Blog parade: Your experience with household robots (+ competition!)

Shortly before Christmas, Sir Apfelot comes around the corner with a promising blog parade! Because not only will this and other blogs be about experiences with household robots and smart home stories as part of this parade, there will also be a competition. As part of this competition, in which all subscribers of the Sir Apfelot Newsletters take part, you can win a new Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner robot, provided by GearBest. But let's get to the blog parade for now;)

A spontaneous blog parade about your experiences with household robots and smart homes. Sign up for the Sir Apfelot newsletter and win a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner robot;)
A spontaneous blog parade about your experiences with household robots and smart homes. Sign up for the Sir Apfelot newsletter and win a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner robot;)

Your experience with household robots

So what is this Sir Apfelot blog parade about? What is asked is your experience with household robots of all kinds. The first thing that comes to mind is of course vacuum cleaner robots, but there are a few more. So if you have experience, an interesting test report or a funny anecdote about the following (or other) robotic devices, then you are welcome to join this blog parade on your site:

  • Vacuum cleaner robot
  • Mopping robot
  • Window cleaning robot
  • Grill cleaning robot
  • Aquarium robot
  • Pet robot
  • Pool cleaning robot
  • Homemade robots with set tasks
  • etc.

If you really want to take part, but you don't have any of these devices in use or any other type of robot at home, feel free to share a funny story from your smart home! From Siri and Apple HomeKit About Alexa from Amazon to the Google Assistant on Android devices or the Smart TV, there is sure to be one or the other interesting story. And even if this is an Apple blog, Cortana from the Microsoft Windows universe can of course also have a say. At Christmas we move together;)

A somewhat hasty blog parade

As noted here and there on the blog, I am always looking for a hook for a blog parade. This format appeals to me not only because of the links and the distribution of my own site, but also because of the exchange with other bloggers. Sometimes you only discover a really interesting page when you happen to be part of the same parade in which your own blog and the newly discovered blog are participants. With this idea in mind and the new Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner robot from GearBest, the idea for the blog parade "Your experience with household robots" came up spontaneously.

I'm really looking forward to what other bloggers - you! - have to say or write on the topic. You are welcome to register for the relevant competition in the newsletter. The raffle for the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum device should then take place around Christmas, i.e. around December 24, 2017. Details about the raffle can be found below in this article. If you have any suggestions, requests, questions or criticism about this or the blog parade, please leave a comment under this post.

How do you take part in the blog parade?

You can easily take part in the Sir Apfelot blog parade “Your experience with household robots” by writing a blog post on the given topic and relating it to the parade. A mention of this blog and a link to this post should also be part of your text.

If you have published the article, please write by email or here as a comment that you took part in the blog parade. This is how I see that the project is running and I can read your story, your anecdote or your test report and also spread it! Maybe you didn't have an exciting story with the robot, but with the manufacturer support; or the device intended as a gift only arrived at the last second by post - everything is conceivable and interesting.

My Xiaomi Mi Robot review

I recently carried out a test with a copy of the said vacuum robot model and published a comprehensive test report. So if you want to read about my experience with this particular household robot, then I recommend you this article dated December 5, 2017.


How do I take part in the competition?

The competition consists of a raffle for a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum cleaner robot. To take part in the raffle, you must have the Subscribed to Sir Apfelot's newsletter to have. This newsletter is of course free and only annoys you once a week. You will not receive advertising emails or other messages from third parties, as data protection is very important here. By the way, as a newsletter subscriber you always get the chance to win a device or gadget raffle, as one or the other product arrives here sponsored directly by the manufacturer as part of tests or other measures;)

Legal notices and further information on the competition

So that everything goes right and you know exactly what the general conditions for the competition are, here are the legal information and conditions of participation for the raffle described above:

  • Entry deadline: The competition runs until January 1, 2018
  • Participation and chances of winning: All you have to do to participate is subscribe to the newsletter on this site. This is free and does not involve any obligations. You can unsubscribe at any time. Update: in the newsletter of December 22, 2017 you will find the competition with three questions that must be answered correctly.
  • Drawing of the winner and prize: The winner will be drawn and the prize will be allocated from January 1, 2018. The lucky one will be informed by email. Mention (name and place of residence) is left open as an option for a subsequent contribution. The draw period from Christmas to New Year's Eve is so broad due to the general hustle and bustle during this time.
  • This is how the winner is determined: The classic decision is made by the lot, possibly the digital lot with a drawing solution that is software or script-based. If only one person sent in the correct answers, then the case is of course rather clear;)
  • Extension of the competition: For special cases, e.g. For example, if the technology fails or there is an error in the database, the competition / raffle can be extended or postponed.
  • Possible costs: The judges' decision is final, any costs incurred for participating in the competition (such as mobile phone costs or dial-up costs for accessing the website) will not be reimbursed.
  • Substitute for profit: It is not possible to pay out the equivalent of the prize, only the prize listed here will be sent to the winner. The parcel number can be sent for tracking. If lost in the mail, no replacement is provided.
  • Privacy for participants: The data required for the newsletter will not be passed on and will only be used for the newsletter and the competition. If there is a profit, the data required for the dispatch (name and address) will be requested for the dispatch. By participating in the competition (subscribing to the newsletter and not expressly requesting not to participate), participants also agree that their names and place of residence (example: "Max from Musterstadt") can be combined with the product they have won further contribution to be mentioned.
  • Equal opportunities for all participants: The purchase of products (e.g. via the links on or the repeated registration for the Sir Apfelot newsletter or other measures do not lead to an increase in chances in this competition.

My tips & tricks about technology & Apple

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11 comments on "Blog parade: Your experience with household robots (+ competition!)"

  1. Hello. I can't help with a robot story, but with one from Google Home everyday life. I'm either mumbling or Google Home is bullying me. When I address Google Home, Google either doesn't respond at all or answers: "Sorry, I don't know how I can help."! When my husband asks the exact same thing using the same wording, Google Home replies, "Sure, blah blah blah blah blah." Or when we play Triviatchi, I always get the stupid names and on top of that, after you repeat the name it gave Google, it says I'm weird. hey We laugh every time now and say "it was clear". I would be very happy about the vacuum cleaner robot, because then I would only have to connect Google to the app and not even talk to it and hopefully there will be no objections to the robot. In any case, it would save me a lot of work (we have a supposedly non-shedding, shedding dog) and represent a huge gain.

    1. Hello Franziska! I'm having similar issues with Siri. She only understands instructions like “Set the timer to 15 minutes” reliably. If you want other things from her, she often acts so stupid that you wonder where the AI ​​is. :D I keep my fingers crossed for the raffle! LG! Jens

    1. Hello Jurgen! Thank you for your contribution! But yours says "Sir ApfelROT"... "Sir Apfelrot" would be correct. ;-) Happy Holiday! Jens

    1. Haha! I actually meant the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) that people like to talk about when they want to bring their smart assistants to the man or woman. ;-)

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