Books for Christmas: How do computers, smartphones and heating work?

We live in a highly technical, digitized and, in many areas, also automated world. However, we rarely worry about how it all actually works. What is technology and why does it work? How does a computer work? And why can you carry one around in your pocket? These are all questions that you can not only ask yourself from time to time, but whose answers you should give children nowadays along with them. To do this, there are a few books that can be of great help. So are you still looking for a Christmas present for young and old? You can find it here!

How does a smartphone work? Why can the computer calculate? And why does water come from the tap? The following books for children and adults will provide the answers for Christmas 2019!

How does a smartphone work? Why can the computer calculate? And why does water come from the tap? The following books for children and adults will provide the answers for Christmas 2019!

For children: how do computers, smartphones and heating work?

The following list of books is of course not an exhaustive overview. You will find further great volumes presented on the individual product pages. The "WAS IST WAS" series in particular offers a large selection of explanatory books for children that can be collected, read and thus understood the world. Let's get started right away:

"WAS IST WAS" books on technology and electronics

How do heating, telephones, smoke alarms and the like actually work? This is for example in Junior Volume 32 clarified. Lovingly drawn pictures and short but informative texts explain the household in a child-friendly way. By unfolding individual elements of the respective room, its technical subtleties can be gradually revealed. In addition to the junior band for small children, there is also a Band 47 also something about electronics for older kids.

WHAT IS WAS Junior Volume 32. Technology at home: How do heating, telephones and smoke detectors work? ...
  • Dimensions: 27,8 x 23,9 x 1,6 CM (L x W x H) Weight: 626,000 G
  • Stiefenhofer, Martin (Author)

How does it work?

The book "How does it work?“, In which a lot of things are explained from the car to the crane to the toaster and the laptop. How does the heating work in a house? And where do the water and electricity come from that we use in the household? There are also short, child-friendly explanations.

This is how technology works! (And this is how the smartphone works!)

In "This is how technology works!“There are wonderful graphics on many technical subjects and devices. How do smoke detectors, sewing machines and the ubiquitous smartphone work? It's not just children who find out here! In one review it is described as a "casual introduction to the world of technology" - exactly the right thing for Christmas;)

For big children and adults: specialist books to understand!

But not only children want and should understand the technological world in order to find their way in everyday life. Young people and adults also still have questions that need to be answered. There are also a couple of books that I would like to introduce to you for precisely that purpose. On their product pages you will again find recommendations for further literature.

Robots: How will the machines of the future work?

The book "Robots: How will the machines of the future work?“Was published in January 2019, making it one of the most recent volumes on this list. With the pictures in color print and the informative texts, it is something for children and adults at the same time. Here the whole family can discover the state of the art in the field of robotics - robot dogs, factory robots, household helpers - in addition to these, the history and functionality of smart technology are shown.

Looked into the brain of the computer ...

On the corresponding Amazon page you can already have a look at "Looking at the computer in the brain: discovering, understanding and thinking outside the box“Throw. On more than 475 pages, the volume explains to you how to calculate electricity, how a computer is actually built and functions, how information is stored and how the Internet works. Certainly also a good present for Christmas!

Looking into the brain of the computer: discovering, understanding and thinking outside the box
24 Reviews

How do smartphones, tablets and co. Work?

In "Computer: How do smartphones, tablets & Co. work?“The modern technical achievements that everyone carries around are not primarily prepared for children, but for an older target group. The entry is made directly with logic, operators and algebra. Then it's about hardware, number systems and coding, addition in its diverse forms, about programming languages, software, developments and outlooks such as quantum or DNA computers.

Programming neural networks yourself / understanding data science

With the book "Programming neural networks yourself: an understandable introduction to Python“Admittedly, it is getting quite specific. At this point, this should only be an indication that, in addition to the explanatory books on general topics listed above, there is also a lot of specialist literature on individual special areas. The same applies to the band "Data Science - what is it actually?!: Machine learning algorithms explained in an understandable way". Maybe something as a present under your nerd Christmas tree? : D

More Christmas gifts for Christmas 2019

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