available as an "Adobe Photo Subscription" with a whopping 40% discount. For just under 84,99 EUR (otherwise 141,90 EUR) you can get an annual license for both programs.
» continue to the deal on Amazon

Update from 21.11.2021

Feelbelt haptic feedback strap

Do you want to feel music and be shaken by explosions in computer games? Then Feelbelt should be something for you. The belt is currently available with a 30% discount.
» continue to Feelbelt

Samsung T7 SSD on Amazon

The Samsung T7 is an external SSD that achieves transfer speeds of around 1 GB / s in read and write mode. The 2 TB model is currently available at Amazon with a 50% discount (EUR 178,34 instead of EUR 355,34). If you still need a fast SSD, you should buy it here.
» on to the Samsung T7 deal

Apple Pencil, mouse and keyboard at Amazon

As part of the Black Week Deals, there are a few Apple accessories at a reduced price at Amazon: the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil, the white Apple mouse and the Magic Keyboard as well.
» continue to the deals

200 films on Amazon Prime Video for EUR 0,99

Also on Amazon there is once again a list with 200 films, which you can rent for 0,99 euros each.
» check it out


For lovers of luxury watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Hublot, Omega and the like, the Chronext used shop should be of interest. There are still over 29.11.2021 models with a discount of up to 1000% until November 60th, XNUMX. The only thing you won't find there is an Apple Watch.
» continue to the Chronext-Deals

Updates from 20.11.2021


Anyone who is toying with a 360 degree camera can from November 24.11th. until November 30.11th Get a bargain with up to 50% off.
» here to the Insta360 deals

Updates from 19.11.2021


Tink has smart home devices. For example, I got the Google Nest smoke alarms there, which are hardly cheaper than there even without Black Friday. For Black Friday there are, for example, tado radiators, Google Nest products, the Netatmo weather station and much more with discounts of up to 70%.
» here to the deals


Interesting technology and gadgets are now available to borrow at Grover. For example, the Nintendo Switch from EUR 0,90 per month or the AirPods Pro from EUR 7,90 per month - but of course a lot more. If you also want the first month free, you can use the code BFF100 at checkout.
» here to the deals at Grover


Tesvor has robot vacuum cleaners with discounts ranging from $ 79 to $ 150. The Tesvor M1 with 4000 Pa, Tesvor S6 / S6 +, Tesvor X500 Pro 2 in 1, Tesvor T8 and Tesvor A1 are cheaper. Simply use the code "Black" at the checkout.
» here for Tesvor deals


Orico also has a few good deals in store that I would like to introduce to you:


Regardless of whether you want Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer or something else: On Black Friday (November 26.11th) there is 30% off everything at Affinity.
» here to the deal

CleanMyMac X

The Mac cleaning tool CleanMyMac X is available on November 26th (Black Friday) with a discount of 30%. However, my recommendation would be straightforward Setapp to book, because CleanMyMac X is included.
» here to the deal


Rhinorank is certainly not interesting for every reader, but if you want to build strong backlinks with high domain authority, you can take a look at the service. 25% discount is available from now until November 28th.
» here to the deal

Muse meditation headband

I had about Muse here already reported. The headband is helpful for people who Learn to meditate want. The headband is available from November 18th to 25th with a 15% discount.
» on to the deal


Ugreen offers a number of deals for Blackfriday and Cyber ​​Weeks, all of which are collected on one page. Since the discounts and the times of the discounts are different, I am only referring to the Ugreen deal page here.
» continue to the Ugreen Deals

mobility fitness

Mobifitness has two fitness machines with an app connection on offer:

  • Mobifitness Pro Max rowing machine (with water resistance); from December 15-20, 2021; 80 EUR discount, here at Amazon
  • Mobifitness treadmill; December 16-30, 2021; 10% coupon code: PRACTICAL; here on eBay


The well-known VPN Surfshark offers a whopping 83% discount on Black Monday if you book the 2-year package.
» here to the deal


  • Tesvor M1 robot vacuum cleaner with 4000PA - up to € 120 discount, for only € 159 with code BLACK
  • Tesvor S6 Turbo 2-in-1 vacuum robot with laser navigation - Up to € 111 discount, For only € 309 with code BLACK
  • Tesvor S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation & Mapping & Prohibited Zone - Up to 74 € discount, For only 205 € with code BLACK
  • Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Up to 70 € Discount, For only 149 € with Code BLACK
  • Tesvor X500 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Up to 90 € discount, For only 179 € with code BLACK

You can find the offers from Tesvor here on the Black Friday Deals page from Tesvor.




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