Brother MFC-J5910DW All-in-One A3 multifunction device: scanner, copier, A3 printer and fax in one

Brother MFC J5910DW
Brother MFC J5910DW
The perfect inkjet multifunction printer for the MAC with OS X: the Brother MFC J5910DW offers astonishingly good features and extremely low consumption costs (Photo:

Another more than useful multifunction device for the home is the Brother MFC-J5910DW. It far exceeds the expectations that one usually has of a [printer->inkjet printer] of this price range for the desk - or better next to it, since it is a bit larger. First of all, it is of course compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. The absolute advantages of this "jack of all trades" among the [multifunction printers->multifunction printers] include duplex printing and some other great features.

Airprint and Wifi setup with WPS

The Brother MFC-J5910DW has a [WiFi interface-> w-lan] and is incredibly quick and easy to integrate into the home WiFi network. This can be done using the software supplied (but only Windows) or - if the router has WPS (like every halfway [current Fritz-Box-> Fritz-box]) - using the touchscreen display of the [Brother device-> brother]. This is very quick and very easy to do. You can then access the device on all computers in the house / office. Of course there is still the possibility to connect via [USB the connection-> usb].

In addition to the fax function (fax connection cable is included), the Brother has a scanner and a copier function. The support surface is A4 in size, supplemented by a multiple paper feed on the lid. Scanning or copying can be controlled via the computer or the color touch display. Both A4 and A3 pages can be printed out on the device. To do this, however, the A4 paper must first be removed and replaced with A3 paper.

iOS device owners are allowed to use the air printtechnology that enables direct printing from iPad, iPhone and iPod. As additional interfaces there is a card reader for [SD card->sd card] and [Memory Stick (Duo)->memory stick] as well as a USB input (e.g. for direct printing from the camera). Images, texts, pages, etc. scanned directly on the device can either be saved directly on the computer or on memory Cards and [USB storage media->usb-stick].

Small update: A friend who has the multifunction printer himself just pointed out that there is even one App called "Brother iPrint&Scan" which allows to scan and print from iOS device. If you want to take a look, you can find it here Link to the app store. If you use the app and have problems finding the printer in the network, you should activate IPV6 in your router or in the Fritz-Box. That seems to help in most cases.

Recurring usage costs? Hardly noticeable!

On the subject of running costs in operation, the following can be emphasized: The printer has 4 individual [ink cartridges (C, Y, M, K) -> ink cartridges] that do not have a chip. This means that you can choose from numerous offers when buying additional cartridges. For example, there are 20 cartridges at a price of just under € 17, which means less than € 1 per cartridge. Hard to imagine and cannot be compared with the costs that other manufacturers have to deal with when you have to buy a new original cartridge.

In my opinion, this "4 in 1 device" is a good choice with an ingenious price-performance ratio and a guarantee of 3 years.

Brother MFC-J5910DW multifunction machine (scanner + copier)
538 Reviews
Brother MFC-J5910DW multifunction machine (scanner + copier)
The Brother inkjet printer with multifunctional equipment not only convinces us as OS X users, but also many Windows users. The 4,5 out of 5 stars on Amazon show this.
20 ink cartridges for the Brother MFC-J5910DW
Not original, but still good and cheap: The 20 ink cartridges keep additional costs to a minimum. Amazon rating: 5 out of 5 stars!
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13 Responses to "Brother MFC-J5910DW All-in-One A3 multifunction device: scanner, copier, A3 printer and fax in one"

    1. Hi! Funny name. ;)
      I always access the scan function from the Preview application. To do this, start “Preview” and then go to “Import from Scanner” in the “File” menu. Then the brother would have to appear. There is also (I think) software from Brother for scanning, but it was so ugly and cumbersome that I always chose the "Preview" option... I hope it works for you too!

  1. Lieutenant_QuestionsAlot

    The "Import from Scanner" option is greyed out in my preview. Are you talking about the Control Center? If so, then I have to tell you that it doesn't work for me at all. As soon as I click scan everything just hangs and 30 seconds later I get a message that it couldn't connect to the printer.

    I think the scan function is not available for OSX 10.8.3.

    But there must be a solution. Will research further. Pity ! Thank you very much for trying. If you can think of something and you have a little time, please write it in :)

    1. Hello!
      That sounds somehow as if your computer does not recognize the scanner. I also have 10.8.3 and go to "Preview" to scan. I threw this Brother Control Center down again. It's just painful... but why your Mac doesn't recognize the scanner is beyond me. Did you add it under "System Preferences" -> "Print & Scan"? If so, then I don't know what to do next... maybe ask support. Such a remote diagnosis is very difficult.

  2. Hello!

    maybe you could help me with my problem ... So my printer is constantly displayed as offline (it is only connected via WLAN) but in Brother's remote program it is online and I can also print from there. However, it doesn't work the usual way ... It would be nice if you could give me tips so that I can use my brother via wifi! Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Martin!
      Phew, I'm standing on the hose. I had a similar problem with an HP Airprint printer. At some point I gave up and bought a long USB cable. :)
      I couldn't find the cause, but I think it's because the printer might switch to standby and then break the wireless connection. If that were the case, I would not find the technology to be fully developed.

  3. Lieutenant_QuestionsAlot


    nee under “System Preferences” -> “Print & Scan” I hadn't added the printer. Just checked that, apparently the printer was automatically added by the Control Center installation. I added it again with the + button in the menu.

    The following is in the Print & Scan window Type: Brother MFC-J5910DW
    Status: Inactive <- although I can print and check the fill levels at any time via WiFi.

    When I click Scan Image on the printer I keep getting "Check connection" and as already mentioned, the option "Import from scanner" is grayed out in the preview.

    Tonight I'll try to uninstall the Control Center. And then add the device again without the Control Center.

    A little info: This is my first iMac. It may be that I make a very stupid mistake that is so unlikely for you that you think, no, he must have made that. If you understand. I am an absolute iMac layman! greeting

    1. Hmmm ... so if the printer appears and there is a green light in the list, then it's okay. It is normal that it says inactive, because it is doing nothing at the moment. But the green light shows that the computer can connect to it. But unfortunately I don't know what the problem could be. Check out whether you can connect it with a USB cable. And whether it then appears in the preview program. Sometimes you have to bridle the horse from behind to find a fault. :)
      It is always difficult to look for a mistake when you are not at the computer. But maybe we can still do it!

  4. what about borderless printing from pages? can he manage that, or do I have to convert the documents into photos first in order to be able to print borderless (preferably on both sides)?

    what about the paper thickness - can the brother still handle 170g?

  5. Uwe oat straw

    Brother mfc-j5910dw when scanning with sheet feeder there is a visible stripe along the length of the sheet about 1/3 of the left edge of each side. This is not the case with individual scanning.
    Who can help me.

    1. Hello Uwe! Unfortunately, I can't think of anything ... it's also irritating that it doesn't happen with a single sheet scan. Aren't the sheets all going through the scanner in the same place?

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