Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!

If there are problems with the Bluetooth connection on the Apple Mac, this can have various causes. While Bluetooth is an ideal solution for short-range wireless connections with low battery load, the technology is not always error-free. What you can do about Bluetooth problems on the Mac, iMac and MacBook, I have put together for you in the following. If you know any other solutions, tips and tricks, please leave a comment under this post;)

Do you have Bluetooth problems on your Mac? Here you will find 4 measures that can be a solution!
Do you have Bluetooth problems on your Mac? Here you will find 4 measures that can be a solution!

Deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth

The trick is probably as old as electronic devices themselves: turn them off once and then turn them on again. This can also help with the Apple Mac's Bluetooth connection. You don't have to restart the computer itself, you can first deactivate the Bluetooth function under macOS and then reactivate it. This is particularly easy via the menu bar at the top of the screen. Simply click on the Bluetooth symbol, then on “Deactivate Bluetooth” and then on the symbol again and on “Activate Bluetooth”.

Remove USB devices and restart computer

In the event that the Bluetooth problems on the Mac are reflected in the mouse, keyboard or trackpad from Apple, the manufacturer has a corresponding one Support document released. For some connection problems, it recommends disconnecting all USB devices from the Mac and then restarting the computer. If you cannot establish a wireless connection, remove the mouse, keyboard, external hard drives, USB hubs, headsets, lamps and so on and reboot the computer. This can be a solution for the occurring Bluetooth connection problems.

Delete possibly damaged files

For the correct functioning of the wireless connection on the Apple computer, several files are required on the hard drive. In rare cases, these can be damaged by errors in the operating system. This then leads to the fact that you find bluetooth problems on the Mac. In the following guide I will show you how you can find the two possibly damaged files in order to delete them. Don't worry: after a restart, they are automatically recreated - error-free.

  1. Opens the Finder and click on “Go” in the menu bar
  2. Then select in the drop-down menu "Go to folder ..."

  1. Now give in the search window that opens / Library / Preferences and click on "Open"
  2. In the folder that opens you look for the file and delete them

  1. Now you repeat steps 1 and 2, but enter in the search window ~ / Library / Preferences / ByHost and click on "Open"
  2. In this folder you are now looking for the file (xyz = different letters, numbers and hyphens) and deletes them

  1. Reboots the Mac; now the bluetooth problem should / could be solved

Reset Mac bluetooth module

If you haven't been able to solve your Bluetooth problems on the Mac with the aforementioned steps, there is another one: Resetting the corresponding component in the computer. Don't worry here either: it's not unnecessarily complicated or anything. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this approach:

  1. Hold down the Shift key (⇧) and the Option key (Alt) while clicking on the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar
  2. Now you can let go of the buttons, but you will still find the item "Debug" in the dropdown menu.
  3. Hold the mouse cursor over "Debug" and click "Remove all devices" in the list that appears
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2, move the cursor to "Debug" and then click on "Reset the Bluetooth module"
  5. Now reconnects the devices that were previously removed from the device overview in order to use them as usual

Update 24.07.2023/12/XNUMX: Reset BT module from macOS XNUMX Monterey

As of macOS 12 Monterey and in macOS 13 Ventura and macOS 14 Sonoma, the above key-click combination on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar no longer works. Instead, here to reset the Bluetooth module, you must do this Port be used. Start the terminal and enter the following command:

sudo pkill bluetoothd

Then press the Enter key and then restart the Mac.

Update 06.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: SMC reset can also help

As my reader Georg told me in a comment, none of the procedures mentioned here did not help. In his case it was that SMC resetthat led to the goal. Here are the instructions on how to do this:

  • Desktop Mac: Turn off the Mac, disconnect the power cord from the power supply for 15 seconds, then wait another 5 seconds and turn the Mac on again
  • MacBook with removable battery: MagSafe-Remove the power pack, remove the battery, press the on/off button for 5 seconds, insert the battery, switch on
  • MacBook with a fixed battery: Remove the MagSafe or USB-C power supply, Shift + Ctrl + Option (Alt) (everything on the left side of the built-in keyboard) and press the On / Off button for 10 seconds, release, plug in the power supply, switch on

Update 29.04.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: Change WLAN or use DLAN

A reader has just told me (thanks, Walter!) That his Bluetooth problems were related to the WLAN. He switched his WiFi from 2,4 GHz to 5 GHz and the Bluetooth connections were working properly again. Another reader switched from 5 GHz to DLAN (network via the socket) and it was working again for him too.

It is relatively easy to test whether it is due to the WLAN by turning off the router and deactivating the WLAN on the Mac. If everything goes smoothly with the Bluetooth devices, you should continue researching in this direction.

Recommended DLAN sets from TP Link and AVM Fritz

Recommended DLAN modules are, for example TP-Link set of 2 TL-PA8030Pthat creates up to 1300 Mbit / s. Anyone who would like to open another WLAN in the target room via the DLAN can do so AVM Fritz Powerline 1260E / 1220E WLAN Set look, which you can even expand with the mesh points from AVM, if necessary.

Update 9.11.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX: Clean the battery contacts of the mouse, keyboard or trackpad

A tip just came in from my reader Peter. He had also had Bluetooth issues and a Bluetooth connection that kept dropping. It helped for him to clean the battery contacts. After that the connection problems were fixed.

My article also fits this topic “Magic Mouse: Lost Connection - These Tips Will Help You ..." very good. It explains how to improve the contacts between the battery and the mouse.

Did you like the article and did the instructions on the blog help you? Then I would be happy if you the blog via a Steady Membership would support.

146 Responses to "Bluetooth problems on Mac - 5 measures that can help!"

    1. It's really hard to find the culprit here. When you think about Bluetooth problems, you tend to think of a USB hub. : D

  1. Hello Sir!

    Thank you very much for your tip, it has been working for an hour ;-) Let's see if it stays that way.
    Already gave up my Bluetooth fight and bought a USB keyboard. Rebooting and resetting didn't help. It worked for about half an hour, then Bluetooth said goodbye. First deleting the files seems to work.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Andre! You can see that sometimes there is still hope. : D But helping yourself with a USB keyboard is also a good workaround in an emergency. ;-)

  2. Hey, after updating to macOS Mojave 10.14.5, none of these steps help.
    It is impossible to connect a Bluetooth device to the Mac (MacBook Pro Retina 15 ″ Mid 2015). I'm pretty lost without my mouse. No device appears at all under the system settings for Bluetooth. There was no negative message during the hardware test and, strangely, I can send files from my iPhone to the Mac via AirDrop. So Bluetooth should therefore work. Does anyone still have an idea? Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Nico! It's really very strange. Especially with Airdrop. This should also not work if there were technical problems (hardware). Can you turn bluetooth off and on? And can you put a Bluetooth device into pairing mode and see if that appears? I also somehow lack the ideas with this mistake. :(

      1. Hello sir! :) I switched Bluetooth on and off, removed all devices, made a debug and now even completely reinstalled Mojave, but unfortunately not a single Bluetooth device is displayed anymore. As described, it is really strange that I can push pictures to my Mac via AirDorp (WiFi is switched off) and I therefore suspect that the Bluetooth hardware is not broken, but rather a very nasty bug. I now hope for a Mojave update soon and that everything will work again. I have now even ordered a bluetooth dongle - hope dies last;)

          1. I just had a Bluetooth / Airdrop issue as well (and solved it with Apple Service Help). Before that I tried all the steps as described in the article above several times - without success. The solution was then: Finder - Go to Airdrop (shift apple R) - and then at the bottom of Access / Share with: "Nobody". Since I set “Contacts only” there and restarted + paired again, everything works fine (bluetooth connection + Airdrop).

          2. Hello Nicola! Thanks you for the complement. Did you have "Visible for everyone" before and it still didn't work? Because if you have set "Visible to nobody", there shouldn't be a connection either. That would not be a bug, but a feature. :D

  3. Hello Sir,
    Unfortunately, I messed around in my network environment and removed bluetooth pan when it didn't work. But creating a new environment was not the solution. My phone is now connected very briefly via Bluetooth and then disconnects. I followed the guide and deleted the files and debugged all devices Removed and BT off and on again.
    Pairing is no problem, but the connection is always disconnected after 3 seconds.
    Since the upgrade to Mojave, I can no longer log into the FritzBox, so I messed around in the network environment. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Roman! You write that you can neither use Bluetooth devices nor log into the Fritz box. These are two different network protocols. Means: Something bigger has to be blocked here. My tip would be - as stupid as it sounds - to do a fresh start. Possibly also in safe mode (hold down the shift key). The Mac does a few tests and resets things. Maybe that will help you something too. Otherwise you can always get to the Fritz-Box with a network cable. Simply plug it into the Mac and into one of the four network ports of the Fritz! Box and then into the Mac .

  4. Hi all,
    I have exactly the same problem as Nico, but only since the 10.14.6 update. Everything still worked with 10.14.5.
    Since then I haven't found any Bluetooth devices either ... And for me, too, it's mainly about the Apple mouse, which no longer works. Also have the MacBook Pro 15 ″ Retina Mid 2015.
    Have really tried everything possible, phoned Apple Support twice but unfortunately no solution.

    I tried the following things, but without success:
    Turn Bluetooth on and off
    Delete Bluetooth devices
    Reset the Bluetooth module in the Bluetooth Debug menu and remove all devices
    Delete the Bluetooth input files under “~/Library/Preferences/”
    SMC reset
    PRAM reset
    Reinstall Mojave 10.14.6
    Safe mode
    Other user
    Diagnosis -> no problems found

    ... I'm at the end now, I don't know what else I could do ... :-(
    If there are any ideas or updates, I would be happy if you let me know. Thank you and best regards

    1. Hello Stefan! You've really tried quite a few things ... What I couldn't see: Does the problem go away for you when you work with another user? Or does it exist there too?

      1. Hello Sir,
        thanks for the quick reply.
        I have already created a new / different admin user as a test. Unfortunately without success.
        I searched a lot on the internet but didn't find anything.
        But there is still someone who has exactly the same problem with the same MacBook Pro Mid 2015 ...
        Unfortunately no answers yet.

        I am happy about every tip that could possibly help!

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Stefan,
          could you find a solution here? It also seems to be a software problem for me, as I can communicate with all devices under Windows 10.

          We look forward to seeing you!

  5. Hi all,

    I've only had the bluetooth problem since I installed Mojave 10.14.6. Before that I still had Mavericks, so I made a big leap :)
    At the moment it helps me to deactivate Bluetooth briefly and just keep trying to connect. At some point it will work. However, I was used to Mavericks that the active Bluetooth devices reconnect automatically the next day. I would like to have this status again and also hope for an update with a bugfix. I'm sitting on the Macbook Pro 13 ″ from 2012.

    Greetings to all those who suffer,

    1. Hello Katharina! Yes, it should also be the case that the devices all connect automatically. Do you also say goodbye to your keyboard and mouse? That would be terrible ... How do you get into the bluetooth menu then ???

      1. Keyboard works, I haven't used the mouse since. Only sometimes when booting does it say briefly that it cannot find a Bluetooth keyboard and is not responsive during this time. After a few minutes it will be done. Overall, after 3 months of Mojave, I have to say that the computer has become so slow that it is no longer a joy anyway.
        I still get the bluetooth box only after 3-4 connection attempts.
        I'm already saving for a new device .... :(

        1. Hello Katharina! That's weird ... I didn't have any problems with Mojave. I think there is something with the system or the settings. Have you installed Mojave again over it and maybe with the tool Onyx clear all caches etc?

  6. I have an older model, iMAC from 2007, that runs at most OS 10.11.6.
    I would like to use bluetooth headphones, but unfortunately no bluetooth device is displayed anymore. When that is the case, I can't say exactly, but it worked before.
    I have two questions about your tips, all of which I have tried:
    1. in the ~ / Library / Preferences / ByHost folder I find two files:
    Should I delete them both?
    2. during the debug the message “do you really want to continue” appears.
    When I click OK, the window disappears and otherwise… nothing happens!
    Is that normal?
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hello Susanne! In principle, your Mac can safely use Bluetooth, but I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. You can both delete the two files you mentioned. That with the window can be normal. I haven't tried it though. About the headphones: do you know if they're in pairing mode? Because only then is it visible and the Mac can connect to it. The pairing mode is usually started by holding the button to switch on the headphones for about 5 seconds. Then an LED should start blinking. Will you let me know if it worked?

  7. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I've had this BT issue for quite some time and have really tried EVERYTHING, but nothing helps. I have walked all the paths described here. In the meantime, I can no longer even delete the file (message: " required by iOS...").
    My BT connection only works every now and then shortly after booting for a few seconds before it turns off again. Unfortunately, nothing ever happens when you click on “Activate”. Do you have any other ideas for me?
    Best regards, MF

    1. Hello MF! Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I don't know what else to do. But the error message “is required by iOS” is very strange on Mac. Do you perhaps have some program running in the background that is interfering here? I would start with the SHIFT key pressed (safe mode) and unplug all external devices that you do not need. Sometimes there are hubs or similar things that interfere with Bluetooth.

  8. Hello, I have now done all the steps several times, but my Bluetooth receiver on the amplifier and boxes (which otherwise always worked, IPhone connection still works) keeps disconnecting. What can I do? Does somebody has any idea?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Uta! Maybe it is due to an external device that is stuck on the Mac? Sometimes USB 3 devices are a real disruption to radio - depending on how poorly the manufacturer shielded the cables. That would be my last idea what else you could try. Possibly also create a new user on the Mac and use it to test whether the connection remains.

  9. Thanks! For me it also seems to be a USB-C adapter .. Headphones and mouse do the faxing. Someone has to come up with that first ...

  10. Hello! I deleted these files according to the instructions and now I can only start in safe mode. When I start up normally, the mouse symbol and keyboard symbol alternate and nothing happens. Please help!

    1. Hi Lisa! I would reboot with the CMD + R key pressed and then install the system over it in recovery mode. This may fix these problems. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this ad, but I think the Mac has not found a keyboard or mouse and is waiting for an input device. LG!

      1. Thank you very much. i was able to fix the problem and so far everything works again - EXCEPT my bose bluetooth box. it no longer connects. bose says it's the mac and i'm afraid that too. what can I do?

        1. Yes, sure Apple would say it's up to Bose. :D But the solution: You would have to look under Bluetooth in the Mac to see whether the box is still in the list of known devices. If so, throw it out with the delete button. Then long press the Bluetooth sign on the Bose box. Then it starts the pairing mode. After a few seconds, the box should appear in the list on the Mac in the Bluetooth menu. Now just press “connect” and you should be done. :D

  11. Unfortunately not. the connection lasts only 2 seconds, then it throws me out. I've already read that there are problems with buetooth under catalina - that's why I started the whole theater in the first place. but it looks like i won't be able to hear any music over the box in the future :-(

    1. Hi Lisa! And have you already tried restarting and installing macOS over it? That often solves some problems. Otherwise, there might be a temporary option to connect the box with a cable.

  12. “overinstall” sounds too hot to me. I'm not a computer freak at all :-(
    cables would be shit, but I'll have a look….

    another topic: i haven't been able to load anything from the app store for a while (regardless of whether it's free or for a fee) - the "wheel turns" but it doesn't load. do you happen to have a fix???

    1. Even if you don't like to hear it: This problem also sounds like "install over it". With such strange niggles, the cause is extremely difficult to find and simply installing the macOS version could fix it. Your own data will not be lost.

  13. Hello I have an older iMac from 2008 that always shows me that the visibility is off, but I can't change the steps I've already tried what can I do?

  14. Many thanks for the help! Deleting the damaged files actually helped - never thought I'd solve the problem so quickly on my own. Thanks for that!

    1. Sometimes it comes in handy if you know a trick or two. That saves the trip to the Apple Store. : D Nice that it helped you.

  15. Herman Mittermair

    Resetting the bluetooth module resolved the problem with a magic mouse that would throw itself up every few minutes. Thanks for the tip! So far the connection is stable - three times.
    But in the evening I changed the location with my MBP 16” and the BT keyboard that I am using here can no longer be connected. Do you have any other ideas, Sir Apfelot? I would be really grateful for that. (Is another one with charging batteries, without Lightning/USB). BT on/off or keyboard on/off, etc. I've tried several times. Without a result. The loading wheel turns in the BT dialogue, but breaks off after a while without having achieved anything. So I can't find the keyboard. The mouse does.

    1. Hello Hermann! Nice that the mouse is going again. : D Because of the keyboard: I would restart the Mac, delete the keyboard from the Bluetooth connections and then press and hold the power button (right outside on the keyboard), start pairing mode. Then you should be able to reconnect them.

  16. Hello Sir, I bought a new MAc Mini 2018 - my little black one. Catalina replaced by Mojave via Timemachine, because Mojave runs in the house - same system and such. Well; then the problems started: kernel bug 210 (Chrome instead of SAfari helped); Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad were thrown out again and again, and then recognized again. None of the 4 measures described brought relief. So update to Catalina: Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad work perfectly for now. Amusing side effect: my old Canon printer, which actually runs on a Mavericks driver, now works with Catalina :-))
    Then there was a break with the computer switched off, and after booting it was in the 2,4 GHZ WLAN. The problems started again - keyboard and trackpad were thrown out, none of the 4 measures described helped. Now I've set up a repeater that brings the 5 GHZ WiFi into my office, and everything is fine.
    Switching to 5 GHz was the solution. DLAN would still have worked, but the old Fritz adapters run on 32-bit software and are not recognized.
    I think Apple should have worked more carefully here!

    1. Hello Walter! Thank you for your objection. To be honest, it would never have occurred to me to switch the WLAN to 5 GHz. Sometimes you have to be really creative with troubleshooting. : D

      1. Moin Jens, the devices (keyboard / mouse) run on 2,4 GHz. The WiFi on 5GHZ. I just noticed it with half an eye, and simply implemented: et voilà ????

        I still had the repeater there ...

        1. Hello Walter! The other reader just emailed me that your comment inspired him to switch from his 5Ghz to DLAN and he already works with Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. That was a great tip from you. : D

  17. Hello Jens, then the post really used - knowledge MUST be shared ???? Then I am happy when I have been able to make a small contribution.

  18. Hello Sir, I connected my old Fritz 1000E DLAN adapter this morning, and Catalina accepted them perfectly after installing the software. So I can now connect my Mac Mini 2018 in 4 ways: hotspot, WLAN, DLAN, network. It's always the same: as soon as everything is running at 2,4 GHZ in the WLAN, the problems arise - so, disconnect your networks! Setting WLAN to 5 GHZ helps. DLAN instead of WLAN is also possible, and if you switch MIMO on the Fritz DLAN adapters, the speed is good.

    My bluetooth problems should be solved :-))

  19. After sitting on it for several hours yesterday and trying all the tips (including WiFi) on my MacBook Pro 2012 without success:
    By chance I downloaded the new update for Catalina this morning (10.15.4) and it works fine

  20. Moin, ruler of the apple!

    Since I got a good tip when I switched to Mojave, I have - which is rare - another problem.
    Since I couldn't find anything here in the blog other than this topic, the following:

    My iPad Pro (2018) and my iPhone XS Max do not want to pair with each other. They appear for each other in Bluetooth, but do not move up in the device list. Before this comes the well-known display that the pairing is not taking place and whether the distance is short enough and the devices are ready to pair. It should be said that I have never had to create a Bluetooth connection between the two devices.

    Did the usual methods through to even reset networks.
    Both devices pair with all other Bluetooth devices and also with the MacBook Pro (2015) on Catalina. Software is always up to date. Disruptive factors such as DECT telephones, etc. are minimized.
    Hope you have an idea or two about this.

    LG Siv

    1. Hello Siv! To be honest, I have no clue. If they "see" each other, it should also be possible to pair them. I don't know what else to try. I'm sorry I can't help with that. Maybe a reader has a tip...

      1. Thank you anyway! It's like with the royal children who stand on the opposite bank and cannot find each other ????

  21. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    after trying all the tips unsuccessfully, I actually wanted to chop off the Bluetooth issue.
    I have an old Macbook Pro from 2008 with OS X El Capitan. By chance my mouse hung up and could no longer be used, so I had to trigger a cold start by removing the plug from the power supply unit (battery was removed).
    Now I restarted my Macbook and lo and behold my previously no longer “available Bluetooth” was available again.
    LG Horst

    1. Hello Horst! I was just about to say: Which MacBook can you remove a battery from ??? : D Of course. In 2008 it was still possible. Your tip is sure to be a good tip for anyone with an old MacBook Pro. Everyone else should try a restart. ;-)

  22. I had BT problems with my MBAir (mid-2012, Mojave 10.14.6) lately. Today the MagicMouse was gone, as was the Belkin keyboard. Only the Belkin KeyPad worked.

    All procedures as described above followed, nothing helped: the mouse and keyboard were recognized, connected for a few seconds and then were gone again.

    Resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) ultimately helped. After that I was able to connect the devices normally and I am currently using them to write the comment;)

    Even if the solutions on this page didn't help: Thanks for the blog and the inspiration! Vile happiness and success to all those tormented :)

    1. Hello Georg! Thank you for your feedback signal. I have included the SMC reset point directly above. This should slowly complete the list. : D

  23. Excellent! Thanks! After deleting the Bluetooth * Plist files, I can now rename my devices and the new name will be retained. So I can cleanly separate the devices in the office ...

  24. Thank you very much for this blog article! The decisive tip for me was the thing with the 5G WiFi! I would never have thought this cause possible.

    1. Hello Reinhold! It was the same for me, so I thought that the article might get one or the other on the right track. : D

  25. Tip for everyone with multiple Apple devices. I keep having connection problems with my Bluetooth keyboard. Suddenly nothing worked for 2 days. I just couldn't connect the keyboard to my iMac anymore.
    Today I noticed that the display of my iPad keeps going on - and lo and behold, the keyboard is linked to the iPad. Since I unpaired it there and set it to ignore, the connection with the iMac has been working properly again.
    So I suspect that the iPad has always been the cause of the problems - even when it wasn't in the room ...

  26. Hey everybody,
    none of the suggested solutions worked for me either.
    Only the tip about the SMC reset has shown success. Now all of my bluetooth devices are working properly again.

    Many thanks to Sir Apfelot

  27. On my Mac, the Bluetooth connection to the keyboard and especially the mouse is lost for hours. Sometimes after the start. I cannot act in the menu bar at all or follow all of the above recommendations.
    Mac and Bluetooth is a complete disaster here, especially not professional.
    And I bought the Mac specifically because of the wireless operation. I would never do it again.

      1. Hello Jens, thanks for your answer. I made reboots, made everything new in settings. There was also someone from the shop who checked everything and couldn't improve anything. It was recommended to connect the keyboard and mouse with a cable. But that's not what I want. But I may have to accept that there is no other way.
        Nevertheless, I will try to follow all of the above suggestions again step by step, as far as I understand, but I am not an IT expert and I am very grateful for further tips. Wireless is simply the future for me, due to my age. The screen of the notebook is too small. So I will try to familiarize myself with the above recommendations.
        Thanks and I'll get back to you.
        Best wishes

        1. Hello Edith! Yes, 2020 should definitely be wireless. : D Have you ever unplugged and switched off all other devices? Even the WLAN router. Just to see what might be causing interference here? I can't imagine that it's the Mac ... Sometimes it's a hub or something else that bluetooth is messing about ...

          1. Hello Jens, the new Telekom router just arrived today. That would of course be perfect timing if it is up to the router. I want to connect it on Monday because I can then call the Telekom computer help desk on working days if there are problems. Wow, that would be it if I then had no more Bluetooth problems. I will give you feedback.
            Thanks and see you then

  28. Hello Jens, it looks like the old router actually caused the problem. Since the new one is connected, I have always had a Bluetooth connection.
    Thanks a million for the tip.

  29. Hello Sir,
    I'm really at my end with my Latin. Bluetooth has been dead in my user since the last security update. The tips you mentioned did not help.
    However, if I start my MBP in SafeMode and log in to my user, I have Bluetooth. There I also deactivated and activated, debug and reset. Nothing helps with my standard user.
    However, the “root” user does not have Bluetooth either.

    1. Hi Michael! However, the fact that Bluetooth works in safe mode for you already points in the direction in which you have to look: You probably have a driver or a system extension active that becomes active immediately when uploading and interferes with your Bluetooth. The first step might be to look under System Extensions > Users & Groups > Your User > Login Items to see what's started there and delete things that aren't necessary. Important: The ticks only show what boots up “visibly” at system startup. They are not used to remove programs from the autostart or to include them.

      1. Hi Jens,
        I had already thought something like that and have no programs in the autostart of the system settings. In the “LauchAgents” folder I have 2 *.plist files from Coconut Battery and Clean My Mac X.
        I had both programs before the security update.
        Are there other folders where I can find something? Bluetooth still works in safe mode.

        1. Hi Michael! Hard to say ... you could check out the tool from Objective-see KextViewer install and see what else is installed. Maybe you will find something with it? Otherwise, you might have to reset Bluetooth. But you've already done that, haven't you?

  30. Hallo,
    I have an iMac and bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse. I accidentally pressed the bluetooth symbol at the top of the bar and now have a problem. Keyboard and mouse are dead. What should I do now.

    1. Hello Marie-Jeanne! You don't happen to have a wired mouse lying around somewhere, do you? If not, you won't get around restarting your Mac. Then Bluetooth is active again and you should be able to use the mouse and keyboard again. You turn off the Mac by holding the power button down for about 4-5 seconds. I hope this is how you get on.

    2. Hallo,
      Take the Lightning cable and connect the keyboard.
      With the mouse too - it will be a bit strange to hold, but you would have to get a short-term connection to activate or restart the iMac

      1. Hi Markus! Good idea - I didn't think of recommending this as my old Mac keyboard doesn't have Lightning yet. You always have to throw batteries in there. : D

  31. Hello Johannes, I have had Bluetooth failures on the imac 2011 for a long time. I have already tried all sorts of tips. The connection is often interrupted for a few seconds and then comes back again. Occasionally, however, only a restart helps because nothing works anymore. I've already bought a USB mouse pen to turn off the computer at least properly. If nothing works anymore, Bluetooth is also permanently grayed out in the bar at the top and marked with not available. I already suspected that the whole module had a technical defect. But maybe your tips will help you now. Thanks a lot for this. Greetings Uli

    1. Hello Uli,
      thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I am less familiar with the iMac because I work with a MacBook Pro. This has been in use since 2012, but Bluetooth still works. In your case, if the module actually gives up the ghost, a Bluetooth adapter that you simply plug into a USB port might be worthwhile. For example this one. In the customer questions and answers on the product page, I found the indication that this adapter also works on the Apple computer under macOS (others usually only work with Windows on the PC).
      Maybe this will help you. Otherwise Jens might have another tip;)
      Best regards

  32. Have the same problems with a mouse. Logi M590. The mouse is displayed in Bluetooth, connects briefly, but disconnects again immediately. MBP 2016
    I've tried all kinds of things. (All points described, resets, etc.) Tried a second bluetooth mouse, exactly the same problem. USB keyboard works without any problems, is recognized, connects and stays there.
    For me, the only thing that helped was reinstalling MacOS, then it worked again. 1 week, then the same crap again. And now I don't know what to do.

    1. Hello Clau! And have you ever removed all devices and USB hubs a bit from close by? Sometimes the problems and disrupt the signal. For me it was an iPad that was lying on the closed MacBook and apparently shielded the signal. If I put the iPad away, it works fine. But there are some things you have to come up with first.

      1. Already tried. Like everything else.
        I'm at a loss .. I'll soon throw the mbp in the bin :-(
        My MBP suddenly no longer recognizes my Iphone 11 pro in iTunes.
        I've been around the two problems Frickel for days ... Tried everything .. Hardware, software ...

  33. For me, the pairing of my Mac mini with a bluetooth speaker just wouldn't work, even though the speaker was displayed, so I deleted the file as described here and lo and behold after restarting the PC everything worked.
    Thank you!

  34. Hello Sir,
    on my mac (Bid Sur 11.3) the 'send file to device' box doesn't appear when I click the BT icon. What can I do to send a file via BT?
    Best Regards

  35. Hans Joachim Neitzel

    This problem on various Macs has existed for a long time. Regardless of whether it is a highly upgraded iMac 27 ″ or a 10 year old MacMini or MacBook Pro, it runs through all OS generations. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What does not work at all is the coupling with older iPhons and new Android phones. At some point I got fed up and bought an external Bluetooth stick with a USB port. Since then it has been working fine. But it should be connected directly to the PC, not via a hub.

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Hans-Joachim! Thank you for your hint. Do you have another tip on which USB Bluetooth stick to use?

  36. I have new Bluetooth headphones and thought that I can now start the cleaning & declaring list on the PC and then clean the apartment and go everywhere. It also works on a cell phone, but the Mac just doesn't want to find the headphones. The headphones seem to respond to the Mac's Bluetooth. The Mac also sees my cell phone ... why not my headphones? I've already tried some of the list here, nothing has worked so far. I find it strange that only the new device is not seen at all.

    1. Hello Chloe! This is probably not a problem with the Mac, but with the headphones. Most only want to connect to one device. If you then want to connect them to another, you have to restart the pairing and then the first device is deleted from the list. With most models, you have to hold down the power button or another button for 5-10 seconds. Then the LEDs usually flash and you can search for them on the Mac. In the long run, however, this back and forth is quite cumbersome, which is why I would recommend using the AirPods (no matter which model series). Some of them switch automatically when they notice that you are switching to another Apple device. LG, Jens

      1. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the problem. I've already tried everything in this direction, turning off Bluetooth from the cell phone, disconnecting the device, trying to connect the headphones as I did with the iPhone ... it just doesn't want to. The Mac can't even see the headphones ...

        1. I would reset the pairing and remove the headphones from the iPhone's Bluetooth list (ignore device). Then the iPhone should list it as a new device that is not yet connected. Then DO NOT click on connect, but see whether the Mac now shows it. That would be interesting.

  37. Hallo,

    I just came across this post through google.

    Since Big Sur have the problem that I can neither activate nor deactivate bluetooth. it's just gray.

    Sometimes a connection works, then suddenly no more devices are found.

    In between I had against Catalina. Bluetooth works without any problems.
    Since I couldn't import my backup under Catalina what I did under Big Sur, I installed against big sur.

    Since Bluetooth works under Catalina, it can't be a hardware problem, right?

    Got a mac book air from the beginning of 2020 with the i3.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    ps otherwise also tried the steps without success.

      1. Hallo,

        Of course I've already done it.

        As I said, it has already been reinstalled.
        But I also re-imported the time machine backup.

        All devices are also unplugged and even if I turn off Wi-Fi, that doesn't help.

        As I said, the button is gray.
        Cannot turn Bluetooth off or on.

        Thanks for your answer.

        1. Well, good question. It is particularly confusing that it runs under Catalina ... you can almost rule out a hardware defect. But I don't see what else to try. :-(

          1. Hi,

            Thank you.

            Just tried it again with Windows. I installed Windows 10 via the Bootcamp, Bluetooth also works without any problems.

            I could actually go back to Catalina.
            But then I cannot import the time machine backup. The migration assistant then does not recognize the backup disk first.
            Do you have any ideas?
            Because I need it for training.
            Even if it's just bluetooth, I want this thing to work.

            Thanks for your answer.

          2. To be honest, I can only imagine that the Big Sur installation has some quirks. So maybe again with restart and hold down Option + Command + R, install the latest macOS for the Mac on it. Then he gets the version from the network and maybe it will work? Unfortunately, I don't have any more ideas. :(

          3. Hallo,

            Many Thanks.

            Ok because I had only installed catalina over the internet, there is bkuetooth problems.

            Then I installed big sur via n usb stick.

            Then stop playing against the backup. I haven't tested whether it works without importing the backup.

            I will then test it again without importing the backup.
            If only this would work, it would take a lot of time to reinstall everything, etc.

            Thank you.

          4. Hi,

            Thank you for your help.

            Have now against Catalina on it and lo and behold bluetooth load to be able to endure without any problems. The buton isn't gray or anything.

            Like last time too. The migration assistant does not recognize my backup disk. The finder does.
            Under Big Sur I was able to import the backup without any problems. The wizard recognized the disk.
            I don't want Big Sur for now.

            I'd like to send you a few screenshots so that you might be able to get an idea of ​​them.
            Whats the best way to do this?

  38. Hello Sir,
    With my 2015 Mac Book, the SMC reset finally led to success. The problem was that the bluetooth symbol was crossed out (i.e. switched off), it was not possible to switch it on, and I was denied access to the bluetooth settings, with the reason that I had to connect a device first. After the SMC reset, I could switch nluetoith on again normally, then again with toggle. + old all devices removed, problem solved. Thank you for the helpful steps and tips.


    1. Nice that the SMC reset "worked". :D And thanks for the feedback. It's always nice to know what has worked before, in case someone asks. :D

  39. Hello everyone, suddenly had no Bluetooth connection today (MBP from 2012), after I found what I was looking for here, I immediately got it
    “MacBook with fixed battery: Disconnect MagSafe or USB-C power adapter, press Shift + Ctrl + Option (Alt) (all on left side of built-in keyboard) and power button for 10 seconds, release, plug in power adapter, turn on ” carried out and….bang, works perfectly again!!!
    Thank you and have a good time, greetings Michael

  40. Hi Jens,
    I would like to connect a Yamaha Bluetooth turntable to my I .Mac via Bluetooth and digitize records, the shop told me that it works. Unfortunately, I'm quite skeptical that this is possible. I would be very grateful for an answer with short instructions.
    Sincerely Felix

    1. Hello Felix! If the turntable supports Bluetooth, then it should work. You go to System Preferences > Bluetooth on the Mac and then turn on the turntable. It is then usually in pairing mode and appears in the list of Bluetooth devices on the Mac. Then click “connect”. Once that's done, you can select it under System Preferences > Sound > Input tab.
      Then use an app like Audacity or Garageband to record the audio and you're done. 😊

      1. Hi Jens,
        Thanks for the quick reply, I just found your instructions today and will try everything and then report back if I managed it.
        I'm glad to have found your website, I read all the comments and saw that many users have problems with older I Macs and MacBooks, I was also able to learn a lot and will report later on how I use my old MacBook Pro (2015) little and how made to walk again.
        Again thank you very much

        1. Hello Felix! Then I'll keep my fingers crossed that your MacBook Pro is up and running again. The devices are so beautiful and robust that you can't just throw them away just because they're a few years old... And if you still have questions: bring them on. LG, Jens

  41. Hello , also had the problem with mouse, keyboard and trackpad.
    Tried several options but to no avail! The last thing I did was an SMC reset, after that it still didn't want to work properly, shut down the Mac and then went for a walk with the dog. Started the Mac after our return and lo and behold, now it works again. Thanks Jens for the tips, you and your team are great! Finally someone who can pass on his knowledge properly. If I still have problems, I'll let you know!
    Thanks and LG

    1. Hi Peter! Class! Walking the dog is definitely a solution that I will recommend in the future. 😂 I'm glad you like our blog. And if you have any questions, please get in touch. We help where and when we can.

  42. Hi Jens, after 11 years I would like to get a new Mac, now I'm thinking about which one it should be, my son edits a lot of graphics for work and the Mac should also be with me for that.
    If you should spend a few more euros and buy a studio, we have the right programs. What would you advise us, so far we have never had any problems with the Mac except for the Bluetooth interference, everything has been OK so far. in the time that I have the Mac we have already refurbished 3 Windows computers.
    With kind regards,


    1. Hi Peter! So my recommendation is to pay attention to the RAM. The processors are all fast enough and you don't need a Mac Studio either, but with 16 GB of RAM I've had the occasional message that it's running low on memory. I always have 15 apps on and also Photoshop and Firefox, the old RAM eaters, but with 32 GB RAM the message no longer came up. So rather invest here and take an M1. Can it also be a MacBook or rather an iMac or Mac Studio?

  43. Hi Jens,
    Thanks for the quick reply, I'll talk to my son about it this weekend, we now have a Mac with 16 GB of RAM. Maybe we should get an iMac and upgrade it properly, at least my son needs a decent computer so that he can do something for the company here at the weekend, you know customers are impatient, at Adobe we can no longer update two things, the Message reads : not compatible with the software, so we will have to think about something. First of all thanks for the info.
    LG Peter

  44. Hi Jens,
    is it possible that my problems with the bluetooth with the exchange of a loud def. speaker has to do?
    All BT devices are connected, but if the distance between Mac & BT devices (e.g. music) increases, transmission is interrupted or there is a total failure.
    LG, Uwe

    1. Have you unplugged all devices from the Mac and turned off all nearby devices? Maybe something is interfering with the Bluetooth signal?
      Ah, that just occurred to me, a reader once noticed that the problems were with the 2,4 GHz WLAN. If she switched her router to 5,8 GHz, then everything is fine with the Bluetooth.

  45. Hello Jens, had the problem with the keyboard, mouse and trackpad again, I removed the batteries from all 3 devices, cleaned all the contacts from the devices and also from the batteries, so far they have been running again for 3 hours without any problems. It's never been that long lately. Maybe that would also be a tip for the others to start small. It takes about 4 minutes, so not much effort if it helps.
    LG Peter

  46. Hi Jens,
    I think we are setting up a leased line, so far I think the problem has been solved!
    Since shortly after 8:00 a.m. everything has been stable again, one more tip, if someone uses a mouse pad, clean it too, it can never hurt. Hopefully someone can use the tips, I've been wanting to buy a new mouse, tract and keyboard. But I'd rather buy more RAM for that, because the money is better spent.

  47. Hi Jens,
    No more Bluetooth problems since yesterday, I even receive Bluetooth from the music system in the next room without any interference. Finally everything as usual.
    LG Peter

  48. Hi Jens,
    I have another tip here, I switched my printer to WLAN. My son and I have been thinking since when we have the Bluetooth issues. Since we have noticed the problem since we got the new printer, i.e. USB cable gone and via WLAN,
    now everything is back as it was and there were no disturbances. We hope we can help others with this, we have to stick together!

  49. Hi Jens,
    a USB connection on our Mac is defective, no matter what I plug it in, then there are Bluetooth failures, I just tried all the devices on one connection and then had problems again and again. I leave one connection empty
    everything works 100%.
    Kind regards, Pete

  50. Hello sir, great, looking for a solution, only yours helped - thank you very much! I found the bug through your instructions and it works great again! VG Marc

    1. Hi Marc! Thanks for the praise. There are also many causes... we try to collect them all and also incorporate the new info from the readers who found new ways. :)

  51. After a long search I found the solution to my Bluetooth problem here. I'm happy again with my old lady macbook 2009. Thank you very much - it was the SMC reset that helped as the debug window was nowhere to be found on my laptop. As I am in Indonesia at the moment I had to find a solution myself and thanks to your site I managed to do it.

    1. Hello Stefanie,

      we are always happy when our guides and instructions can lead to a solution :) Have fun with the MacBook and in Indonesia!

      Best regards

  52. Hi Jens,
    my son gave me a magic mouse and a new magic keyboard, since then no more bluetooth problems. Now I have the problem, I can't use the F1 to F12 keys anymore, I know the FN key has to be pressed to use the keys.
    When we set up the keyboard, we noticed that the second line in the keyboard settings is missing: Set up F1, F2, etc. as special keys. Anyone have any ideas how to get the old keybinds on the new keyboard?
    Thanks in advance for the information

    With kind regards,


      1. Thanks Jens for the quick reply, we'll see what we can do
        with the old keyboard, the second line was displayed and if the hook is set, it works, on the subject of Bluetooth, Apple devices can also break, I won't deal with the problem again for so long
        but replacing the devices bit by bit should be something again.
        I also have no display in the system settings about the state of charge of the keyboard, we'll see how long we'll use the keyboard until the battery is empty and then we'll start again from the beginning loading setup and then we'll see what works then.
        I will then let you know if it worked or not.

        With kind regards,


  53. Hey Jens,
    I haven't found the keyboard setting yet, but my Bluetooth problems have gone away since replacing the devices! I'm betting on hardware errors, the keyboard and mouse have been in daily use since 2013, at some point even the best devices break,
    You can see it in me, I used to work between 10 and 16 hours as a manager, then the collapse came to the hospital and epilepsy was diagnosed there. Since then I've been sitting at home. Out of sheer boredom I just sit at the Mac and take the dog out. I can't even take my medication properly, I mix up the , yes with 28 tablets a day it's no wonder.
    So enough whining, it could have been worse!!
    I wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    With kind regards,

    1. Hi Peter! I'm sorry about your health situation. On the other hand, it's probably healthier to be a bit bored than to work 10 to 16 hours. But 28 tablets a day: WOW. :-( I also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And hopefully your health will be better next year. LG, Jens

  54. Hello Peter,
    I have the problem with a M1 Mac Mini.
    Tried all your tips, except for the debugging tip, because there is no menu item here (MacOS Monterey 12.3).
    Bluetooth works, but AirDrop, for example, is excruciatingly slow.
    I removed peripherals. Only Mac Mini with ethernet and wired mouse and keyboard.
    I'm really desperate here. Air drop between iphone and ipad no problem and fast as lightning. With the Mac Mini for the simplest file, 9-11 min is displayed and then usually breaks off.
    Do you have any other tips?


  55. Hello Klaus,
    is due to the Monterey 12.3, what is ringing on the other devices? I still have MS Catalina 15.7
    more is not possible with my old box, but otherwise it runs freely again.



  56. Hello Peter,
    I have now updated to Monterey 12.6.3 and also tried it in safe mode: no change.
    My iOS devices are currently 16.1.
    Apple support couldn't really help me either.
    I don't want to update to Ventura at the moment because I use a lot of studio audio plugins and some of them aren't compatible yet.


    1. Hello Klaus! Yes, you shouldn't do an update under any circumstances. The audio plugins are often in the bucket... But unfortunately I can't say where it's stuck. AirDrop has always been such a black box that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I avoid it where I can.

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