Boot Camp: Windows 7 starts with a black screen on the iMac

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Icon instructionsYesterday I installed Windows 2009 on a boot camp partition on my iMac late 7. Unfortunately there was a problem, because when the iMac starts up, the message "Starting Windows" comes up and then a black screen follows that doesn't go away. I had no idea if the iMac was doing anything or if it had crashed, but even after installing it several times, it didn't change anything. So the search in Google started and after a short time I found what I was looking for:

The issue is based on a monitor issue that appears to occur with iMacs from late 2009. Windows 7 lacks the appropriate drivers to address the built-in graphics cards (regardless of whether it is a 21,5-inch or 27-inch iMac). Apple itself offers the solution for this: You can find it on Apple's download page Download “iMac Late 2009 Windows 7 Drivers”..

Download this package under Mac OS X and unzip the file. Then you take a [USB stick->usb-stick] and format it as an MS-DOS volume with one partition. The entire "Drivers" folder (the folder and not just the files it contains!) is then dragged onto this stick and the "AutoUnattend.xml" file is also pushed into the main directory of the USB stick.

With the Boot Camp Assistant, Windows 7 is installed and at the same time you leave the USB stick in a USB port that is directly on the iMac. This will use and install the drivers and the problem with the black screen on Windows startup should be resolved.


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