Book: The Mac for Beginners

The Mac for beginners
The Mac for beginners

The book is a solid reference work for anyone starting out with the Apple computer (Photo: Amazon).

Today I have another book tip. And this is especially intended for Mac beginners, because even if you yourself already know the interface and the functions of OS X Mountain Lion well, many people who switch from PC to Mac, for example, feel more like this that they don't know their way around at first.

The author Simone Ochsenkühn shows with simple illustrated instructions how to do certain things on the Mac. It not only deals with the [operating system MAC OS X-> mac-os-x], but also presents programs such as iPhoto that can be used to manage and publish your photos. Troubleshooting is also explained in a separate article. An index helps with the correct analysis of the error and shows in detail what could be the cause and how the problem can be solved.

The book is very helpful for beginners and it avoids moments of frustration that can also occur on the Mac if you don't know where which function can be found. From the point of view of previous readers, the book is also a good tip. With consistent 5-star ratings, you will hardly find any other book that has been so well received by Mac newbies.

The Mac for beginners by Simone Ochsenkühn
A great book for Mac beginners that not only provides knowledge of the operating system, but also explains programs like iPhoto, Pages and Numbers.

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