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If you are looking for certain accessories, you will always find suitable product presentations or general purchase advice here in the blog. With regard to SD memory cards, we would like to refer you to this post, for example: Buying an SD card - you should pay attention to these points! In it, for example, the SD cards from the SanDisk brand are highlighted because they are of very good quality. I'm doing a similar thing in this “pick of the week”, but for cables. The iVANKY brand caught my eye here particularly positively. I am completely satisfied with the iVANKY cables that I use.

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I have been using this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable from iVANKY for over 3 years. It's like new. The braided cable and its connector are robustly connected - great quality!
I have been using this Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable from iVANKY for over 3 years. It's like new. The braided cable and its connector are robustly connected - great quality!

My application examples for iVANKY cables on Mac and PC

I am currently using two cables from the named brand; one from Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI and one from DisplayPort to DisplayPort. With the first, I connect my Apple MacBook Pro from 2012 to an hp monitor and at times also to a projector or television. The second cable is used to connect my gaming PC to a DELL monitor.

Of course, I could have opted for an HDMI-to-HDMI cable to connect the MBP and the hp monitor. But the monitor is to the left of the laptop - its HDMI port, however, is on the right. So in order not to have to run the cable unnecessarily around the device, I decided to use the mini DisplayPort connector on the left.

iVANKY cables - well thought out and of high quality

The cables and the complete range of iVANKY is mine Pick of the week, because I am extremely satisfied with the products of the brand in my household so far. The cables are delivered in simple cardboard packaging, the connections are protected by plastic caps and everything is held together by a Velcro cable tie that can be used directly for cable management. 

In addition to this well thought-out equipment, there was no reason to complain on my part while using it. I've been using the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable almost every day for over 3 years and I'm still completely satisfied. The long durability is also due to the cable design: robust connections with the plugs and a nylon mesh that combines stability with flexibility. That convinces me.

Other iVANKY products: hubs and docks

Im official Amazon store of the brand you will find many more offers than just those that I can recommend based on personal use. In addition to video cables with various connections and connection combinations, there are also audio cables, hubs and docks. These include, for example, USB-C docks for current MacBook Pro models. 

There are also USB-C extensions, USB-C adapters to other connections and numerous other offers. In addition to various jack cables, you can even find Toslink cables for the optical audio connection in the audio area of ​​the shop. Pretty much all products have an average rating of between 4 and 5 stars.

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