Anker: From the PowerCore Powerbank to the battery case to the iPad keyboard

Anchor is a modern manufacturer of batteries, rechargeable batteries, power banks and mobile accessories such as cables, car chargers, USB chargers and a lot more. The company, which was founded in 2011 by former Google employees, brings not only experience in the technical field, but also fresh ideas for current mobile problems. This is how high-quality devices are created by the Power Bank via the USB hub to the Bluetooth speaker.

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About Anker - company portrait and history

The relatively short history from 2011 to now at Anker consists of the implementation of an idea and the development of high-quality devices and connection paths. In this context, the company describes itself as "Market leader in the mobile power industry". With the products from Anker, the mobile world should really become mobile; Nothing should hold the user back in their mobile experience. So far, the following product lines have been created for this purpose:

  • iPhone cases with external battery and various power bank models for mobile energy
  • Solar panels under the name "PowerPort Solar"
  • USB chargers and car chargers
  • Jack cable, USB C cable, adapter to USB A, Lightning adapter and more
  • Bluetooth speaker and headphones as well Sports headphones
  • Protective covers as well waterproof phone case for the iPhone
  • USB hubs for data exchange and as distributors for charging mobile devices
  • Ethernet to USB adapter as well as Ethernet USB hubs
  • Household appliances such as LED lamps, flashlights and oil diffusers
  • iPad cases with keyboard as well as ergonomic mice (wired and wireless)
  • Laptop batteries, cell phone batteries (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.)
anchor technology power bank apple bluetooth thunderbolt

At Anker, the idea of ​​mobile freedom with always enough electricity is in the foreground - from the power bank to the battery case to the solar panel, everything and much more is included. Ideal for Apple adventurers!

Many types of products for mobile life come together at Anker. However, there are no compromises anywhere. All products have been carefully thought through in terms of design and functionality, so that every user can find the ideal device for their adventure. In the “Powerbank” area, for example, are the product lines PowerCore, PowerCore + and Astro real all-rounders. With some over 25.000 mAh, they keep smartphones and tablets alive for a long time. Ideal for outdoor friends and other adventurers. But also power banks with vehicle jump start function are offered.

Anchor is one of them strong brand for Apple and individual devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Co. But mobile devices from other manufacturers can also be strengthened with the products of this company. So technology for the future - and you have found it at!

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