Recall: Nikon is recalling the batteries of the D7000, D800, D800E and 1 V1

There are already some reports from owners of the Nikon D800 that report strange behavior of the camera. Among other things, the camera freezes and no longer reacts. The emergency solution for those affected usually looked like this: Open the battery compartment, take the battery out and put it back in and restart [digital camera-> digital camera]. It is clear that this cannot be the money from the egg. But now there seems to be a permanent solution, as Nikon has found the cause of the problem and is now offering accommodating help.

On Nikon website is currently a notice for users of the [lithium-ion batteries EN-EL15-> ersatzakku-en-el15]. This is located in these cameras:

  • [Nikon D7000-> nikon-d7000]
  • [Nikon D800-> nikon-d800]
  • [Nikon D800E-> nikon-d800e]
  • [Nikon 1 V1-> nikon-1-v1]

Anyone who owns such a camera is encouraged to take a look at their battery. If this has a batch number with an "E" in the middle (the structure is "201XXXXXEXXXXX"), then the Li-Ion battery should be replaced. Nikon will initiate this if you contact the Support turns.

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