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15th of June 2021

Features in iOS 15 that require an iPhone XR, XS or later

Kapitel in diesem Beitrag:1 iOS 15 Features für den A12 Bionic Chip oder neuer2 Diese iOS 15 Funktionen kommen nur aufs iPhone 12 (und neuer)3 Exklusiv-Funktionen von iOS 15 ab iPhone 7 oder 8 Das […]
15th of June 2021
Here you can find Bitdefender Mobile Security for the iPhone in the test - Internet and email protection, VPN, virus scanner and more in one iOS app.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for the iPhone in the test (sponsor)

Kapitel in diesem Beitrag:1 Bitdefender Mobile Security – Features im Überblick2 Bitdefender Mobile Security – Das Dashboard3 VPN in der Mobile Security App von Bitdefender4 Internet-Schutz als eine der Hauptfunktionen5 Der Bitdefender Kontoschutz in der […]
15th of June 2021

iOS 12.5.4 - Apple releases update for older iPhones and iPads

Kapitel in diesem Beitrag:1 Update für ältere iPhone- und iPad-Modelle auf iOS 12.5.42 Übersicht der Apple-Sicherheitsupdates iPhone- und iPad-Modelle, die nicht mit den aktuellen Betriebssystem-Versionen kompatibel sind, können weiterhin genutzt werden. Zum Beispiel mit iOS […]
14th of June 2021

Document shredders with cross cut - pick of the week week 24

Chapter in this post: 1 document shredder with cross cut2 document shredder with strip cut3 manual document shredder with crank My current pick of the week is not a single product or a specific app, but rather a product type that is currently in more [...]
14th of June 2021

Apple WWDC21 Recap - That was Developer Week

Chapters in this post: 1 WWDC21 Day 12 WWDC21 Day 23 WWDC21 Day 34 WWDC21 Day 45 WWDC21 Day 5 This year's Apple World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC21, is over. A week ago […]
14th of June 2021

[Video evidence] And the iPhone is secretly listening in the background

Chapter in this post: 1 WWL-TV video wants to prove eavesdropping through apps2 Facebook and Instagram allegedly do not listen, but others do3 If the offer is free, you are the product4 Which settings in […]
11th of June 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 23, 2021

Chapter in this article: 1 Apple WWDC21 - World Wide Developers Conference 20212 Update of the Corona warning app: Enter vaccinations and use them as a digital vaccination certificate3 Thuringia: Repair bonus for longer use of electrical devices4 Education in online retail: Recommendations and advertising [...]
11th of June 2021

Backup trends: data loss figures, backup frequency and more

Chapter in this post: 1 Backup trends from Backblaze and The Harris Poll2 Data loss: Many respondents have lost hard drive contents3 Coronavirus pandemic ensures greater digital understanding A backup on Mac, PC and mobile devices such as the iPhone [...]
11th of June 2021
Paste.App Clipboard Manager

Paste app clipboard manager and pick of the week week 23

Chapter in this article: 1 What does Paste actually do? 2 Data types and duration of the process of Paste3 Danger: Memory hogs when copying images4 My areas of application for Paste5 Paste also available via Setapp6 The price: How much does [...]
10th of June 2021

Soundcore Life P3 - Anker introduces new wireless bluetooth headphones

Chapter in this post: 1 Soundcore Life P3 - Technical data of the headphones2 Save a quarter of the price by July 5, 2021 Anker today presented new headphones from its audio accessory brand Soundcore. The Soundcore Life P3 [...]