Bluetooth splitter and forwarding headphones: double pairing on iPhone and co

HMDX HX-HP610RD-EU JAM Fusion On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Audio Splitter Stream two headphones music at the same time

You want to use more than one pair of headphones on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to share the music with others and are now looking for a Bluetooth splitter or other solution to realize double or multiple pairing? Then you are lucky that there is this blog entry;) Because here I am bringing you different solutions if you want to listen to music with others via Apple device, TV or stereo system, but want to use Bluetooth headphones.

If you don't want to read much, scroll down to the "Update" I attached to the article. There you will find my current recommendation: Den BT splitter TT-BA11 DE from TaoTronics. In most cases, this should be the right choice if you want to connect your smartphone to two headphones via Bluetooth, for example. If you are looking for more complex things with TosLink cables or something, read on. ;)

Bluetooth splitter or headphones that stream the audio, music, podcast, etc. to the second headphones themselves ... the decision is yours! Listening to music together and from one source at the same time on two Bluetooth headphones - welcome to the future: D
Bluetooth splitter or headphones that stream the audio, music, podcast, etc. to the second headphones themselves ... the decision is yours! Listening to music together and from one source at the same time on two Bluetooth headphones - welcome to the future: D

HMDX JAM: Bluetooth headphones with their own splitting

The HMDX HX-HP610RD-EU JAM Fusion On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones not only look cool and are available in white or red - they also ensure double pairing or reception of music transmitted via Bluetooth on two headphones at the same time. So before you buy a Bluetooth splitter and two pairs of headphones, you can order this model from HMDX twice. Thanks to 6 hours of battery life and a range of 10 meters, the headphones are ideal for use with iPhone, iPad and even Mac and MacBook.

HMDX HX-HP610RD-EU Jam FusionTM Over-Ear Headphones (Bluetooth, 1 piece) red
  • Bluetooth headphones JAM FUSION
  • Listening to music together - JAM FUSION is the only headphone that enables a second JAM FUSION with Bluetooth ...
  • Lithium-ion battery - up to 6 hours of wireless sound via Bluetooth, 10 meter range

Bluetooth Splitter / Bluetooth Transmitter: Interconnect a double transmitter

Most Bluetooth splitters or transmitters are connected to the music-playing device via a 3,5 mm jack connection. At the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus the Lightning-to-jack adapter can therefore still be used. But then Bluetooth splitters from TaoTronics, for example, ensure that you can supply two pairs of headphones from one audio source (iPhone, iPad, Mac, television, MP3 player, radio, etc.). The two TaoTronics models mentioned below differ in that the TT-BA09 also allows an optical audio signal to be fed in via a TOSLINK cable, while the TT-BH08 “only” has a 3,5mm jack as audio-in.

But not only TaoTronics offers Bluetooth transmitters and splitters. Such devices are also available from other manufacturers such as Avantree or Hugoo. The aptX LOW LATENCY technology from the chip manufacturer Qualcomm is also used in the Avantree Bluetooth transmitter. Pairing is optimal when the headphones that are used for reception also use aptX LOW LATENCY. The Avantree Bluetooth transmitter you can find here.

Additional Bluetooth splitters with 3,5 mm jack connection and USB

KOKKIA has a small (and unfortunately expensive) box that works without a cable and has the jack plug directly on the device. If that leads to connection problems, whether it's an iPhone or iPad case or other structural features, a connection cable is still required. That is why I do not want to recommend the KOKKIA model per se, but only for the sake of completeness not leave it unmentioned: here are the details about the KOKKIA iSPLITTER. The Hugoo model seems cheaper and more practical to me: see and be amazed. And then there is another from Hama that has a USB port in addition to the jack port: see here.

Y audio splitter for 3,5 mm jack: for the sake of completeness

It's cool and modern to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and much more via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. With Bluetooth splitters, this can also be done on two receiver devices at the same time. But if you don't want to use receivers, but classic wired headphones, so-called Y splitters and similar will help you. The Amazon bestseller comes from UGREEN and looks very valuable: buy here at amazon. Cheap alternatives come from CHORD and kenable. If you want to feed a jack output into up to five outputs, then there are corresponding splitters in a double pack from Aussel: order here at Amazon.

Conclusion on the subject of Bluetooth splitters and transmitters

Stream music and other audio from iPhone, iPad, Mac, TV and the like on two headphones at the same time or split the Bluetooth signal? This works with the presented devices but also without any intermediate device with the headphones from the HMDX brand Jam described above. Which solution do you choose? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic! :)

Update 16.03.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX: Small BT splitter from TaoTronics

Just now came a question from a reader who, despite the extensive article, did not know which splitter to use if she wanted to play an audio book with her Samsung S6 that she would like to hear with her son at the same time. This means that the splitter is plugged into the S6 via a jack cable and sends the signal to two Bluetooth headphones. My current recommendation is the little one Bluetooth transmitter from TaoTronics with the model number TT-BA11 DE. It has a good transmission power and is able to bridge up to 20 meters. In addition, it is pleasantly small and TaoTronics has struck me with good quality for a long time.

No products found.

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14 comments on "Bluetooth splitter and forwarding headphones: double pairing to iPhone and Co"

  1. Hi John,

    But what is the current situation if I want to connect more than 2 Bluetooth devices to my smartphone / tablet and they are all different brands (no Sonos or Bose). Do you know if there is anything currently available?
    The splinters apparently all only go up to a maximum of 2 devices. I read something about an app called Tempow and it might solve it.

    I'm happy about your info!

    1. Hi Max,

      The splitting of Bluetooth signals, especially with a focus on music and multimedia, seems to be still in its infancy with regard to software solutions / apps. The developers behind Tempow want to make it possible to pair up to four devices at the same time from the computer and smartphone. A multi-room system can then be set up, several loudspeakers can be played at a larger event / party, a jogging group can listen to the same music through headphones and you can even create a stereo sound by listening individually Assigns the left and right sound to speakers. The individual devices that are paired at the same time can then come from a wide variety of manufacturers. Further information and details can be found here:

      Best regards

  2. Hi John

    So there is currently only tempow as the only option?

    As far as you know, there are no hardware bluetooth splitter devices that allow more than 2 devices?


    1. Hi Max,

      Tempow itself is still under development. As far as I could see on the website, the software is currently in beta testing. In other words, strictly speaking, there is currently no software solution at all. At least not for pairing more than two speakers from different manufacturers. With some manufacturers it is possible to couple the speakers with each other, sometimes more than two of them.

      From the JBL Flip 4 it should be possible to connect more than 100 loudspeakers as a network via the “JBL Connect +” service. For this, however, additional JBL Flip 4 models or other current JBL speakers that support JBL Connect + are required.

      In Ultimate Ears Boxing also act with each other on request. With the manufacturer's own "PartyUp" app, up to 50 individual devices should be able to be connected to one another. Here, however, NFC is (also) used, not (only) Bluetooth.

      You can also use multiple from Apple devices such as the Mac AirPlay Activate loudspeakers at the same time. However, it should be noted that not all Bluetooth or NFC speakers also support AirPlay ...

      In short: “The one solution” to the problem does not yet exist. Tempow seems to be working on it and speaker brands like JBL or Ultimate Ears offer at least a workaround.

      Best regards

  3. Hallo,

    I have a Homespot Bluetooth adapter attached to my AVR and can therefore play music from Alexa through the hi-fi speakers.
    So far so good ... I have now bought a UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker and wanted to use it to provide sound in an adjoining room.
    As a result, the same Alexa music should run on both the hi-fi system and the UE Boom 2.

    The problem now is that I somehow can't get the boom linked to the home spot or Alexa.
    Is my project even working?
    Do I have the wrong bluetooth adapter? If so, which ones do I need?

    Is there any trick here?

    Thank you for your support

    1. Hello Rouven! I hope I understood your project correctly. If I got it, the problem might be that the device that “does” the Alexa on you can only connect to a Bluetooth receiver. That means it broadcasts to either the Homespot Bluetooth adapter OR the UE Boom 2. What you would need would be a BT splitter that can power two receivers with the music. Some of these products are listed here, but if you're buying one with a 3,5 jack, you need to be sure your Alexa device also has a 3,5 jack output. VG! Jens

  4. Hi!

    I would like to have a pair of headphones connected to dance together.
    However, the music must then be played absolutely synchronously. That seems with normal splinters, at least with the beats headphones wg. missing aptX (or aptx (LL)) should not be the case. But even a fifth of a second offset would make dancing impossible.

    Where it really works in sync is internal at Bose. The second headphone connects to the first headphone. According to dance colleagues, it's really in sync.

    I had hoped that this would also be possible with Airplay2. You can couple two beatX at the same time. And with the Airplay2 multiroom feature, I had hoped that you could then control both. Unfortunately not possible.

    A pity…

    1. Hello Hans! Thanks for the addition. It's interesting that this works with Bose, because I would have expected that the transmission of the signal from the 1st to the 2nd Bose would also cause a delay in the music, but if your colleagues think that this does not happen, then it will probably be true .

      Because of AirPlay 2: Yes, it should actually be intended for exactly that: You send music from the iPhone to two paired Airplay 2 capable devices. Like it described here at Apple is. The problem is that the BeatX doesn't support Airplay 2. In any case, there is none of this in the technical data of the headphones. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any headphones that would be Airplay 2 compatible. The feature is mainly used to advertise Bluetooth speakers ...

  5. Hallo,

    I would like to transfer music, speech, etc. from an amplifier via a telephone connection to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Which splitter is suitable for this?

    Many thanks for your help

    1. Hi Michael! What irritates me about your question is the term “telephone connection”. If you want to transfer music from your iPhone to your amplifier via Bluetooth, there are two options:
      1. If it is important to you in movies or videos that the latency between picture and sound is not noticeable, I would the TaoTronics TT-BA14 to take.
      2. If a higher latency is ok for you, you can also choose the cheaper one TaoTronics TT-BR009 use.

      But if the amplifier allows optical input, I would buy the first product. Unfortunately, the second one has no optical output. If I can still help you, please get in touch. LG! Jens

  6. Hallo,
    I was really happy about your blog entry. I want to connect the ipad to two headphones in the car so that my children can watch films at the same time. So I got the recommended splitter (taotronics), but only one headphone works, one from jvc and one from hisonic. Are they not compatible now? Unfortunately I have no idea and thought I had found THE solution with the splitter ... :(

    1. Hello Kristin! Did you see how to pair two headphones in the instructions? It sounds to me like you're only ever pairing one and then removing the same one and pairing the other. But it's hard to tell from a distance. I hope you find out.

  7. Hello Johannes, I would like to pass on the sound from an Apple device Mac, iPad or iPhone via the jack and at the same time via AirPlay 2. Do you think that is possible?

    1. Hello Dieter! I believe if there is a way to do this it is probably through the Audio Midi Setup app in the Utilities folder. This allows you to create a multi-output device and address multiple audio devices. If that works, I'll be happy to hear from you. LG!

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