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20. January 2022

Preorder Echo Show 15 (or buy cheaper Echo devices)

Chapters in this post: 1 Amazon Echo Show 15 – smart home display (for the kitchen) 2 More cheaper Echo devices in the January campaign If you are interested in the smart home display Echo Show 15 from Amazon, then are you lucky […]
20. January 2022

iOS News: Version 14 without updates, no downgrade to 15.2 possible

Chapters in this post:1 Apple ends support for iOS 14, pushes for iOS 152 Spread of iOS 15.2 stopped, only iOS 15.2.1 available Currently there are some interesting developments around the Apple operating system […]
19. January 2022

Pitaka MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 Pro with Fusion Weaving design

Chapters in this post:1 MagEZ Case 2 with Fusion Weaving for iPhone 13 Pro / Max2 Pitaka promotion for new cases: discount of 8% until January 23, 2022 Relatively new on Amazon, the Pitaka […]
19. January 2022

Belkin BoostCharge Pro - charging station with 2 or 3 shelves

Belkin offers the BoostCharge Pro charging station for iPhone models with MagSafe, for the AirPods (Pro) case and optionally for the Apple Watch. According to the manufacturer, it charges the iPhone 13 with 15 [...]
18. January 2022
Mac Activation Lock

Disable Mac Activation Lock - the beginner's guide

Activation Lock is a feature designed to protect your Mac in the event of loss or theft. It prevents a new user from fully using the Mac because they will still be in your list […]
18. January 2022

To South Korea: App payments outside of the app store in the Netherlands

Apple currently has to deviate from its policy in some countries that iOS and iPadOS apps or subscriptions can only be paid for via the App Store. For example, in South Korea, external payment must be possible. […]
18. January 2022

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor with Alexa connection (+ HomeKit alternatives)

Chapters in this post:1 Measure air quality with the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor2 Monitor the quality of the air with HomeKit devices Air quality contributes a lot to well-being and general health. Therefore it can be beneficial […]
16. January 2022

SysJoker: Remote Access Tool (RAT) malware for macOS, Windows and Linux

Chapters in this post:1 Is SysJoker a threat to my Mac?2 How was SysJoker discovered?3 No backdoor in the operating system4 What makes SysJoker so special?5 How does SysJoker infiltrate?6 What does the SysJoker malware […]
15. January 2022
Remaining battery life in MacBook Pro menu bar

MacBook Pro: Get the remaining battery life indicator back in the menu bar

Chapters in this article:1 Workaround 1: a look at the activity monitor2 Workaround 2: Coconut Battery3 If the battery life doesn't appear...4 Show Bartender quickly I use my new MacBook Pro M1Max much more often without a power cable than [...]
14. January 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 2, 2022

Chapters in this post:1 Due to scarcity: Canon manufactures toner cartridges without chips2 Meta-splitting? Antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram3 Several city administrations and institutions were digitally vulnerable4 More and more complaints about advertising calls to the Federal Network Agency5 Lilith […]