Which Bluetooth speakers are suitable for classical music?

Which Bluetooth speakers play classical music best? Where do all the pitches and lows come across in such a way that the orchestra, grand piano, choir and the like are reproduced with content and not falsified? I get to the bottom of these questions in this guide. I have compiled some Bluetooth speakers for classical music from leaderboards, reviews and my own experience. If you want to make a recommendation yourself, please leave a comment;)

Which Bluetooth speakers are suitable for classical music? I answer this question in this guide so that you can enjoy classic music in good quality via BT Speaker.

Which Bluetooth speakers are suitable for classical music? I answer this question in this guide so that you can enjoy classic music in good quality via BT Speaker.

The best bluetooth speakers for classical music

If you read through test reports, customer reviews and lists of the best, different Bluetooth speakers are repeatedly named as "the best" for classical music. Two or three models appear in almost every list - regardless of whether you are looking for “Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classical Music” in German or “Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classical Music” in English. For one thing, that would be the BenQ treVolo, which is currently not available on Amazon. And on the other hand, a very popular model: the JBL Flip 3, which can be used in a double pack for stereo playback, which should be a matter of course with classical music. But this is also currently sold out (as of January 21, 2019).

However, there is already a new version of the “JBL Flip” series: the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker. On Amazon, he has been able to secure 1.150% 78-star and 5% 10-star ratings in over 4 customer reviews so far. The suitability for playing classical music is attributed to the speaker. Other genres of music can also be played on the go as well as at home with good to very good sound. Used in a double pack, it is even possible to align the two speakers as stereo speakers and then to form a wonderful sound triangle for optimal audio enjoyment. And that with a long battery life!

29,01 EUR
JBL Flip 4
A very well-rated bluetooth speaker for classical and many other music genres. Up to 12 hours of battery life, equipped with 2 x 8 watt drivers, waterproof to IPX7 and can be coupled with other devices for stereo and surround sound.

In addition to the “Flip” series, JBL also has the “Charge” series. The JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth speaker is rated as often and as good as the above model. It is just as suitable as a Bluetooth speaker for classical music as it is as a power bank - because the integrated battery has a capacity of 6.000 mAh and thus ensures either up to 20 hours of music enjoyment or music and a full battery in smartphone, tablet and Co. it explicitly on the subject of classical music:

I had tried a few other products from this group beforehand - and I was dissatisfied with all of them: the sound was poor with classical music, there was constant background noise in quiet places. With the JBL, however, there is no such background noise, the sound is pure and differentiated. So especially recommended for classical music! 

And I also received personal feedback on the device from a reader because I recommended the JBL Charge 3 to him as a playback device. Here are the words of praise:

Imagine,  The JBL Charge 3 is already there and fully meets my expectations - a beautiful full sound that reproduces voices a bit comparable to Sonos and naturally brings across solo instruments and also a large orchestra.

69,01 EUR
JBL Charge 3
This BT speaker is not only waterproof and has an enormous 6.000 mAh battery, but also offers audio quality that can be rated as good to very good. Whether rock, pop, metal or classical - you can listen to everything from this box.

BT loudspeaker for classical music - recommendation by Sir Apfelot

I can recommend the RIVA Turbo X myself, for which you with this link can call up a test and experience report. This model has a very neutral sound with a pronounced, but not as strongly “pimped” bass as, for example, with devices from Bose. So if you're wondering which Bluetooth speakers are suitable for classical music, then I would definitely throw the RIVA Turbo X into the ring.

RIVA Turbo X
A neutrally regulated sound with not too strong bass ensures that this Bluetooth speaker is suitable for classical music. Thanks to aptx technology, the quality of the original file is retained very well and is not played back with excessive compression.

Bluetooth speakers for classical music - opinions from forums

I also looked around in some forums and read the answers given to them along with various questions. In the end, I found two Bluetooth speakers for classical music that were recommended in a thread on the topic of “Neutral, portable speakers”. This is the KEF Muo are available as assessories. Denon Envaya - two representatives of the higher price range. These should particularly excel in the field in question.

Iconic design, Bluetooth aptX, up to 12 hours of battery life and an additional AUX input via 3,5 mm jack in ideal interaction. Multiple colors available.
Denon Envaya
The Denon Envaya DSB-250 as a Bluetooth speaker for classical music is a good alternative to the KEF device if you are looking for a splash-proof model. However, the ratings are mixed.

Even more on the topic: Bluetooth speaker test 1/2019 by Stiftung Warentest


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  1. Froyo52 says:

    There are no usable Bluetooth speakers for classical music in this price range. If you disagree, you should visit your trusted otologist. You can only get useful devices from around 1200 euros (pair price). And even then, the restrictions imposed by the Bluetooth protocol itself still have to be observed.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Froyo! With loudspeakers, it's always a matter of taste. I agree that in the upper league with 1000 EUR and more you will certainly find better speakers (for any music) than in the 50 to 200 EUR range. But very few will be able to buy or afford such loudspeakers. And for people, devices are mentioned here that are as little tailored as possible to "R'n B" and "Disco Mukke", but rather have a frequency response that is also suitable for classical music. Personally, I found, for example, that the Riva Turbo X has a very "neutral" sound. But for me personally that's a bit "flat" with my listening habits. For a classical music lover, this loudspeaker would certainly be a better choice than the typical bass rumpler, as it has a relatively straight frequency response.
      And yes, of course one or the other Bluetooth protocol is also a problem. But there is not just one, but several, and some of them already work with a high sampling rate and little loss, so that one is getting closer and closer to the often mentioned "CD quality". But for technical reasons it has not yet been achieved - even if some manufacturers advertise it.

  2. John says:

    A nice compilation and exactly what I'm looking for - just a bit old :) - probably a lot has happened here in the meantime, are there any updated assessments that we recommend?
    Would be very happy!
    Best regards,

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Johannes! In principle, the recommendations still apply. It is more the manufacturers who are decisive. Some - like Bose - make loudspeakers that are very bass-heavy, while Riva and the ones mentioned in the text tend to focus on the "neutral" sound image, which is more recommendable for classical music. Some of the models already have successors, so I'll quickly include an up-to-date list here:
      - JBL Flip 5
      - JBL Charge 4
      - BenQ treVolo 5
      - KEF MUO (still up to date)
      - Denon Envava (still up to date)
      - Riva festival (New)

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