The top three camera app improvements in iOS 16

Besides numerous innovations of the photos app under iOS 16 the upgrade of the iPhone operating system also includes a few additional functions for the camera app. In this article, I will present the three that stand out the most. A small damper in advance: Not all iPhone models compatible with iOS 16 get all camera updates. Two of the three innovations presented below even only affect the iPhone 13 models from last year and the upcoming iPhone 14 series. Also note that the information is up-to-date Beta versions get from iOS 16; Changes are still possible until the release.

The iPhone camera app gets new functions or improvements for existing features under iOS 16. Here I have summarized three examples for you.
The iPhone camera app gets new functions or improvements for existing features under iOS 16. Here I have summarized three examples for you.

Translate function directly in the camera app

Already under iOS 15 (as well as iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, etc.) you can use the text recognition "Live Text" to recognize what is written on images and to be able to process it further. You can also freeze text in the iPhone camera app (as shown here) and then copy, look up and transfer to the Translate app for further use. However, this step is omitted iOS 16, because instead of automatically copying the text and pasting it into the Translate app, the system displays the translation directly in the camera app. This saves time when things have to be done quickly.

Foreground blur in portrait mode

The blurred background or bokeh effect for photos in Portrait mode of the iPhone camera is nothing new. With iOS 16, in addition to the background, the foreground can also be blurred in order to create an even more convincing depth effect. The blurry foregrounds and backgrounds make it appear as if the focus of the shot is precisely aligned with the subject (person, animal, object, etc.). However, this new feature will only come to the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as future models of the Apple smartphone.

Better quality for movie mode

From the iPhone 13, film mode ensures that the camera app uses less Depth of field recorded and the focus can move smoothly from one point to another. Especially with people or their faces, the z. B. to be alternately sharpened during a dialogue, which provides a cinematic effect. This should be improved from iOS 16, so that clearer edges are also created in oblique recording angles and in profile recordings, for example on the hair and on glasses.

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